Bitcoin 9,000,000% Growth! BTC Next Move? 3commas! (Cryptocurrency News + Trading + Price Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new videotape under the killer video if you guys full of
information today we’re gonna be looking at Bitcoin up 9 million percent over the
last decade I’ll be looking at some Bitcoin technical analysis as well as
the number one tool I recommend for anybody who is trading crypto currencies
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could have in regards to not starting to make money in the crypto space but
enough about that happy new year like I said let’s get started with the video
first things first look at exactly what happens a Bitcoin very similar to what I
told you guys I was expecting and what I was watching for when it came to the
actual Bitcoin trade remember I said somewhere in this range was where we
were gonna be looking at starting to catch a long ride potentially dollar
cost averaging having several entries and from there start to secure profits
along the way up and as of right now you guys can tell we have hit a high of
roughly seven thousand two hundred and thirty-four dollars on the bit Mex chart
and if we go to BTC USD T on the finance chart it’s going to be around seven
thousand two hundred and fifty six so a little bit of a difference like I said
there is a difference between exchanges and when I tell you guys something I’m
showing you the bit Mex chart that is the price relative to bit Mex so if you
are going to use that analysis or if you are gonna use anything I say again non
financial advisor this is not financial advice but if you are going to be using
that I say and you’re on a different exchange like BTC USD T on Finance for
example you’re not leveraged trading then very simply you can adjust the
price you’ll notice right now on Finance in 7232 on–but makes it seven thousand
two hundred and nine you can adjust the prices relative to the exchange that
you’re going to be using it’s very simple and if you’re shorting Bitcoin on
Finance all you would have to do is sell to USD T you’re right you’re gonna be
holding USD T then have your target set have your stop-loss set then ones once
you start hitting targets on your short you would then start buying back Bitcoin
so that you would therefore have more vehicle to be the equivalent of shorting
Bitcoin on a leveraged exchange just without the leverage part but it still
allows you to short it so that’s basically what happened with Bitcoin
recently in terms of this move since the last time that I made a video I believe
last time I made a video we’re trading somewhere in here so then we saw that
pull back and then we saw that bounce right back up right so that’s sort of
what happened before what’s happening now for Bitcoin well what I expect to
happen now is starting for us to see a top somewhere in this range over here
right so anywhere in between here or where we are right now starting to see a
top here and a bit of a pullback so that’s started I’m waiting to see
confirmation and see the indication that that’s exactly what we’re going for and
then naturally I will update everybody in the trailer group if we are going to
have a trade based off of this move so that’s currently what I’m looking at
right now I can give you guys just the insight the overview of what I’m looking
at on the hourly you’ll notice that we are starting to see the stochastic get
overextended we’re seeing the MACD and the RSI still have room to potentially
go up but this move that I’m talking about is not a massive move down into
the $5,000 this is just a move back down potentially cooling off of a short-term
move on the hourly chart now if we do zoom out to the for hourly because I
love to do this as well we notice the the EMA ribbons are starting to tighten
up acting as very strong resistance over here as well for Bitcoin a few
rejections if we just go find our way over here a few rejections already we
see one wick zoom in for you we see one week two weeks actually already coming
in to try to test this EMA ribbon and then being rejected from that so again
signs there that we could be seeing some big
weakness and that we might be seeing Bitcoin jaw back down have a little bit
of a cool off before it attempts to break again and even if we zoom back out
to the daily now daily it’s a little less useful when it comes to these
videos just because I do these videos almost every other day so daily chart
wise we only get one or two new candles between videos but same thing we can see
here that we saw last time a few rejections coming off of the daily EMA
ribbon on the daily chart we are seeing strong rejections and a lot of
resistance at the top as well so that’s kind of what we’re looking at in the
daily timeframe and the for hourly timeframe and even on the one-hour time
frame like I said we are starting to see strong resistance on all of the time
frames so that could be the indicator for exactly what I was talking about and
again I opened both the charts as I wanted to explain to you guys that it’s
very easy to trade across different exchanges you don’t have to be using bit
mechs I use bit mechs I have a link for bit mechs and four by bit two of the
leverage exchanges that I use one for long term trades one for scalp trades
and smaller terms on the shorter term trades that’s the reason I have an
account on both I recommend you guys do the same if that’s something you want to
do and again links for those are down below in the description but if you’re
not livers trading then it’s very easy to be able to make money on Finance as
well you just won’t have the leverage now bitcoin is up eight point nine
million percent by the time this article was written I believe it’s closer to
nine nine million percent but still yeah eight point nine nine it’s a very small
difference it’s gained eight point nine million percent over just the last
decade if you can name me something else that’s done that over a decade I’d be
impressed because I really don’t think we’d be able to but overall that’s a
huge growth and again people are starting to think what is this next
decade going to hold for us and I want to take this opportunity since it’s the
first of January 2020 to ask you guys what do you think let me know in the
comments down below right now fast forward ten years from now we’re getting
close to 2030 it sounds crazy it sounds a long way away we’re getting close to
2030 what do you think the crypto space is going to look like what do you think
bitcoins price is going to look like let me know your thoughts in the comments
down below right now and I’m gonna go through all of them I’m gonna read all
them and maybe even feature some of you guys in a video if we have some pretty
creative answers moving on from that coin mark cap under just under 193
billion dollars in market Bitcoin every time we load in the last 24 hours
is seeing very very small movements as seen obviously we had on the weekly
chart we’ve seen a high we’ve seen two lows but when it comes to change in the
last 24 hours things are very very slow it is green it
is green but it’s only green by point 16 percent so at any moment we can refresh
