4 thoughts on “CPA Exam: Online Accounting Classes for 150 Hours

  1. i have completed my high school in India, and now I want to obtain 150 credit hours for sitting in CPA exams. can you please tell me from where I can do that in USA?

  2. Hey !!
    I am 4.5 semester hours short in accounting, i am new to usa educational standards hence i am not sure how to proceed from now on.
    also i can attend college or online courses full time in order to meet deficiency.
    can someone tell me how much time is it going to take?

  3. Hello, I've been intersted in getting the CPA license, and been researching the requirements and bureaucracy of it and… it's so messy.

    Thank you to you and all who make videos trying to untangle this mess for us to understand. Still tho, I haven't been fully able to figure out how to fullfill all the requirements, I hope I can ask you about it:
    I am an Argentinan studying, in the second year, of a Bachellor degree (4-year) on Accounting. I have been working as an auditor in PwC for 2 years by now. So, the work expierence is done and dealt with. By the time I graduate I would have 4-years of expierence on PwC here in Argentina, so that should cover it for any state I go for. Now my only issue is the educational requirements: The 4-year bachellor degree will only be worth 120 hours. So I need to get another 30. Originally I was thinking of going for an MBA to do so, but it's yet another 2 years before I can go for the CPA. But the more I research, I start hearing stories, of people who presented stuff like a cuisine course or even a GOLF course for those remaining 30 hours. I asked another youtuber who claims she did this. I have a 3-year degree in cuisine, and even more, a year and a half in a career in graphic design I never finished. Can I combine that with my 4-year bachellor to get 150 credits?.

    Once again, thanks to people like you for helping us to deal with the messy process of reaching the CPA.

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