Earn Bitcoins WHILE DOING NOTHING! FREE! New Auto-Mining Site w/ proof! BTC, LTC, DOGE [ENGSUB]

Before starting our video, first we’re going to choose the winner of our previous video My question was “What keeps you from falling asleep?” Let’s pick the winner Alright, here’s our winner It’s Dinda Wangga She said, “Thinking about what I have to do to earn more money to help my college activity” So, you’re the winner of the 50₱ worth of GCash For you to claim your prize look at the description down below If you want to win this video’s giveaway, just wait for my question and answer in the comment section and we’ll draw the winner on the next video Okay. So, hello guys This is Jhazel de Vera and welcome back to my channel So if you’re new to this channel click on the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you can watch all types of videos about home-based jobs and anything from which you can earn online For today’s video, I’m going to introduce you to a cloud mining website Where you can mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin You can earn for free even by doing nothing Just like this one, where it generates money by itself you don’t have to do anything, you don’t need to claim, no need to visit the website multiple times just let the website do the work for you This website is called Bytem But first, proof of payment Thank you so much to Ryan Mark Saracho since he’s the one who shared this website and he as well provided the proof of payment As you can see he received two payments via Coinbase For you to sign up just click the link in the description box below These are the informations required: user login, user email and user password then you have to verify that you’re not a robot but a hurtful human being Once you’ve signed up, you can log in, just click “Authorization” on the side You have to login with your user login, user password and human verification This is our dashboard and as you can see, there are all the informations like the user email, the current hash, and the available cryptocurrencies to mine You can’t mine all the cryptocurrencies at once you have to choose only one cryptocurrency to mine Ryan Mark advised to first mine Litecoin because its minimum required payout is low So that’s what I first mined that’s why we already have a balance I’ve just started and already have 0.00021522 ltc For you to start mining you have to click this “mining” button Okay In my case I’ll mine Litecoin There you go, it’s generating Once this fills up, our balance will be higher Down below we can see our earning summary per day, per month and per year As of now what we can earn here at Bytem is really low because what we earn is only 100 Gh/s For us to earn more we need to increase the current hash There are a lot of ways to grow it The first option is to buy GH/s, that you’ll find here and the minimum purchase is 500 GH/s and the maximum purchase is 500000 GH/s As you can see the 500000 GH/s is on the expensive side since its value is 405 usd In my case, I don’t really like to pay in these websited To be on the safe side, we have to find another way to earn for free and this is what I’ll be teaching I don’t recommend buying GH/s Let’s go back to our dashboard. We have another option and the second option for us to gain more current hash is to click “reinves” If you already have a balance you can reinves it and you’ll be able to buy GH/s For example, you’ve already mined for a couple of days you’ll for sure have a balance I already have a balance in Litecoin Its value is 11GH/s You can reinves your earnings for free With it, we can buy the GH/s If you’re content with it, you can click reinves As you can see here we’re at 111 GH/s The bigger the hash the bigger the earnings That’s one way to earn for free But first commercial This is the questions for today’s giveaway What is the most difficult situation you’ve faced in your life? Comment down below the answer and the winner will be picked on the next video Alright. Another way to increase the current hash is through referrals Go to “partners” where you’ll find your referral link that you can share on your social media or with your friends This the benefit of their referral program 20 GH/s for each registration on your referral link and 5% from purchases of your referrals But here they have a warning Do not register under your referral link and do not try yo cheat referrals. Violators will be dropped power gh/s without the right to restored So, they have a warning to cheaters To those who are willing to create multiple accounts please don’t do it There are consequences, penalties Copy your referral link and paste it wherever you want The good thing is that our comment section is open for your referrals links that will also be available to our viewers who want to signup at Bytem Once you’ve accumulated your balance you can withdraw it Click the withdraw option on the menu bar 0.002 BTC; 200 DOGE; 0.005 LTC Here you put the amount you want to withdraw and here your addresses A tip about Bytem, it’s better to earn for free than buying GH/s You can increase your current hash for free like the ways I mentioned before First, you accumulate your minings then you reinves it and then refer your friends Good thing that our comment section is open for you to share your referral links That’s all Hopefully, this video was helpful For you to earn for free cryptocurrencies Thank you so much for watching this video If you’ve enjoyed it give this video a like and subscribe to my channel Click on the notification bell so that you’ll get notified whenever I upload Don’t forget to subscribe to my second channel JhazeldeVera VLOGS So, have a nice day, God bless and goodbye!

100 thoughts on “Earn Bitcoins WHILE DOING NOTHING! FREE! New Auto-Mining Site w/ proof! BTC, LTC, DOGE [ENGSUB]

  1. https://bytem.us/?ref=Kikay05

    Thank you po sa upload ninang hehe 😊😊 ,,
    Payo lang sa magttry ng bytem, Reinvest lang po ng Reinvest para lumaki hash maganda din mag invite 20 hash din po yun 😊😊 happy earning po ..

  2. Difficult situation i have face in my life-
    When i work as dh in china,far from home,family and to my boyfriend na asawa q na ngaun..

