Addiko Bank: Modernize Banking with Digital Solutions

(soft music) – Addiko Bank has over
a million customers. Of which roughly 14,000 are
SMEs, and we are actually serving them as a universal
bank with a full range of banking products. Improving our external
services to the customers must go hand in hand
with digitalization of our internal processes. – What has the greatest
impact in terms of customer experience being an Addiko customer? Number one, being able
to have a simple process, a transparent process, but
also increasing the speed of each particular process. It became very soon clear to
us that Appian supports any of those three bullet points. So simplicity, transparency,
and speed out of the box. – Old processes was too
complex and too long. It was the same process
for the different products in our bank. For example
letter of credit, or intent, or a letter of guarantee. – Time to yes and time to cash.
Time to yes for a so-called simple loan, usually
takes round-about a week. Our internal goal was to have
this up and running in type of time to yes within five
working days, and I’m happy to report that we managed
actually to beat even our aggressive expectations. Our new design process offers
and supports a time to yes within three working days. – With Appian we agreed
on agile developments. We were able to see how the process and how the application gets
built. Appian is enabling to unlock or to identify
our savings potential. So that we become more
competitive on the market also from a speed of service point of view. – We didn’t believe that
actually deploying processes can be so easy. Given the low-code capabilities
of the Appian software, we are able to deploy processes not
only faster, but also deploying them in more countries at once. – It was important that we
partner with a platform that can be scaled up and we can not
only use it for the corporate credit process, but also
across the banking group for as many processes as we
possibly can think of. Appian has fulfilled that requirement. It was very important how much
support Appian is willing to provide to us during implantation. I’m extremely grateful,
personally grateful for all the online support they have provided to us over the last few months. With the help of Appian, we
were able to launch the two live house features on time and on budget. We will, and I’m certain,
change how banking is done in South and Eastern Europe. (soft music)

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