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Hello ! Eracal Software Private Limited
presents traditional accounting software is tedious work and it also makes you
feel tired your CA also shares the burden but the
paperwork keeps piling up all the expenses add up to a heavy bill
you could collapse into the cost say goodbye to standalone accounting
Switch to ACCUMATE the new cloud-based, smart accounting and Taxation solution. Accumate is versatile, you get more value. Accumate
integrates accounting, Taxation, Banking and Compliance in a single
cloud-based application. Cloud-based solution can be accessed
anytime anyplace always-on (100% uptime) assured data
security and availability. Multi-user, Multi location access reducing paperwork
improving productivity. No need to visit clients place for review of
accounting data. CA can conveniently finalized the accounts from his office lower-cost, speedy work, better compliance,
assured data security practically zero downtime, no accounting knowledge needed
plug-and-play simplicity powerful solution with smart features mobile compatibility experience accounting on-the-go even you are alone but you’re
coding mate is always with you Thank You Accumate Switch to ACCUMATE.
Experience peace of mind!

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