Best Bank For Nickels, Round 7 – The Buffalo Nickel Stampede!

it’s hard to believe even after all the
delays we’re already on round seven of series two of my bank box battle series
with Nickels… what’s up Rob’s mob we have a nickel hunt today battle Bank series
style round seven with Nickels I cannot wait to get into these boxes
specifically this be of a box because they almost told me they couldn’t get me
a box coz they had one box left but then one of the teller said she just cracked
open a box and filled up her drawer so they’re good to go for a few days and
they went to the vault and grabbed me this oldie of course you know what I had
to pop the top and take a look I didn’t see anything off the bat but the box
looks old it’s definitely been hit against from other boxes hopefully we
find some goodies in there hopefully BMA who’s actually dead last on Nichols at
29 almost 30 points can do some ketchup because Wells Fargo has taken four of
the six rounds and chase has taken the other two figured we’d go diverse order
like I like to do kick it off with B of a first move on to chase who’s in second
and finish last wins our bread and butter bank Wells Fargo I score points
open up the boxes and we find out which Bank produces the best we’re only at
through six rounds it’s still anyone’s game
I’ll tell you though if B of A doesn’t get to move in they’re not gonna win the
round let alone maybe even come in second we’re ready to crack open some
rolls let me kick it off with B of a and I’ll loop you in
if we find something we’re showing rollin our form the B of a box we’ve
already pulled a 53 s out pretty nice and we’ve got a 1949 nickel here and as
you know we’re hoping for the 1949 s semi key date we’ll take any 49 though
it’s a Philadelphia Mint it’s got interesting toning on it almost like it
was inside of an album for a while just the way that it looks either way I’ll
take it 1949 on the board with a 53 s not a bad
start Rolle 25 halfway point of the box I’m
super excited because I see a 1941 and as I go to put there’s another 40s right
behind it okay 1949 so I do what I always do and I
flatten the roll down and look what I see back there and a 56 so let’s go
ahead and do this one at a time we’ve got a 1941 Denver I saw that one right
away then I noticed there was a 49 right behind it so that’s a 49 Philadelphia as
well we’ve already found one of those let’s grab this 56 out of here really
quick that’s a Denver I think we’ve already got a 56 Denver up here
and now let’s check out this Buffalo does that emit mark I think there’s a
MIT mark let’s put it under the scope it was just play on light damage but that’s
not a bad Buffalo so judging by the condition of this back it’s probably in
the 30s cuz it’s pretty nice let’s take a look
1935 that’s a beautiful Buffalo in the box good date on it good strike on it
I’ll take it all day leave a box coming through no silver yet but starting to
stack up the fines including a buffalo roll 30 we did it again and that one
looks even better Wow 1929 s look at the detail 1929 s
with this kind of detail I don’t want to touch it too much more guys let me get
some gloves on I want to take a closer look at this wow this is very nice let’s
take a look at it under the microscope I don’t think it’s really too much damage
it looks like it’s just in discoloration but that’s a full horn a little bit of
wear on the high points obviously on the back but look at that strike got some odd doubling it appears on the
midmark as well well I think closer look at that off camera but that is fantastic
detail obviously it’s got somewhere on the high points so it’s probably not ms
but it’s at least a you fifty or more so even though there’s seven point eight
million minted this is not a very hard buffalo nickel to get in good shape
still right around twenty twenty-five dollars in this condition in my opinion
that is an absolute stunner in the box and we enjoyed finding this thirty-five
135 P I thought that was in pretty good shape for a circulated buffalo nickel
that’s about the best you can hope for in a box but we just found a stunner in
the box beautiful alright well I’m super excited that’s two buffaloes in this be
of a box one in great shape and only five rolls after the last set of fines
so let’s get the twenty more rolls alright next rule rule 31 we’ve got a
40s nickel 1946 out of Philly roll thirty five we’ve got a 1941 nickel out
of Denver roll thirty seven it was a second to the last nickel of that roll
it’s another 1949 out of Philadelphia roll forty-six we’ve got another
nineteen forty I believe nickel here nineteen forty out of Denver and that’s
actually I say another that’s our first from nineteen forty in the box when we
finished that box of B of a nickels and it was actually a dandy
