Active Accounting Group

(upbeat music) – Active Accounting Group
was born in March 2016. – We’re different to other accountants I think because we really do care, and we want to be there with our clients through the good times and the bad times. – We specialize in a
huge range of services. So obviously we do the accounting and tax side of things. The business services. We
do a lot of tax planning. So we help people minimize their tax and pay the least amount of tax possible. We do a lot of structuring. So making sure that people get the right structure to facilitate the tax minimization piece, as well as future sale. – Both Dave and I have got a commitment that we have to deal personally with all our clients. I don’t want to be just a tax accountant. I want to be the guy that you ring up when you’re worried about anything. Whether it be insurances or super or work-life balance, or what’s going on day to day. We just want to help out where we can. – The clients who get the
most out of this culture are people who are really wanting to grow their business. People who are really
wanting to have someone hold their hand, take advice, you know, willing to listen or open to that advice. – Both of us just like being
involved in everything. So we want to be the sounding
board for the client. With any problem they have. And I think both of us
are wired the same way. – What’s really different
about this accounting group? I think we just take a bit more time to consider, understand, listen. It’s not just a business relationship. Like we said. Our staff are taken like our family and we really enjoy
working with the clients we work with. So we try
and build that relationship with them that’s a bit more
than just your accountant. And I think that’s, we’ve got a good connection
and network of people, so it’s always: “Yes”. It’s never: “No”. It’s: “Can you help with this?” and we go: “Yes” and then we’ll find an answer for them. – The most rewarding part of my job is sharing client successes. And also, also seeing the client’s reaction when you do help them out
of a difficult situation, and their relief at
getting to the other side of something that’s been
causing them a lot of stress. (upbeat music)

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