1 Year of Learning Game Development (WITH NO EXPERIENCE)

Hi everyone, this is lee. Welcome back to the channel. I have been learning game development with
Unity in one year. I want to take this opportunity to review
the progress and share with you guys where the channel is heading. If this is your first time here and you want
to see videos about game development and programming, please consider subscribing to the channel
and turn on the bell, then you won’t miss my next video. Without further ado, let’s get started. I started learning Unity and making the game
in Jan 2019. If you follow my channel, you know I have
been working as a programmer for years. But I haven’t made any games before even I
am quite interested in it. Because I am busy with my daily job, running
the business, and take care of the investment and family. Once the business and investment on the track,
I have time to do something else. The first thing I would like to do is to make
games. I didn’t spend a lot of time planning. Because I know if I didn’t do it now, I will
regret it in the future. The first thing that I need to do is to choose
a game engine. If you just started making a game, this is
the first thing you have to decide. Don’t even think of making your game engine. It is a total waste of your time. After reviewing some game engines on the market,
I chose Unity. Because I used C# for many years, it would
be easier for me to get started quickly. I still remember that it took me some time
to get familiar with the Unity environment. I started playing some demos and review the
code. Gradually I started getting a feel about game
development. I am always a big fan of turn-based strategy
game because I enjoy the time on planning and solve the challenging situation by using
the proper strategies. Sometimes, I took it as a life simulator. Because if we want to live a better life,
we have to plan the moves, try different strategies, and learn things quickly from our failures. I also like to play chess when I was a kid. Because it is my first game, I want to make
a small, casual, and fun game. I am taking it as a project for learning purposes
instead of making a commercial game. I don’t have any financial pressures even
I work as a solo developer. But when I decide to do something, I will
still try my best. I always treat commercial success as a side
product when I did a good job. At the same time, I started my youtube channel. As I have heard that it is necessary to let
more people know about your game, especially for a solo game developer. Marketing could be a big challenge. I uploaded videos about game development progress
every week. Then I started getting feedback and comments
about my game. I was very excited. By now, I got over 800 subscribers and over
100 members in the discord server. Thanks for everyone who subscribe to my channel
and join the discord server. I appreciate your support. I couldn’t improve the game quickly without
your help. If you want to set up a youtube channel for
your game development, one suggestion I have is that you shall find your own pace. Because making a video is a very time-consuming
task, especially we want to make some valuable and high-quality videos for our audience. Do you want to be a YouTuber or a game developer? Or both of them? By answering this question, it will help us
to allocate our time and resource properly. One suggestion here is that no matter what
happens, don’t push yourself too much because you may burn out quickly. No matter you treat game development as a
hobby or a business, think about it in the long term. It is your game; it is your channel; it is
your life. You have the right to do it at a pace you
feel comfortable. At the same time, I also tried to learn more
skills in game development by adding more and more game mechanics. One thing I have learned during this process
is that we shall be confident to share the progress with other people. I like the words “shameless show-off.” No matter how little the progress is, we shall
have the guts to show it to other people. We can get some more feedback on the game
and mechanics. I am always open to any suggestions. If I think the feature and mechanic can fit
into the game very well, I will try to implement it quickly and share the progress on the discord
server, facebook, and other social media. One suggestion is that it is ok to share the
progress, but don’t annoy other people too much. Otherwise, people may not like to provide
any feedback to you anymore. Now more content is put into the game. [insert the short clip] I still take a lot of time to think about
how to make the game more fun rather than making it more complicated. In my spare time, I would like to join in
the indie game development community. A lot of game developers publish their progress
and updates. It is so exciting to see other people are
making some pretty impressive games. It motivates me to keep working on my current
project. If you start making a game, I would suggest
that you shall join the community as early as possible. Because I am active in social media and game
development community, from time to time, I got contacted by different artists, musicians,
and translation services, etc. I appreciate your trust and interest in the
game. Believe it or not, I even got contacted by
some game publishers. I didn’t see this coming when I started this
project. That’s why I decide to put some more time
and effort into this project. The bar for a commercial product is higher
than the hobby project. Even I have been working on software development
for years. I think I got the mindset ready. But I still don’t know if it will turn into
a good game or not. Anyway, I am willing to accept this challenge. I planed to release the game as early access
next year. So I set up the Steam store page in Oct. Because the trailer is required to set up
the page. I took some time to make a gameplay trailer. I don’t know what will happen later on, but
I am just so glad that I decided to make games 12 months ago. I enjoy every day of this journey so far. The most important is that I got a chance
to know so many talented game developers around the world. I also got a lot of support from the community
and my audiences. I am a solo game developer, But I am not alone
because of all the supporters. You guys rock! At the end of 2019, I wish all of you a happy
new year! I have been working on game development and
keep making weekly videos for one year. I will keep doing the same thing in the next
year. It is not that easy. If you are making games and videos at the
same time, you will know what I am talking about. I couldn’t do it without your support. If you want to support me to keep working
on the game and videos, please consider subscribing to the channel and turn on the bell. Then you will get notified when I upload the
new videos. Thanks for watching, this is Lee. I will see you next year.

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  1. This is the last day of 2019. Thanks for all your support this year! Happy New Year!

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  2. Very nice! I also started my own youtube channel to be able to connect with players, also, having a weekly vlog force me to be explicitly define the objectives and do a retrospective.

  3. Just discovered your channel! Great to hear your journey, Lee as I'm following along behind. Is 2020 the big year for release for your game?

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