we got fifteen nickels in the 50s albeit none were key dates of semi key dates
still good to find fifteen we got seven in the 40s also no keys are so my keys
but a good mix of years on top of that we found three 2009 unfortunately all
Denver once again for me and then a really nice 1963
nickel right here really great shape out of Denver we’ll add it to some rolls I
always roll up the nicest defines overall we did find a couple of
buffaloes no silver no vehicles but two dated buffaloes a 1935 out of
Philadelphia in pretty good shape overall I was very happy to find this
one and then boom I find this one a 1929 s with great detail full horn on the
back look at that strike got some of the luster wish it didn’t have that mark
right in the middle of the Buffalo and on the other side it does have a ding on
the Native Americans cheekbone as well but but in circulation you don’t find it
like this too often happy to have found those two buffaloes especially in the B
of a box right on final line and multiple other finds 27 finds that’s
better than I’ll find every other role this is gonna score well I’ll get into
the stat sheet and then we’ll move on to chase so I plugged in the B of a stats
and it was its best box forty five and a half points it’s best by almost ten
points that’s a solid box it actually ranks only as the fourth best box
because Wells Fargo I had a 55 and a 40 and a half and chased out of 48 but
still fourth best box out of nineteen boxes hunted is a pretty good box how
many times can I say box you guys know what I mean so we popped the top of the
chase box and we could have some oldies as well 102 of the chase box and we’re
off and running I know it’s not a grapevine but I did notice as I picked
it up it is a 1949 and it’s out of Philly its toasty but it does count his
points on the board well 6 the irony another 1949 out of
Philly rule 14 it’s got a 1940 nickel a little bit dinged up out of Denver just
grabbed out roll Dean figured I’d show it to you we’ve
got an ender here and I think it’s 1941 let’s see if he’s got any friends as
expected nineteen oh it’s 1947 not as expected
forty-seven D roll 21 to the chase box could have another 40s nickel
it’s another 1941 this one out of Denver 130 of the chase box and it looks like
this box which was actually giving me fines but kind of a vanilla box decided
to go ahead and join the Buffalo action let’s see what we got here I think it’s
a 26 or 28 we’ll take a look at it in a second I don’t see a mint mark this is
double check the mint mark area yeah no mint mark can we get a date on
it man it’s got the ring of death it was an Ender at some point unbelievable not
in this box and I think judging by the way that looks
it’s probably in 1926 I think I see the top of the six right here I don’t think
that that’s an eight but the damage is right across where it would be so it’s
tough to tell but I think it’s in 1926 Philadelphia bummer that it has some
damage I don’t know I’m gonna go with 1926 that’s my best guess that’s what it
looks like yeah 1926 Philadelphia still a buffalo
in the box we’re finding a lot lately and that makes me very happy very next
for all I got super excited I’ll show it to you I already took a peek thought
that might be a war nickel right there but as with nickels just because they
have the word nickel look doesn’t mean they are 1984 that crazy tone 1984 that
I thought looked like a war nickel I decided to look at it under the scope
for funsies and that is some serious die deterioration doubling
look at how poor the dye was when it was striking the planchette very very
deteriorated and that is not doubled I reverse although you can argue it looks
suspicious it really is just dye deterioration doubling that’s what
happens when the diet starts to break down doesn’t get clean strikes kind of
has some flat edges like that still fun to look at but not worth anything extra
because of the toning and that extradited Tyrion doubling will ply pull
it aside as a unique find not going to score points but I’ll hold on to it rule
44 finally got another 40s nickel and it’s another 1947 and this one might be
an S could be a D I can’t see it very well
47 s well take it add it to the fines which are stacking up so we finished
that box of chased nickels and it was a good box but it’s not better than to be
of a for sure we got 11 from the 50s six from the 40s no keys or semi key dates
in there at all we did find one 2009 only and as usual it’s a Denver Mint the
find of the box the 1926 Philadelphia minted buffalo nickel we’ve been on a
run for buffalo nickels lately but not silver it’s getting harder for me to
find some silver in my nickel boxes maybe because I grabbed it all who knows
better than average like I say we did find a buffalo still no silver can Wells
Fargo bring us silver and buffalos let’s get Santi well it took us nine
