Active Accounting Group – Clients

Our clients get a relationship that’s more than just
accounting or tax or business They get, you know they feel comfortable to ring
us around personal issues or stuff that might not be related And it’s helping clients out when times get tough and also being there to share in their successes
when they kick goals as well It’s the personal satisfaction of being involved
in something like that The most important thing about the service
that we offer is to make sure it’s consistent, so to make sure that the clients get the
best experience we spend a lot of time with the team developing
what that looks like for us and for our clients and for our customers I think that’s the most important thing, if someone knows that you genuinely care
and are trying to help them out, then it leads you way further down the path
then you’re going to get otherwise We’re really communication focused so we talk to the staff about that, and we
really drive that in terms of the team and how
we communicate not just with each other but our clients, so it’s
about getting back to people the same day It’s gotta come back to the relationship at
the end of the day, and that we’re meeting their needs, and I think
the important thing is if for some reason we’re not meeting their needs,
they’re comfortable enough to talk to us about that and we’re not ego or blame driven, we’re going to take responsibility that we
must’ve got something wrong and do our best to fix it. The most rewarding part of my job; is certainly seeing clients go from here to here We don’t make it scary, we work things out,
we get things sorted I think, over time, you build these
relationships with people where they completely and utterly trust you,
as an adviser but also as a friend

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