Advice from the CEO of Harpoon Brewery | J.P. Morgan

As a CEO, I am pulled in a lot
of different directions in that making sure that the
day to day is moving along, but we never losing sight of
the horizon and where we need to go and when
change has to happen, I have to be responsible
for making that happen. Innovation and disruption
are kind of a constant now, you know, I think we in, we in
craft beer, especially those of us who’ve
been around for a long time since the beginning of craft
beer, you know, we had, we had
long stretches where, you know, the industry was just
growing and it was kind of carrying everybody along and
those days are completely over, you know, we were there,
120 breweries when we started and now they’re
over 7,000. So the whole, it’s a
completely different industry. When we started, the goal was
we really did have the goal to transform the American beer
market. We wanted to make it more
interesting. We wanted to take beer away from
being a commodity to being something, you
know, distinct and different, and fun and vibrant. When we were raising money, I remember looking at coffee
and ice cream as two industries in the eighties
were that had started to happen. So we thought with beer, you
know what, let’s do this to beer because
beer has way more pedigree and interesting history
and variety than those things. So let’s try to bring that to
the US. You know you gotta have a
guiding North Star to kind of guide yourself in
the way that you want to, you know, live your life or
conduct yourself in business. And I think having that is
always very important. But around that,
surrounding yourself with great people who share that
vision and those values, but also have that resiliency
and flexibility that you need to be successful. Because things are going
to change all the time and they do and they will
continue to change all the time. You know, invest your time when
you’re young and figuring out what you,
what you’re interested in, what you think you might be good
at it, and then take some chances. Go for it. Life’s short and
don’t, don’t settle for a job you don’t like. Maybe you don’t have to love it. Be great if you did love it,
but don’t do a job you don’t like to do. You just spend way too much of
your life at work to not like your job. And like the people like and
respect the people that you work with. I think sometimes people just
get so nervous or looking six months down the
road, they have no idea how I’m going
to get from here to here. It’s like, you know what?
Just start. Just start. You’ll figure it

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