Bank of Canada: The New $100 Note

Canada’s new polymer bank notes. Secure Durable Innovative The leading-edge
security features in Canada’s new bank notes make them easy to check
and hard to counterfeit. A good way to check these
high-quality new bank notes is to feel, look at, and flip them. One of the
first things you’ll notice is the
smooth texture of the note. It’s made from
a single piece of polymer. Feel the raised
ink in these areas: the large number; the shoulders of the portrait; the Bank of Canada text. Next, look at the note. Two transparent windows
have security features in them: the frosted maple leaf window and the large window. There’s a metallic portrait
that matches the large portrait. Look at
the details in this image. There’s also a metallic
building in this window. Look at the details
and then tilt the note. Notice the sharp colour
changes in the building. The colour changes
in the portrait are more subtle. In and around the window,
you can see small numbers. Some of
the numbers are reversed. Some of the leaves that
border the window cross into it. Flip the bank note over. You will see
the same security features in the large window on the front repeated in the same colours
and detail on the back. There’s one more security
feature you can check. You need a
single-point light source. Locate the
frosted maple leaf window. It has a transparent outline. Place the window
very close to your eye. By looking through it,
at a single-point light source, you will see a circle of numbers matching the note’s value
appear through the window. Canada’s new polymer bank notes. Secure Durable Innovative

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