22 thoughts on “Accounting Careers: Best Part + Becoming a CPA

  1. hi, i just finished studying accounting and finance in my undergrad and going on to do my masters but im not sure what path to follow, any advises or suggestions please.

  2. Hi Jennie – I'm not sure whether you're asking what to get your masters in or what careers are available to you so I'd need a more specific question in order to try to help.

  3. Hi Jennie – You're putting the cart before the horse. You should first figure out what career you're looking to do. Then figure out what education is necessary in order to achieve that. That will help you determine what to study. I can't tell you what to study.

  4. Hey I'm 20 and I'm going back to school in Sept ..for my first year, I'm gonna hop right into the accountancy program they have at my community college. Is that a good route if I'm CERTAIN I want to be an accountant? Reply please! Thanks

  5. Hi Eggy – if you know you want to be an accountant, then yes, studying accounting in college would be a good idea!

  6. Awesome interview! I am researching accounting to possibly have as a future career and if I would like to change my major to it right now or wait until Master's degree. Thank you so much for posting. 🙂

  7. Wow! Thanks for this video!

    I'm currently in my first year of college (majoring in marketing) and after taking an exciting array of different classes I've realized that accounting is the one enjoy most!

    This video was the most helpful I've found so far and I'm really glad I stumbled upon it.

    I'm speaking to my accounting professor next week about it matter as I'm still a bit confused on what qualifies you for the exam.

    Anyways thanks a lot! x

  8. I'm an accountant 10 years out of school and, while I'm glad to see videos promoting the profession, there is SOOO much more involved in getting hired/promoted than simply having a CPA license. At a certain point you need to specialize in a particular area of practice to have the credibility necessary to advance your career, similar to Physicians and Attorneys. Another thing to remember is that CPAs do not earn money for corporations, which explains why there were so many out of work during the recession.

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