Accounting and Finance MSc – Kingston Business School

My ultimate ambition is to reach the gold
market and become an expert. My name is Anass Kounaidi and I’m studying masters in Finance
and Accounting. The reasons why I wanted to go for a forex trading job, basically thanks
to my dad. He wanted me to reach the level of expertise that was one of my main reasons,
to make my dad proud and to reach his expectations in the forex trading business. Once I realised
that I wanted to become a trader in the stock market, I figured out that I have to work
out the best routes to reach that goal. Which led me to choose a postgraduate of Finance
and Accounting in the Kingston Business School. I come from a mathematical background where
it’s all abstract, so I wanted to switch to more realistic situations in real life, so,
therefore, I choose business and Finance and Accounting. Kingston Business School offers
a two-year course which is one year course and one-year placement. I’m learning quite
a lot from this degree it teaches you how to consider your risks in relation to investments
or the stock market. This course teaches you the necessary skills to meet the criteria
of the future workplace. Using those skills, and a lot of hard work you’ll be able to reach
your personal goal.

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