rolls but we finally got our first fine to the box this one’s gonna be a 1940
out of Denver roll number 12 and I’ve come to the conclusion this is just
gonna be a buffalo week because we’ve got another buffalo nickel first of this
box but fourth of the not even through three boxes yet and it’s got a date 1930
and it’s got a mint mark 1930s let me just double check the front
yep 1930s buffalo nickel in the box and we’re on the 12th roll and it’s only the
second find I got so excited I turn the camera off I guess I’ll just let you
know it’s not a key date or a semi key date obviously the 31 s would’ve been
nice but it’s still an s-minted buffalo nickel and it’s still in 1930 under 6
million minted in this condition probably worth a few bucks but I’ll take
it all day roll number 19 and we’ve got a crazy toned 1940 it’s heavily damaged
and it is a 40s I believe I think that says s right there yeah 1940s crazy
toning too bad it didn’t look nice as well but take it
can I get mad at finding a 40s nickel in the Box ever roll 25 of the Welles box
and just cracked it open could be a war nickel our first of the round hoping it
is man fooled again another beat-up 1980 that’s why I don’t film a lot because
you’d never know if you’re gonna get fooled but man I had to it this one had
to look but it’s not it rolled 31 oh we finally got a Ford out of these three
boxes no oh 9s yet in this box but this is a 1979 Canadian we’ll take it roll 38
yeah we’re not done another Buffalo and did i
zoom in and see a quick mint mark is that a Denver Mint let’s take a look denver mint mark this one is trashy
though but can’t get mad at finding a mint mark probably not gonna have a date
let’s hope it does it might I think that’s in 1936 let me set it
down see if we can get a good angle on it yep 1936 Denver and it’s pretty toasty but
I’ll take it 1936 Denver buffalo nickel in the box
that’s five and almost three boxes I decided to put that nickel under the
scope because that didn’t really look like a 6s to me and sure enough it’s a
four so this nickel is not a 1936 D it’s a 1934 D I actually rubbed with my
finger just a little bit ago some of the grime and sure enough 30 40 and for
those that don’t know in 1934 some of the nickels had a large mint mark and
that looks like that’s the large mint mark variety versus the small either way
it’s the same price for both few bucks legible date and you know what I think
about this it’s crazy I found all five buffalo nickels and
none of them need to be nic-a-dated that’s a good sign
can’t we squeeze out something else maybe a silver or another Buffalo before
the Box quits roll 43 and this is getting ridiculous
yet another Buffalo peeking out number six of the three boxes third in this box and it might be sans mint mark on this
one let’s take a look real quick yeah no mint mark on this bad boy worn
pretty good as long though where the horn would be and yet another date and
this one is a 36 36 key scratched up but you know what
three Buffalo’s one box six over three can there be another row 46 and we’re
gonna get our second foreign and it’s not Canadian
this time it’s Brazilian 5 centavos 1996
what an odd coin I’ll take it this is getting absolutely ridiculous
they were so slick they slid down so fast and boom another Buffalo and this
one is slick but it is a type 2 because it has a flat mound versus a raised
mound and wouldn’t you know it I just got through saying I would not need a
nic-a-date any and now we need a nic-a dated a buffalo and I’ll probably end up
nic-a date in the back to see if there’s gonna be a mint mark because I can’t see
anything it doesn’t appear like there’s one but
it’s just at where it would be where it’s rubbed away so we’re gonna the
nic-a date this guy he’s in terrible shape this is probably gonna be a teens
if I’m really lucky it’s a 13 da14 D or 15s well I guess 13s would be really
nice too but let’s get it Nick a date of both sides you’ve seen me do it another
video so I won’t do it for this video but I knock it out real quick and I’ll
bring it back in once I get it done so I pretty much called it guys we’ve
done Nick a date to the back in the front I’ll see if I can get an angle
that you can see it’s a 1913 1913 buffalo nickel and after I did the front
and fat I was in 1913 I was like please have a mint mark so I went ahead and
Nic-a dated the backside and sure enough no Meah mark 1913 Philadelphia minted
buffalo nickel that needed nic-a dating in the blocks in G poor condition it’d
be worth about ten bucks but I had to Nick a dated so it’s altered still
probably a two or three dollar dick alot best not.we nic-a dated it but we know
what it is and it would have been a fifty cent nickel had I not done so if
it would have had a D or an S the D is worth
