Breaking Down Barriers

Hi. I’m Katie LaBrie, executive director
of the Franklin County Development Association. Did you know that there are
several great teen jobs right here in Franklin County? From manufacturing to
healthcare to accounting and more, opportunities abound and we want to make sure that you have every opportunity to take part in them. That’s why we created
a program called Breaking Down Barriers. Through a partnership with NIACC
financial assistance may be available for things such as childcare
reimbursements, tuition reimbursement, books, fees, tools, and more. So whether
you’re looking to head off to community college for the first time or you’d like
to make a career change, we can help. So while I’ve been here at Sukup, I’ve
gotten opportunities to further my education and taken several classes back
up at NIACC for hydraulics, variable frequency drives and CNC lathe
programming. I decided to choose this career path because I like to figure out
what makes mechanical things tick and I wanted to know how to build them and
design them and what materials to choose when doing that. I’m Hailey. I’m an LPN
here at the Rehabilitation Center in Hampton. A typical workday is, I come in
get report, then I’ll look at what charting I might have to do for the
shift. I’ll start med pass around 3:00 and
trying to do some patient care in there if I have time. You’re taking care of
someone’s loved one, their mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, whatever so it’s a
little nerve-wracking it’s a big responsibility but I think as you grow
older in the field you start to realize how how important it really is. I work at
this particular job because over the over the many years I’ve been here it
has done a lot for me and my family. They’ve sent me to a lot of NIACC
courses that lead towards being the leadership roles and how to become a
better leader how to work with employees and co-workers and how to read different
types of personalities and how to work with different personalities. And just
understanding that I think goes a long ways to becoming a good leader. Nursing
is it’s a great field to get into there’s always gonna be a job available
for you and there’s such a wide variety of places to work, things to do. Right now
I’m originally from Wisconsin and and I have six kids. Working here has really
helped me to support my kids back at home. Here at Sukup, I you know I started
out as a puller you know and you know they came to me actually you know how
dedicated I was and how interested I was to become the laser operator and I accepted that job. With no knowledge I was just trained very well. You know everybody’s
happy everyone’s working and once making money you know I’m providing for their
family. Most employers within Franklin County are saying the same thing, they
need employees and they need them now. And that’s why we want to make sure that
every person every Franklin County resident has the same opportunity to get
trained for these positions. We know that making a major life change can be pretty
scary and we want to make it as easy as possible. So if you’re ready to get
started go to the web address below and we’ll connect you to people who can help
you with those first steps like filling out your FAFSA form, registering for
classes, or even your financial aid. Contact us today to learn more about how
you can take part in this program.

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