Como é trabalhar na área financeira do Nubank?

In my opinion, Nubank is a
technology company born out of the need to change the
way financial services were provided Our priority is creating value to our customers because we believe that it will also create value to the company And that is what we use technology for it’s a tool to create value
to our customers One of our differentials is having
a future-driven mindset we try different things and don’t stick only to working
the way we are used to If you have something new
to bring to the table, and idea, something that will add efficiency, it will certainly be heard
and taken into consideration Moving to the Finance department at Nubank was a completely different experience Something new. I have the freedom to talk to everyone ask questions make suggestions I can be vocal, inquire about things that I believe are a bit off Nubank is basically trying
to create more simple and practical ways for people to make financial transactions, our Finance Department is basically making sure that we can do that in a sustainable way in the long-run We started as a small squad, with 5 or 6 people The company started to grow and, today, we are a tribe So, today, we are the Finance Tribe
– or Finance Family That’s how we call ourselves. We have Controllership, FP&A Risk, Treasury,
Capital Marketing and other areas we are structuring We make analysis on how safe the company is regarding financial indicators
and regulatory laws Within Finance – and within Nubank as a whole – we have a very horizontal work environment So, I feel like it is the
most horizontal possible My routine at Nubank is very flexible I can handle it, and also college- I am studying to learn more
and improve my skills. I arrive everyday at work And I know what I have to do what are the demands, but I also know something unexpected will happen So… this is it. There is no strict routine. There is something very cool -a very important part of what makes Nubank so unique: the fact that one of its values is we build strong and diverse teams this brings respect to the work environment – which is something, unfortunately,
we can’t find in many places To attract people from other cities, besides São Paulo, We host events in other states, and have a very open recruiting process to attract all kinds of people And we like people who are
aligned with our culture That is the number one thing! If she/he also brings an interesting
working experience, great! But the most important thing is being in line
with the values and mission the ones we have in Finance,
and within Nubank. We are looking for extremely
analytical people – curious individuals that go beyond the problems
and are not limited by them who are not limited by what sits in front of them and want to seek more information all kinds of information people who will add to our
debates and reflexions. People who, regardless
of seniority, experience background, that they come
here with a strong will to question everything Because much of what we are doing has never been done. There is no right way to do it. So we are very open. We want
people to question things and to have this drive of wanting to do better There is always room for improvement. so we are looking for people who ask questions and want to do things differently

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