  3. The difficult situation I face in my life is when my boyfriend died through motorcycle accident 😞😒

  4. Most difficult situation that I ever faced is when my mothers died last year january, I didn't expect that it can happen to us.

  5. The most difficult situation in my life is that seeing my daughter suffering in seizures .It always makes me cry that I can't do anything to ease her pain but to wait for her episode to stop.God bless you mam

  6. Most difficult situation that I face in my life:
    – When my late Uncle na sobrang bait sa amin pamangkin niya, namatay ng biglaan.

  7. One of the most difficult situations that I have faced in my life was during College. Since my parents could not afford to send me to school, I applied for a scholarship and luckily I was accepted as a working student in a school in Taft, Manila. I was truly grateful for this opportunity because it was the reason I finished my studies and the reason I have a job now but, what I found difficult during those times that I was still studying was I was separated from my family. We were only given one day in a month to go home and we were not allowed to use cellphones, so communicating with my family when I miss them was really hard.

  8. My most difficult situation that i face in my life . When i decided To Stop My School and Find Work To help My Mom and Dad

  9. Diffecult setuation I face in myself life Yung isang bisis Lang kami kumain sa isang araw at nangignginig ang laman ko sa subrang gotom.

  10. most difficult situation in my life my job control me like a prison.
    i've never assist whats important on me i dont have freedome of time
    even financial freedome its hard to own coz my salary is to small to pay all my debt and other staff that i need to buy philipines is not crazzy only people hehehehe

  11. Difficult situation I face in my life po
    Graduating ako ng Grade6

    Namatay tatay ko naranasan nmin kumain na ulam asin

  12. My most difficult situation was when my sister got lost back then and I didn't know what to do. She's well thankfully.

  13. What is the most difficult situation I have faced in my life

    -when I felt like I am the only one who understands and value myself

  14. Most difficult for me is that kahit anong hanap ko ng site or app na mapagkalikitaan online is wala akong mahanapπŸ₯Ί

  15. My most difficult situation that I face in my life is yung ma feel ko talaga yung hirap at sakit na dinaranas ng bunso Kong anak habang tinutusok sya ng karayom ng dextrose.. 1month old pa kasi sya noon eh

  16. Difficult situation i face in my life: di ko alam minsan kung alin ang uunahin…browsing earning apps o ang maglabaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. what is the most difficult situation I have faced in my life
    When I lost someone I didn't expect and the only thing I can do is to cry

  18. My most difficult situation that I faced in my life is when Im back of being alone again, and simply just ignoring the people that didnt value me

  19. the most difficult situation that i face in my life? the time the i need to sacrifice to study to get what i want in future

  20. Difficult situation i face in my life: when i got depress and thinking to end my life, i tried cutting my wrist, (many times)

    (Thanks to the glory of God i overcome that situation )

  21. "Difficult situation I faced in my life" ay yung 500 nlng ang pera mo pang budget tapos wala ka pang trabaho. Nakikita. πŸ™‚

  22. https://bytem.us/?ref=chrisherry




  23. Most difficult situation in my life is;
    To find a permanent job so I am still looking to find ways on how I can earn money. Then when I tried to search here on YT, I saw your videos on how to make money when at home. Thanks to it because I've tried some websites and its a LEGIT WEBSITES/APPS. I hope I can earn a bit of money from here.

    Thanks Ms. Jhaze, More power and God Bless ❣️❣️

  24. The most difficult situation that i face in my life is growing up without my parents and my siblings and most of all it is hard to live with if you are the product of broken family ,you must endure yourself and perseverance to survive everyday survival and i thank you. God bless.

  25. My most difficult situation that I face in my life is Hindi ko malaman kung natanggap ko naba talaga si lord o hindi,Hindi ko Alam at Ang hirap diko Alam Kung paano,kasi kahit ilang church nako still no improvement.

  26. The most difficult situation that i face in my life is looking for moneys that i can earn through online and now i see this video πŸ™‚

  27. the most difficult na challenge ko is nung na hospital ang kuya ko cause may sakit sya sa kidney, start nun naghirap o pahirap na nang pahirap kami pero we still faithing our saviour…πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  28. The most difficult situation i faced in my life right now is how to be a positive person, optimistic and how to control my mind not to much over think.

  29. Difficult situation in my life: is to cope up with all my failures in life. Until now I'm still disappointed in my life, i've never been proud of myself til now because i feel like a failure of not achieving my goals… I'm getting older and my life is still the same.

  30. The most difficult situation in my life is how I gonna live since my known source of income our computer shop are already shutdown due to it cannot produce enough profit to cover up all expenses the business needed.

  31. Yes sir, I'm on my way to get a car for my wife, I saw it is 0.9BTC good jobs Sir, hello if you need help message Joe on WhatsApp+13365672854

  32. My Most difficult situation making the decision of holding on to my job or quiting because I was getting physically ill..

  33. my difficult situation that i have been is poverty it just make one frrl worthless as if JEHOVAH has forsaken you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…… i hate with passion so i i void it

  34. The m0st dificult situation I face in my life when my husband g0 t0 jail..I feel t0 much guilt bc0z I kn0w he needs me but I ch00se t0 stay her in abr0ad t0 supp0rt my kids..

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