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  1. I think the bottom line is to not treat any exam as harder than any other exam. If your life doesn't suck while you're studying, you're not studying enough. 

    FAR – 83
    AUD – 72, 72, ?
    BEC – 85
    REG – 8/27/14

    Back to the books…

  2. Personally I felt BEC was comprised of content I encountered in 100 & 200 level college courses such as Micro Econ, Computers/Tech in Business, Business Admin, Into to Ops, and a few other rather broad and largely conceptually based classes – all being pretty superficial in content. Whereas REG & FAR are more specialized and require more memorization (REG especially), while AUD takes a more complete understanding of the inner workings of a business which most people aren't able to completely piece together until they have a few years of classes under their belt. Just my 2cents in relation to the ol' glory days! (Hoo-Hoo-Hoo Hoosiers)

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