A Zig Ziglar Story on What True Success Looks Like

Brad Johnson: So when you hear the word successful,
who’s the first person that pops in your mind and why? Scott McKain: Zig Ziglar. Many, many, many years ago, I was really just
first getting started in professional speaking… And my background was in the FFA as a kid,
the Future Farmers of America, and so FFA invited me to speak at their national convention. Now this is the largest gathering of youth
for a purpose in the world. There’s 20,000 people in the audience and
Zig is the other speaker and Zig asked my wife and I out to dinner. He reached out to us and asked us out to dinner,
which is like a kid to be in a little league shortstop and Derek Jeter says, “Hey kid
you wanna get a hotdog?” It was incredible. So we’re sitting at dinner and Zig said,
“Scott, I looked before dinner and I couldn’t find any of your books.” And I said, “Well, Zig I’ve never written
a book.” And Zig says, “Yeah I relate, I haven’t
either.” My wife and I are looking at each other because
we’ve got 10 on the shelf. And he said, “I’ve never written a book. But he said, “I get up every morning and write
three pages. And you know what? After about three months they tell me I’ve
got a book.” And it was just like, Tada! And I got up the next morning and I wrote
three pages and that was the first three pages of All Business Is Show Business, my first
book. And the reason I say Zig Ziglar when it comes
to success, is there are folks who do what I do that can talk a good game but they don’t
exactly live everything that they talk about. And I’m not saying I agree with every single
word that Zig Ziglar ever said from the platform but what I do know is, if he said it, he lived
it, he did it. And to me, that’s the successful life. It’s not just, Zig made a lot of money and
Zig did a lot of great things, but more importantly, the integrity with which he did things. And when my wife passed away, I went out to
the mailbox about three weeks later and there was this box and it said Ziglar Corporation
on it. I was acquainted with Zig but I wasn’t on
his speed dial. We were acquainted. He remembered the dinner. If I saw him, he called me by name, we would
talk but we weren’t close by any stretch of the imagination. But there was a box and I opened it up and
it was a book that Zig had written when they had lost a child, on dealing with grieving. And there was a six-page handwritten letter
in there from Zig talking about, he’d be thinking of me and praying for me and all those kinds
of things. I’ve got people I’ve known for 30 years
and they’ve never even made a phone call and Zig Ziglar sat down and wrote a six-page
handwritten letter. But the funny thing is, after Zig passed away
and I talked to people about that, there were hundreds of stories like that. I don’t hit that all the time but I’m
trying. And to me, to be able to live your life where
your word is your bond and you have that kind of integrity, that’s success.

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