100 thoughts on “Busting Through a GIANT Snow Bank in a 6×6 Western Star

  1. so none is gonna ask.. who was the idiot that made the snow mound?? clearly they have been plowing thru there and that sure as hell isn't a drift.

  2. As former operator , and if you watch close you can see that the slushee (on way plow ) slides the front of the truck sideways ! This is a job for a V plow , or call for me to come with my grader-with bull blade & wing , bust a hole through with the bull-blade and then clean the road with the mole-blade & wing

  3. , this seems to be a snow wind drifting area The snow banks of this road need to be cut half down and pushed back 10 ft , done with the wing of the grader! But a snow-blower would do better!

  4. Looks like the wind blows from the side you were pushing snow, if that's true then you just made the next drifts that much bigger with that huge bank to drift off of. Too bad you can't roll over that plow and push the snow to the other side.

  5. That drift had my Deere 8400R written all over it!! 😂 😂 shed have made a right thud as she punched through. Obviously to some comment rookies, they never heard the tale if the Hare & Tortoise…. 😉 why smash up a good bit of kit for tha sake of it? There are drivers/operators & then there are Screwdrivers!!!! 😂 😂 😂

  6. What they needed was a good wing operator. Then start back away from the blockage and keep winging the bank back so the front plow has a place to push snow too. Once the bank builds up, the front plow can't get rid of the snow and has to just keep pushing it down the road.

  7. Used the wrong plow. A V style plow on a lead truck and two trucks staggered behind the lead would have cleaned out that road in minutes instead of going back and forth wasting time with that angle plow which took too long to do.

  8. This is one reason you have to be careful when buying one of these trucks at auction cause some employees drive the shit out of them. This guy drove it like a champ. Nice work!

  9. good job not flipping out at the interruptions. always bring a shovel with you. isn't that funny. that you are just as powerful if not more powerful then the machine.

  10. Nice job you didnt get hungup and snow can be miserable to keep pushing up in a pile in front of you . Have you ever tried a reversable plow? Might help with pushing straighter just asking

  11. Love the TRUCK!!! My sound like s stupid question. But from my experience of plowing why did the guys before you just not keep pushing it off to the side instead of just pushing it all up higher and higher making it harder and harder to push??? Now I was lucky and had a plow that pivot left to right but then the snow doesnt become more and more compressed in front of the plow. I dont know guess I am asking the wrong guy. you are not the one that piled it up and packed it. But ya do love this truck!!! bet plowing snow at times can be a toot so to speak 🙂

  12. That’s why there’s two guys per truck. So one can get out and video 🤔. Taxpayers money being used wisely 😡

  13. At first I was worried you're going to get out and hit it with your purse…. And then after 4 or 5 of attempts of it not doing anything you started actually giving it some Gusto like you should have from the get-go. Get that bad boy up to 25 30 miles an hour and just give it full… the snow will move.

  14. Seems the equipment the driver had was not up to the task. A good bulldozer or large wheel loader would have plowed through that bit of snow in no time.

  15. Western Star are the old Macks of today. Beasts! Plowing uphill seems dumb to some people but it's hard to back these heavy rigs uphill if your were plowing downhill.

  16. That blade is to maintain roads with mild snowfall you need a V-blade to break drifts like that,,, that’s hard on the truck it beats the he\ out of it and the plow too….

  17. Me: Why am i binge watching snow clearing videos, I live in Australia.
    Other me: Because its 113F outside, youve never seen snow and that looks like fun.

  18. Grind em til u find em 💪 THANK YOU and every PLOWMAN out there for the battle you do against mother nature so we can get to work every morning

  19. Are you driving or talking on the radio? Plow is not meant to bust through that, you need a V plow. And wiper blades going with nothing on windshield. Packing all the snow into the drift wasn't too bright…

  20. I drove a 1970 Toyota Crown 4sp with snow tires in Wisconsin. Used to enjoy seeing Jeeps stuck as I drove by. People don't learn that the secret to driving in snow is "Be Gentle."
    Is that plow blade adjustable so you can throw to the left as well?

  21. What a PUSSY! WTF! You should have just busted through it and keep going! That unit can take it! Too much farting around!

  22. wrong kind of blade for this kind of work, that  dust  pan is made for pushing light snow at high speed. straight blade that angled would have been better. Still for what he had to work with he did a great job.

  23. Instead of adding snow to the blockage you should backdrag the starting layer and then get speed and plow right through to punch a hole.

  24. I went through the same height of snow with a 15 mack with turnable one-way plow without chains or diffs locked In about 6 trys

  25. I've seen a couple of these in action and it's like watching professional chainsaw racers, vs average joe's, the way they can chuck snow so you never have to move it again, it's gone. They can cut a path through DEEP snow, even if at lower speed, they get it done.
    UniMog with a Schmidt snow thrower handles some snow.

  26. I realize this was a couple years old but Jesus that was painful to watch! I’d have used the wing to shave off some of that bank, give the snow someplace to roll. At the start shave the bank down with the wing and then get a hole to the right to start at the big drift. He got through but damn hard on the truck with brute force , sometimes you gotta be smarter than the snowbank.

  27. Umm don't you need to hit it faster than 3 mph?? I know you don't want to break anything but geez.
    Ideally you should have a V plow for busting through that

  28. Been plowing for 30 years, that was painfully slow. Learn how to use your truck. Must be a city worker on the clock.

  29. Great job, slow and easy, didn’t break anything. To those who say you should have called a loader, we don’t know how far you we’re from a loader or if it was immediately available. If you were 30 miles out it could take 1 1/2 to 2 hours or more for a loader to get there , then that much time to return plus a lot of Diesel in 3 to 4 hours of road time plus the operators time/wages. Very costly compared to taking your time and dealing with it yourself. Again great job!

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