100 thoughts on “Biden’s coal miner comments are insulting: Gleason

  1. Hey joe….you go first….quit your job and become a coder if it’s that appealing….come on joe…show us how easy it is.

  2. Coal miners are too dumb to code. All they can do is mine coal. They can't do anything else.
    Well, maybe they can mine bitcoin instead. Hahahaha

  3. Look at it from sugar daddy Joe's perspective: coal and code are similar sounding one syllable words. The connection should strike a harmonious cord with minors looking for hope & employment after they're laid off because green energy government mandates causes their company's demise. Get it? Neither do they. Trump 2020.

  4. I GD hate all the Democratic party, but c'mon, dumb Joe basically inferred that programming would be easy for someone who works digging coal, which is BS in and of itself …. Joe is falling apart and should not be the POTUS, but I have to side with him on this one.

  5. This is Andrew Yangs stump speech… only in the backwards world that joe and all the other Washington politicians live in.

  6. Joe "pedophile" biden just stated , "all fossil fuel executives must be arrested and imprisoned". His son hunter is a fossil fuel executive. democrat is a DISEASE.

  7. The guy at 1:25 in the mine is now writing code for Microsoft. He learned it from a correspondence course he saw in the back the DNC today magazine.

  8. Conservatives believe they have high IQs. Most miners are conservatives. Therefore miners may learn how to code in a breeze unless conservatives do not have high IQs.

  9. If you tell a journalist to learn to code, you'll be yeeted off the platform immediately, but telling coal miners to code is somehow ok.. as if the world needs that many coders anyway. And for what? lmao. Even speaking seriously it makes no sense. Are there no other jobs these morons are aware of for people to be retrained in as an example?

  10. As was to be expected, creepy Joe learned nothing from Hillary’s “I’m gonna put coal miners out of business” line

  11. People like Biden and Hillary never had a real honest job, but they have worked hard at making a career stealing money from hard-working American Taxpayers! This is a good case for term limits and investigating any bureaucrat that have become millionaires while they were in office !

  12. Biden just insulted skilled coal miners. These sleazy Democrats love to put hard-working Americans out of work and on the welfare lines just to gain votes from left-wing extremists! We need voter ID laws to make sure these millionaire leeches never get elected again !

  13. Mining is a more honourable job than fagging off behind a desk for a living. That Biden is so out of touch is great though, it secures a TRUMP 2020 win!!!!

  14. This guy is running for president so he can cover up his involvement in the money laundering in the Ukraine he's hoping he gets elected this way he cannot be convicted go after him hard hot and heavy along with the rest of our politicians that take all this money all this dirty money investigate Obama into the Iran money cuz that money went everywhere and right back into their pockets to

  15. I'd like to see coders mining coal. People would think the mine was haunted due to the whimpering and crying

  16. How insulting. Maybe they don’t want to learn a new job. Why doesn’t Biden stop running for president and go work a 9:00 to 5:00 job that he doesn’t want to learn or do?

  17. Biden who is an old silly crook with a very low IQ and all signs of dementia on his face should be in jail for corruption and other high crimes.

  18. In 30-50 years our crops will be failing,corn isn't doing so well now,corn feeds what????Our livestock and many products that are made for us,hay!The humans.We need to wake up now.Thank you for your tlim. E S.W.

  19. Biden is a filthy liar.
    He claimed that him and Dufus by appeasing the Iranians with billions of dollars stopped their nuclear program and that all Trump did was esculate it by attacking terrorists.
    Him and idiot boy have to be thankful that there are no voter ID laws.

  20. What about when Joe Biden said how old are you and she said 11 and he said creepily see me before you leave!

    Why is this not further being investivated!?

  21. Coal developed this country in a big way, and is realistically needed today. Could Biden or most persons do what brave miners do?

  22. Biden acts the way they complain Trump does. Biden and HRC display behavior associated with elderly people. Instead of trying to get into the Oval Office they should be making plans on an assisted living center. That is more their speed at this time in their lives.

  23. Lying 🤥 Joe Biden Changes Story About Opposing Bin Laden Raid. And this lying idiot wants to be President. Hell No Joe!

  24. Our..American..men..were..booted..out..of..their..jobs..years…ago..25…or..so.!…with..Nafta..and..undercutting..pay..thru..illegal..immigration…like..roofing..plumbing..truckers..etc..these..men..have..very..big..bulky..hands..from..their..professions..as..workers…our..corrupt..unemployment…offices..had..no..direction..for..these..men..but..to..retrain..as..ridicules….things..like..data..entry…or..how..about..going..to..chief..school…..oh..yea!!!!!!…THEIR..HANDS..WERE..TO..BULKY..FROM..HARD..LABOR…TO..PUNCH..A..COMPUTER…SO..GO..STICK…SMELLIE..JOEY!!!!!!.and..the..pay…no..where..near..what..they..made.!!!!!!……people..lost..their..homes..their..professions…their..relationships…over..the..stress…and..who..caused..this..the…pshychopathic..left…like….SMELLIE…..SNIFFIE….GRABBY…I..DON'T..GIVE..A…HOOT..ABOUT..AMERICANS..ONLY…MY…POCKET……………..JOEY..B………..AND…HIS…MINION…..POCKETING………..CLAN………THE…………..MOB!!!!!!…….THEY..LET..THE..3rd….WORLD..FLOOD..IN..HERE..TO..RUIN..US…FOR..THE..AGENDA..OF..NWO..ALONG..PLANNED..OUT..SLOW..GRIND….ON..US!

