Courtney and Tanganyika Talk About Cannabis Banking and Payment Processing

Welcome back to Power 108.9. I want to tell you guys a little story before we get back to Courtney.
The leading cannabis payment processor owe millions of dollars to
dispensaries because they got five on it! Like they literally [laughs] So shout out to
businesses that are trying to do it the right way and keep coming up solutions to all
these hurdles but still make it through. Can I say something about that? Of course. Lynx Card was
actually revolutionary because they gave businesses an opportunity to pay taxes
— before Lynx came in everybody was just sending their duffel bags up to
be deposited with the government and so there were armed guards out there
receiving these piles of cash. Tthere wasn’t a solution so it
was really great and then it gave the dispensaries an opportunity to to pay
taxes in a way that didn’t require armed guards and large amounts of cash so that
was a really big deal. I do think they were really looking good they
were flying high – they did a raise; they got some really good funding
they had a good team and it was pretty incredible so I’m personally I’m sorry
to see that it’s not working out. Tt’s not saying that – first of all they found a new
person so they’re back in business. They are up and running.
They’re not even worried they have got a new partnership. They have a new payment
processor and they returned to business so we’ll keep a watch out on them but
hopefully this is not something that you know broke them cuz it happens in every business. Yes, and we want funding for women. That is MAJOR! I mean the numbers are real
let’s talk about that because we are not getting funding at all. Women-owned businesses
are not getting funding and can you imagine the number of black women that are not
getting funding? This is a real issue in the entire community and we are the most
responsible this is a women led industry the plant is a woman like how dare y’all.
Where where are our angel investors for women in cannabis? If you’re out there, listen, if you’re out
there we want to talk to you. Contact us because we have great businesses we’ve got
powerhouse ladies we are the ones to bank on! Exactly! And
we can back it up we have we have proof – revenue
positive, we have great products and we have compliant products and we
have longevity in the industry! Ee’ve got a strong audience, followers, people
love what we’re doing period. You have to back us you have to
get behind this.

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