Brexit Party MEP exposes shocking EU expenses scandal – ‘Receipts? Never heard of them!’ – News 247

 North West MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen spoke at the Brexit Party’s General Election Tour stop in Carlisle The Danish dentist shocked the audience when he exposed the European Union’s expenses system Mr Overgaard-Nielsen listed the ways in which taxpayers’ money was being used to claim “all sorts of things” with “no receipts required”  He told supporters: “Let me tell you a short story, more Dracula, than Snow White  “On becoming on MEP in May, the EU sent me over 100 pages on how I could claim taxpayers’ money for all sorts of things  “I’m sure these will really cheer you up. “Did you know that MEPs can claim foreign language classes and private healthcare ”  He continued: “Best of all, not just for me, but for my whole family. “In addition, I am given £4,000 every month for a local constituency office, which does not include staff salaries, that’s on top of that  “It only is for rent and office equipment, no receipts required. “And when I asked how I could repay the unspent money back to the EU, I was told there was no facility to repay the money ”  Mr Overgaard-Nielsen added: “Rest assured, I’m keeping a tab. “Monies unspent will be given to a UK-registered charity in the north west  “At least we’ll get some of the wasted tax money back to the constituency.”  Trending  The Brexit Party MEP said: “So when the people of the north west are trying to make ends meet, paying rent and putting food on the table during times of austerity, Brussels has definitely not felt the same pinch, and nor does it apply the same accounting principles that it imposes on the rest of us  “Receipts? Never heard of them.” Last year, an EU court rejected calls for greater transparency about MEPs’ expenses  It upheld a decision that politicians are not required to reveal how they spend public money intended for their offices

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