20,000 MAh All Weather Power Bank with Solar Backup Wireless Phone Charger Rechargeable Water Proof

okay so today I’m gonna talk to you
about a solar charging unit that you carry with you that gives you emergency
power and emergency resources if you find yourself without an outlet
somewhere now this thing is called the solar-powered charging Bank but I
wouldn’t put a lot of faith in the solar part but it’s waterproof shockproof
dustproof and again they say solar-powered I’m
gonna talk about that in a minute it has power indicators on it and this thing is
charging up right now at my charging station I would not bother setting it
out to charge it with the solar panel because guess what the solar panel with
direct sunlight is only gonna kick out 360 milliamp hours to charge it so
that’s going to take you forever a little over 13 hours now it has an LED
light on the end here’s where you plug it in to charge it right in the center
there and that’s a micro USB port connection here’s a close-up of the
solar panel again you would have to be in a dire emergency to think that you
were going to use that solar panel to charge it but that’s part of the
features so here we go there is a Type C connection at the end you can be plugged
into three items at once getting charged and one Wireless item so potentially
four at one time here’s a USBC connection up here on the side and when
they say weatherproof waterproof rain proof so on these rubber covers have to
be closed for that to be so here’s the power button on the side they’re green
plastic highlights on it it looks rugged push the button once it comes on push
button twice and you get flashing lights and look at this this is SOS mode dot
dot dash dash dash dot dot so that’s an SOS if you’re hiking somewhere and you
need to get that light out to a helicopter that’s passing over this is
your unit it can stay on full it can flash intermittently so if you’re a
emergency roadside situation it’s good for that so here we are input two
outputs and the outputs have different ratings by the way which I’ll show you
in a minute and again it’s only weatherproof when that cover is closed
so while you’re charging something unless you’re using Wireless it is
exposed to the weather so that won’t apply
how thick is it it is three quarters of an inch thick exactly and how wide is it
oh it’s three and a quarter inches wide so it’s pretty handy nice and heavy how
long is it six and a half inches not including that end connector that you’re
going to plug in there and there you can see the little power button on the side
and there are screws that are exposed it looks like you could take it apart this
shows the individual amp ratings for each of the ports that it has on it and
look at that solar power thing like I said you’re gonna need about 13 hours of
direct sunlight to charge this thing up and of course they recommend you can
charge a lot of Wireless items Bluetooth and so on I got it from my phone got the
wrong unit because guess what I have a samsung galaxy a 10 II and it will not
do wireless charging so I still have to plug it in but this is what it looks
like 20,000 milliamp hours of operation if it’s full ip54 wireless charging so
it’s a pretty good unit and you know what it wasn’t that expensive I’ll put a
link for it down in the video description I bought this on Amazon this
is not a promotion I paid the same price as everyone else and I’m just sharing it
with you but the main thing I want you to know is you plan on using this for a
wireless charging system make sure to look it up to see that your phone is
compatible for wireless charging or whatever other device that you want to
run off of this when it’s off none of the LEDs are showing of course and when
you get the on button it’ll show you what capacity level it’s at so just to
run it through and see how quick it charges I’m gonna plug this into my
Samsung Galaxy SIII it won’t charge wirelessly but there is something for
about 12 bucks you can body to reconfigure your phone so that it will
do a wireless charge but that’s another dongle and it’s gonna plug into your
micro SBC port on your phone so it uses that up to do that so let’s turn it in
remember push it once and you have power push it twice you got the flashing
lights and then each single push out four lights on it goes through the modes
push it twice and you’ll shut it down again I did think it was pretty cool
that it has the SOS pattern going in there a lot of people would not
recognize that so again now it’s weatherproof it’s closed up it’s charged
my phone my phone’s at about 85% so I’m gonna see
how long it takes to go up to 100% so just flash Jared said 84% so I just want to see how does this
compare to actually plugging my phone into my stationary charger that’s
plugged into the wall if it performs the same that’s pretty cool and just a
fast-forward here it took ten minutes to go to 100% from 85% so I don’t think
that’s bad at all and it didn’t even drop it one flashing light level on that
battery indicator so this thing has a pretty good capacity what if you put it
on your dash it’s gonna slide all over it this thing is hard plastic so it
doesn’t have the nice rubber bumpers on it that would keep it from falling down
I hope you found this useful get one of your interested I hope you enjoyed the

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