#3 Implementation of Finger Vein in PBS Bank (Poland) : Success – Hitachi

Implementation of Finger Vein in PBS Each implementation of a new technology in
Podkarpacki Bank Spółdzielczy is interesting In the beginning, biometrics was treated as a curiosity Currently we have clients who cannot imagine
the bank without this service and often use only biometrics to withdraw money
from our cash machines In addition, information in the media allowed creating
the image of the bank as an innovative institution which is not scared of new solutions During the implementation of the finger vein biometrics at a bank,
we try to approach the subject comprehensively In addition to providing the actual readers,
we deliver them customized that is, we provide them with the interfaces required by the bank we also adjust the appearance of these readers
to the bank’s marketing needs We also provide software solutions, adapt them
and integrate them with the existing solutions at the bank Therefore the bank does not bear the additional costs of
purchasing additional central systems or additional ATMs because in reality any ATM can be upgraded
with biometric features Additionally, we are the first in Europe to have launched
biometric signature functionality or a combination of biometrics and electronic signature,
which is also authenticated Also, we guarantee support with each implementation, which
means that we implement the biometrics together with the bank we do not leave employees in the lurch Additionally, through our cooperation with Wincor Nixdorf
we ensure the finger vein device service throughout Poland From the beginning of our cooperation we have understood
the need of a common approach to servicing customers that is, to provide the customer with what he actually expects
at a given time and within a specific budget Here, our understanding of such approach to customer service
led to our distributing our competencies for working during the implementation to create a
comprehensive solution that satisfies the customer 100% and this agreement sort of gave us the first guarantee of
success when it comes to implementation and now using this [approach] as basis, we get further projects,
and that’s the way we work with a full understanding knowing which party is to prepare what so that
the customer is satisfied in the end Advantages of Finger Vein Technology The main advantage of biometrics is that first of all it provides
a 100% confirmation of person’s identity As for the finger vein recognition, besides being
extremely safe, it is also universal which means, for example, that a bank may apply it
to a number of banking services for example, to ATMs, at branches and to online banking Additionally, operating the finger vein biometrics is simple and
so a bank can apply it not only for its commercial customers but also to pay benefits and to offer
services to socially excluded people After the implementation of biometrics services in our bank,
the customer service process was improved The advantages for the bank include using the smaller number of
bank operators, who are able to handle the same number of clients Whereas on the side of the client, he does not have to
know his PIN or carry his bank card and he may withdraw money using biometrics which ensure safety for the Bank and full access to his
funds on the account for the client Biometrics, in particular the finger vein as mature biometrics may naturally supplement the electronic signature, since
the introduction of biometrics can replace the PIN On the one hand, this increases the security and on the
other facilitates taking advantage of the technology We at the Ministry of Economics, which deals with the
administration in the area of contacts with the entrepreneurs can see the possibility to use this solution as an element of
identification of the citizen in administrative procedures or in other contacts e.g. between entrepreneurs
during conclusion of contracts

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