20 in g4 and the S is worth 350 in g4 and after nic-a dating I would’ve been
about 10 or 20 percent of that value would have been a really nice nickel I
saw the 1913 I got excited but definitely no MIT mark on it still for
buffalo nickels in the box too bad we’re at the end of the box seven for the hunt
oh my goodness why did I not get two boxes from this Bank
we’re on roll 49 I literally just open it and flattened it down and I see that
while I have you here because I see one so early let me just make sure there’s
not a second one tucked in here somewhere there is not this is gonna be
the fifth buffalo nickel of this box Nome it marked 1937 no mint mark 1937
buffalo nickel in the box that is ridiculous
five buffaloes that is way more than a herd that is a stampede and I’m excited
let’s go through this roll and I’ll open that one live just in case all right I
figured we’d open this one live you know how it goes you open it live nothing
happens but after finding back-to-back rolls of buffaloes and so many in the
box I figured at least let’s open the last roll together just in case so
there’s the edges will flatten it down we’ll bring this up we’ll take a quick
peek to see if we see any buffaloes I see a 53 here I believe yep a doomed 53
out of Philly and as luck would have it we open it live and there’s not a sixth
one in this role all right let me finish the hunt
then we’ll do the recap well Wells Fargo did not want to go quietly we finished
that box and you know what not a lot of early Jeffersons we had four five six
seven eight nine from the 50s and none of our really nice only two from the 40s
and both pretty trashy and both 1940 we had two forts a Canadian and a Brazilian
coin one 2009 again Denver it’s all I ever find
I kept another cool toner just like that 1940 it’s a 1964 damage and corrosive
but you know what still kind of cool and then I kept a pretty nice 1970s hoping
there’d be some steps there really isn’t but I don’t find them very nice very
often so I pulled it out five Buffalo’s unbelievable a 19-13 that we had a Nick
a date out of Philadelphia a 1930 out of San Francisco a 1934 out of Denver with
the large mint mark on the back a 1936 Philadelphia and a 1937 also out of
Philadelphia and not that bad of condition to be honest well with all
those buffaloes that Stampede should go ahead and put this box at the top
despite a great box from be of a again not a lot of side fine so up to see but
five buffaloes what are you gonna do I believe that either ties or beats my
record I know I had a old Buffalo Stampede video from way back in the day
maybe over a year ago but I can traverse four or five I think it was four so I’m
pretty certain this is my best box with five buffaloes and I know for certain
it’s my best three box hunt with eight I’ll be back after I get unplugged in
the stat sheet and we’ll see which box one officially well we got the stats
plugged into the stat sheet Wells Fargo with those five buffalo nickels 53
points took the round b of a had a great box two buffaloes scored 45 and a half
points digging a lot or they got a lot time of the earlier Jeffersons which
helped the points chase you know it had a little below average Fox at 30 and a
half points so the official after seven rounds now both Fargo’s at 43 nine chase
37 two and B of a picked up some ground at thirty to one again technically still
anyone’s game but that box from Wells Fargo definitely
definitely put them in a commanding lead and honestly they’re averaging one point
three buffaloes per box now with that five they’ve had a couple of to Buffalo
boxes and a five Buffalo box so can’t get mad at that ironically no silver for
the last three boxes for Wells no silver for the last box for chase and no Scylla
for the last two boxes for B of a so we run kind of a silver drought with
nickels but not a buffalo John I’ll take those all day and then of course the V
Nichols continued to elude me as always I’ve only found two in the history of my
corner hunting since 2017 crazy last piece of evidence is I wonder if the
lucky glove helped who knows at the end of the day I enjoyed this nickel battle
round man epic ain’t buffalo’s if you enjoyed it – I’d appreciate a thumbs up
and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. Best Bank For Nickels – The Buffalo Nickel Stampede!

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    We'll be hunting these boxes of nickels for Silver, Buffalo Nickels, Proof coins, Old Jefferson Nickels, V Nickels and 2009's for their low mintage. We found several nice Early Jefferson Nickels in this three bank box hunt including a few Silver Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Enders and an oddity so it was definitely one of the better coin roll hunts!

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