  25. Biden is such an IDIOT, thank God he is not and will never be President, old Creepy Joe should go play with himself.

  26. only about 2% of the population has both the memory skills and temperament not to mention very specific deductive reasoning talent to become good codes that is why there is so much bad code out there and a top flight coder can also make over 100,000 dollars a year also . were as anybody can be a politician as almost no skills are required look at the democrats:-)

  27. Joe needs to keep up. Coding is outsourced offshore where armies of Asian workers write code for the price of a postage stamp.

  28. Not everyone has a daddy that can hold up a billion in aid to get you an 80k per month job for doing nothing in a job you know nothing about.

  29. What a dooooosh! Brave, high skilled, talented, dirty job bue collar to desk job is total condescending BS.
    TuffGuyJoe could not be a more dsconnected dried up fool to be ignored.

  30. Joe just lost any chance to become President of the United States. Please, oh please, let him be the democratic runner

  31. People must face facts cold mining jobs will soon become extinct. If not the work will be done by Robots not humans. Technology is taking away many manual labor jobs from people .Just look at the Computer . Now on the TV news it say Cashiers jobs will be extinct soon. People are checking in Government offices and programs by machine no more people doing the work and business use less workers when machines do the work . This system's ways of doing things are changing. We need to go with the flow.

  32. "coding" WHAT? There are many types of Programmers. BIDEN does not know what he is talking about. Coding alone, such as internet coding is Over-hyped since the 90's. Internet coding like JAVA will get you a LOT of competition from China and other places. So, Good Luck with That! Computer Science courses are over deluged with students and are a dime a dozen. BUT if you want to be a Hardware Design Engineer and learn Assembly Language, that is fine but guess what? Assembly Language built for microprocessors will not do you any good unless you know Electrical and Electronics Engineering. You Do not just "become a coder" in electrical engineering. You may become a web developer, but there is a TON of competition in that field. Everyone thinks there is a ton of money in "coding" but they do not say what field of expertise.. Dummies Like Biden just say "coding" because they think computer programming is the answer to everything.. Well, guess what again, I have a Bachelor of Science from an ABET school, and a State University, in Electronics Engineering Technology with an option in Computer science I I graduated in 1997, and since then I only got 2 interviews for a job in that field. NO one will even Look at me without experience. So, Education is not the answer. I have been stuck in telecom services for 20 years making way less than a double E. The degree is basically worthless. WHY Do Dummies like Biden think Coding is the answer? The only thing you can code without knowledge of Hardware, is Internet.. Otherwise, most other computer programming requires hardware engineering knowledge, and a Coal Miner will FAIL that study work! Trust me. It takes a different type of Person. Even in a simple field Like Telecom services, where there is NO breadboard level hardware design, I have seen a few times when a company made a Technician into an Engineer, and that person still thought like a TECH. Once a tech, always a Tech. I could not imagine taking a coal miner and making him an electrical engineer.. or even a "simple" website developer. or a DBA, or Linux admin, or something like that.. Wont happen! Biden is Babbling again! And please get off the soap box of "coding".. totally illogical! When coding was popular in the 90's, I had a few comsci classes mixed in with my electronics classes. My electronics classed had no more than 10-15 students in every class. But every comsci class had a minimum of 50. Comsci was blown out of proportion. And there were a lot of foreign students in those classes too. So, if you think you are going to save the world and go head-to-head with a skilled programmer, and make a MINT, well, don't believe the hype.. From what I hear, raw computer programmers have a high burn out rate anyway. You wont like it for very long

  33. Hell, Uncle Joe coined the term, 'Blafrican.' Uncle Joe can do ANYTHING!!!!, except rally more than 500 fans, but he can conj-our up a BILLION US Dollars with a phone call….

  34. I know the oil industry that a 'Driller' can make 6 figures per year. One has to presume a 'Miner' has a similar background and education in Petroleum Engineering!!!!

  35. Solution: Take all of "Quid Pro Quo Joe"s money and Hunter's money, and distribute it to the out of work miners and leave QPQ Joe and Hunter with an equal share. Everybody should get $300K or $400K. Not bad. 🙂

  36. Joe Biden is such a moron. He has the elitist attitude we're just simple people and he's really knows everything. He is such a narcissist he truly loves himself only and oh yeah his little Mini-Me Hunter

  37. Please FOX stop defending trump's lies. Coal mining is a dying business. Coal burning and fracking are doing harm to the earth. Biden is not the only one who believes this. It is reality.
    And she is not telling us the full story…that mining coal is not a full time year round job. The ABC interview last year: what do you want your kids to do? Answer: anything but coal mining.

  38. WTF is wrong with this guy would he please go away Joe Biden old fool lier a raicest womanizer sick old pervert please go away sorry but this is why Trump will win in 2020 someone tell him to think before he opens his mouth

  39. You think it's so easy to write codes and programs for computers?? It takes alot of time and trial and error to get it right.

  40. Biden the corrupt old senile left wing loon…..anyone thinking about voting for Biden should think again. He won't be able to say his own name in 2 years

  41. If a coal miner making $100,000 per year, it doesn't sound like a good deal to switch to a computer coding job that competes with all these overseas people willing to do it for 1/5 the money.

  42. When Hillary was a Senator… She voted to spend $2 million of US taxpayers cash, to train Indian IT workers enough to take US jobs! High paying wages in the IT sector were cut in half for many IT workers…. Due to the H1B invasion of 1/2 price IT workers!

  43. I learned to code! I couldn't mine coal! They are COMPLETELY different skills—both equally valuable to society (actually coal miners might more essential). And exactly how many programers does the world need? Everyone can't become a programer—both mentally and personality-wise, and shear avaliable job positions. Also, programming at a low level is threatened by AI, so it's not like that's a long term solution anyway!

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