Do more with the Google Play Console

Text graphic appears: Publishing your app
on Google Play is just the start… Google Play Console logo appears Google Play Dashboard appears on monitor. Text overlay: Increase app quality
Get better ratings Android vitals overview
appears on monitor. Zoom in on Google Play dropdown menu Pre-launch report appears on monitor Text graphic:
Netflix reduced the app crash rate
by 70% in 3 months with Android Vitals Text graphic 1:
Cooking Craze reduced Crashes 21% Text graphic 2: Erudite reduced bugs
and improved retention 60% Device catalogue dashboard
appears on monitor. Text overlay:
Manage releases with ease Text graphic: Drupe’s crash free
user ratio improved to 99.7% Text graphic: Omnidrone increased
engagement + 50% and revenue + 20% Acquisition report dashboard
appears on monitor. Text overlay: Understand your audience
Improve retention Examples of review and ratings
appear on mobile phone. Text overlay: Aviary saves
5-10 hours per week on ratings and reviews Store list experiments dashboard
appears on monitor. Text overlay:
Increase your installs Text graphic:
Hashcube increased installs 88% Text graphic:
Papumba downloads up 30% in 12 months
by localizing in to 15 languages Google Play Console Overview dashboard
on monitor. Text overlay:
Earn more revenue Text graphic: Bombsquad increased
average revenue per user 140% Text graphic:
Viki increased subscriptions revenue 200% Google Play Console Dasboard on monitor.
Text overlay: Get support Help chat box appears Text overlay: Get started at Google Play Console logo

11 thoughts on “Do more with the Google Play Console

  1. Will you tell me how to implement both IAP(In App Purchases) and google play services in One Project and How to Publish it on Play Store with Both IAP(In App Purchases) and Play Services

  2. My account got terminated. I had over 400,000 downloads. Reason- I have multiple developer account. Reality I have only 1 developer account. Yes before a month ago I had purchased another account but when I know about google policy I deleted that account. Currently I have only one developer account which got termined and reason is not true. I don't think I will develop an Android app in future because I am totally depressed. I was working full night for about 6 months.

  3. Hi, I have a problem with the Google Play console
    The reason for the following is to express a complaint, because I tried to buy the account by providing personal information and when I pressed "pay", they asked me to review the card because they said it was badly written, confirmed and tried, and I even tried another card and the same way, by pressing the payment button, the same error occurred and the card was charged but the account was not delivered, they charged me $ 75 for an account of 25 that they never gave me and I just want to know how I can recover my money, because I do not even want the account that was never delivered to me.

  4. I am interested in buying google play console (developer account) with applications / games for them together with the source (developer key, application project). The longer the applications live, the more interesting.
    Anyone interested – write in private messages.

  5. BUG: In play console in menu Pre-launch report -> Accessibility issues: all screenshots from test results are from wrong screen. App package: com.dunatv.photosafe

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