it and it could be down now swipes the biggest Gator of the day up 22 percent
if you look at that doesn’t look like the most healthy chart I’ve ever seen
ceil same thing other than that we do scroll down we start seeing a pretty
even split I think between green and red in the market naturally bitcoin is about
point 16 so it’s not dragging the all coins in either direction it’s a pretty
sideways day with the biggest loser being by coin down 20% take a look at
that graph that yeah that graph looks pretty manipulated I don’t know just
saying it’s down 20% either way in the last 24 hours Luna is down 8% and a lot
of other all coins naturally are in the red as well now the tool that I was
talking about before three commas this is a tool that I’ve used for over a year
now well over a year now and I pretty much have never talked
about it in a video right so what I decided to do I my man might have
mentioned it once or twice before but it’s something that I just don’t talk
about often in videos for whatever reason but I do get a lot of questions
asking me what tools should you be using to track your portfolio to manage your
portfolio and honestly the number one all-in-one tool is
three comments out there not paying me to say this whatsoever so you can get
40% off the annual plan and 30% off the semi-annual plan you can go ahead to the
pricing you’ll be able to see that when you log in there’s a link for that down
below as well again not something I talk about often they don’t pay me to talk
about them whatsoever but I have been using them for over a year and I
absolutely love them they have box in here these guys can tell you can mess
around with box they have smart trades they may pretty much allow you to
monitor your portfolio see the track records see what you’re holding
everything in there all from one place and like I said the bots feature you can
actually copy bots that are successful and implement them for yourselves and
just have them run so it’s overall very fun there’s a lot of features too
you’ll probably enjoy just messing around with it but I figured if you guys
are interested there is a link down below for that and I would throw that in
there because I believe it’s the last day for you guys to get this coupon code
now finance is also going to support the newly announced in theory of upgrade so
that’s naturally good news in terms of news today there wasn’t too much going
on in terms of like I said just like headline articles but we did have a
little bit of an update I wanted to up to you guys on the technical analysis
side and what I see happening now that what we talked about previously started
to complete what exactly we see happening now in the very short term in
the next few hours for example so I like to update you guys on these videos only
for hourly and the hourly because that way I think you guys we have new content
every time I upload the video and you guys can follow along with my thought
process on there but in the new decade crypto is going to become essential like
email so this tying in with what I said before asking you guys what you think
the next decade is going to hold in store for us what we’re gonna have
happening in the next decade for crypto so we have the Winklevoss twins or one
of the week of oz twins tyler winklevoss who said that in the next decade he
believes crypto is going to be essential like email and a lot of people think
email is dead probably very far from the truth might not be what it once was but
it’s still really up there in terms of business use and he thinks crypto is
going to become as essential as email everybody knows email everybody uses or
most people use email majority people check their email at least on a daily
basis if not every other day and it’s basically point is it’s very highly used
and therefore if crypto is going to become as essential like email it’s
going to be very highly used and we would see a huge explosion in the space
compared to everybody that’s in right now there’s a very small Democrats very
small amount of people that are currently in the crypto space although
it might seem like there’s a lot there’s really not that many people especially
if you start calculating I know how much bitcoins in certain addresses you’ll
notice it’s a very small amount of people that have any form of say or have
any form of you know involvement in the crypto space so this would be really
really cool and again I asked you guys before and I want to ask you guys again
it’s is going to count for you guys to enter
the future giveaways that we do let me know down below right now fast-forward
10 years next decade what do you think we have in store for the crypto market
do you think bitcoin is gonna be on top is it gonna be a theory I’m so gonna be
XRP what do you think is going to happen let me know your thoughts down below and
last but not least I promised you guys we were gonna do the giveaway on
Wednesday and we’re doing another one on Friday so before you do anything make
sure you’re subscribed make sure you’re leaving comments down below to increase
your chance of winning and make sure you are hitting that thumbs up button for
this video so you guys can check back in on Friday to see if you did win that
giveaway but let’s see who the winner is fast forward hopefully no spam all right
and the winner again I cut these because sometimes there’s spam and otherwise
while this thing is doing the raffle and picking I just kind of sit here and I’ll
say something I figured might as well cut that out so we can keep the video
clean winner is Francesca Nicholas great trade call amazing up I believe you’re
referring to the trade call that I posted in the last video for you guys
where I talked about the entry point and then starting to scale our exits if you
are in that I would highly recommend already starting to scale an exit again
I never give you guys financial advice I’m just sharing with you what I’m
looking for specifically and what I see happening in the market but if that does
go ahead and make you money then I always love to see that as well if you
can apply that into your own technical analysis even better I love hearing
about that too but Francesca congratulations all you have to do to
claim your giveaway is send me a message or segments on telegram send me a
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and hit that thumbs up button guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you on
Friday for another video

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  1. In ten years, crypto will be more main stream, and that will result in big jumps upwards.
    But if its the cryptos thats listed today, i dont know, but probably some, but not all.

  2. In the next ten years, every country in the world will have their own crypto currency and XRP will link them together, making XRP number two behind BTC.

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  4. Can you give some insight to taxation of crypto ? This is what scared many potential traders away from crypto involvement.

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