Cyberpunk 2077 News – Tygers Claw & Steel Dragons, “Wake Up Samurai”, Pondsmith Reveals Character?

What is going on Neon Nation welcome back
to The Neon Arcade for some more Cyberpunk 2077 News. In todays episode we have a new gang poster
hinting at one known and one unknown gang in Cyberpunk 2077 and their potential story
implications, some miscommunication about an alleged hands on preview of Cyberpunk 2077,
Mike Pondsmith revealing details on the 2077 timeline in the form of a character from the
lore, if “Wake up samurai” will actually be tied into the game itself, and more! First off, we have some corrections issued
by Gameranx when it comes to hands on previews of Cyberpunk. In a recent top games of 2020 video,
a member of the Gameranx team mentioned that Jake Baldino had played Cyberpunk 2077 and also mentioned that there were positive impressions about it. This caused some buzz online and some speculation
as to if the hands-on previews of Cyberpunk were around the corner, after late last
year President & CEO of CD PROJEKT Adam Kicinski mentioned a strong dose of information about
Cyberpunk 2077 in the form of hands on previews would be shared in early 2020. Evidently this was an error in the video,
and Baldino has taken to twitter to rectify this, so it seems like the wait will continue
for hands on previews of Cyberpunk 2077, where we will learn how the game actually feels
in the hands of game journalists, and media outlets. Next up we have some big hints about the game
in the form of Night City Gang Poster Art. If you guys are familiar with Michal Dziekian,
he has done many of the gang posters that are featured on the CD PROJEKT RED Store,
which are by the way 20% off right now. The Maelstrom and the Valentinos have been
featured on these posters so far, but it seems like he’s currently working on a Tyger Claws
poster at the moment judging by his Instagram. The Tyger Claws are a gang in 2020 and 2077
and have allegedly turned from a defensive combat booster gang, to a gang who uses its
fair share of cyberware, bikes and katanas and have strong ties to Arasaka. Obviously, the Tiger is their logo, which
can be seen in the bottom half with a gang member riding a yaiuba kusanagi. On the top however, we have a dragon. Keen eyed Instagram user Daykosu asked Dziekan
if this could be the Steel Dragons gang, to which Dziekan responds with “I don’t know
😉”. Now the Steel Dragons are Yorinobu Arasakas gang consisting of Tokyo Nomads,
who in the lore of Cyberpunk oppose Arasaka for their vile corporate operations. Yorinobu hates Arasaka after being born into
the family and uncovering their truths. The poster shows what could be the two gangs
clashing over territory, which would make sense lore-wise. At this point it’s a strong point of speculation
that we will see Yorinobu and the Tokyo Nomads aka The Steel Dragons in the game. Now In the same vein, Mike Pondsmith has taken
to reddit, as he seems to do from time to time, to reveal more about Cyberpunk 2020,
red and 2077. In a post he lays out a RP scenario he used
to run called “Michiko’s Night Out” which involved the granddaughter of Saburo
Arasaka leaving the compound on her 18th birthday in the company of her personal bodyguard Solo
Kenichi Zaburo. While out barhopping, she runs into cyborg
solo Adam Smasher, leading to some explosive results. As he continues, he likens Michiko to a cross
between battle angel alita and a mad girl genius and mentions that we will meet an older
Michicko in the full Cyberpunk Red release, and that she might show up in 2077 since she
continues to exist in that timeline. It seems like we could be adding another Lore
based character to the 2077 roster. Moving on we have some really awesome rewards
for CD PROJEKT RED employees who have hit their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th anniversaries
with the company. These are some amazing presents that we first
saw with Mateus Tomaskiewic back in 2018 when he received a Samurai Jacket similarly to
one seen here. We also have what looks like Silverhands guitar
the Deluze Orphean possibly signed by Keanu Reeves, with Johnny Silverhands initials in
quotes underneath. These are all pretty insane gifts, and I’m
sure all the recipients will be thrilled with each of these. Next up we have details about the second most
infamous Keanu / Silverhand quote so far. “Wake up samurai” has become a favorite
line of those who have been following Cyberpunk 2077, but it seems like this dialogue between
the player and Johnny might be confined to just the CGI Trailer. Via CDPR’s Community Manager Lilayah, we
learn that this line is a phrase from the CGI trailer, not from the game so you probably
won’t hear him mention these exact words. Not going to lie I was looking forward to
this moment being in the game, but I’m sure there will be plenty more iconic moments from
our buddy Keanu. Now we’ve talked a lot about the World of
Cyberpunk 2077 lore book in the past, as well as the recently announced deluxe edition,
but we’ve had some poor images so far to work with. We mentioned that yes there are temporary
tattoos featured in the deluxe edition that show us the main gangs, some of which we didn’t
know about before in the Mox and 6th street, but now we have a clearer image, featuring
The Animals, The Voodooboys, The Valentinos, 6th Street, The Maelstrom, The Mox, Tygers
Claw, and presumably one more hiding behind the first page. This could be the Wraiths mentioned on the
back of the book, a subfaction of the violent rogue Nomad Nation the Raffen Shiv. We also have a clearer image of the new vehicles,
and 2 more car manufacturers in night City. We knew about Quadra and Thorton in our prior
inspections, but now we have Archer, which represents the Entropism visual style, and
Rayfield which represents the upper echelon neo-kitsch visual style. It also shows how the sleeve opens up and
features a barcode. This might be a very very long shot, but who
knows something ARG related might come from this, despite prior knowledge from expert
ARG busters Game Detectives that in alternate reality games, barcodes are usually smoke
and mirror tactics to distract the player. Next, we have some details about future conferences
from CDPR. Last episode we mentioned the Taipei Game
Show as a potential conference where new presentations would be held. It seems like they are showing the old gameplay
for the Asian market. Additionally, there would be no plans to go
to PAX South. Travel seems to be less of a priority in the
final 3 months here, which makes sense logistically, so expect any new content in the future to
be digital drops for everyone to see. Next, we have the official Capture Cyberpunk
photo contest voting opening up, so check out the link in the description to vote for
your favorite images. This is a contest where you capture just how
cyberpunk your city is, with some great prizes for those snap pictures that exemplify this. Moving on we have this insane recreation of
the Cyberpunk 2077 demo, in the graphical style of the PlayStation 1. Named Cyberpunk 1997, creator Bearly Regal
took it upon himself to recreate segments of the 48-minute 2018 gameplay reveal in the
blocky, aged style of PlayStation 1 games using Dreams. As someone whose first console was a PS1 and
who routinely played the first top down GTA with the designated fart and burp buttons,
this struck me right in the nostalgia feels. Really awesome work, and to check out the
video in its entirety check out the link in the description. Thanks for watching and for more Cyberpunk
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  28. I honestly think that that journalist actually played the game.
    It's like 3 months away from release and it would make sense.
    Not for websites but to also give magazines the time to get in their monthly cover.
    I know he tweeted that it wasn't true.
    But that could also easily be that cdpr just said like dude why are you breaching nda.
    So that's why they quickly tweeted out oh no nothing happened we didn't say anything cough cough

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  31. It is a bit sad when cool moments are just created for a CGI trailer and are not part of the game – CP2077 is far from the only game to do this too. Oh well. I still hope we might have some form of "rebooting" moment – it would be a cool way to disguise a loading screen at the least.
    WoCP book & goodies are looking really cool, adding to my mental wishlist now.
    Photo contest and that "Cyberpunk 1997" are looking great too, although the links in the description are missing!

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