BSc Money, Banking and Finance, University of Birmingham Dubai

Hi, I’m Dr Sheikh Selim. I’m the Programme
Director for BSc Money, Banking and Finance at the University of Birmingham Dubai. The BSc Money, Banking and Finance programme is a bespoke programme primarily tailored for
careers in the financial sector. The reason why this programme is interesting
and one should seriously consider joining the programme, is because it blends
the best of economic theory with applied finance and some key principles and
modules and skills of accounting and finance. This is the best of both worlds
brought under one undergraduate programme which is not only bespoke
for the financial sector but also gives a graduate the vision towards a
longer-term career in financial administration and being a financial
regulator or as being a financial analyst in any private or public sector. I chose Money, Banking, Finance at the University of Birmingham as it has a perfect combination of economics and finance embedded within the modules. I looked at different courses of finance, in
different universities and Money, Banking, Finance was tailor-made for me. Beyond the classroom, we also have a community of finance and banking specialists who are actually collaborating with the learning experience of the students. That takes them possibly far ahead of
traditional programmes in terms of equipping them, their learning
with the cutting-edge skills in in FinTech and other aspects of Finance and
Accounting within the public and private sectors I think the top motivation would
be being part of global 100 university and global 100 Business School in one of
the leading programmes that the Business School runs. Part of that community which
includes cohorts as well as faculties and researchers and teamed up
professionals who are actually contributing to the programme. I think that vision as well as the experience of being part of the community will do a
world of good to any aspiring applicant at the moment who are considering a top
career in finance. That would be an excellent learning experience being part
of that vision as well as the wider team that we have I’ve loved the experience
at the University but knowing people interacting with people it’s all been
amazing to find this kind of connection here.

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