34 thoughts on “Excel Finance Class 14: Financial Statement Ratio Analysis – #1 Trick For Ratio Analysis

  1. Forward looking (Finance) use End Balance Sheet FA and Sales for the Year. In Accounting (backward looking) average the beg and end FA numbers and divide by the sales for the year.

  2. Michael , Finance&ExcelCh03.pdf HandwrittenNotes(pdfFile) link doesn't work ……
    Great Teaching !!! thanks in zillions .;-)

  3. Try this link:


    This goes directly to the Highline Busn 233 Class web site

  4. Don't know who you are but you are the greatest. Thanks for the lessons, they really did wonders in my Excel and Business Finance classes.

  5. Hi, thank you so much for these great videos. I am learning a lot. But do you have like monthly progress reporting format in excel ?

  6. A very good video. Thank you, Mike. This production is from 2010, but I do not think that anything in this area of finance has changed that much. And I think I have seen an update on this topic somewhere in the ExcelIsFun series. Excel for finance is one focused area that I have not covered yet. With all the business operations background that Mike puts into these productions, it is worth studying the subject, if you have no business training background or experience in business reports and operations.

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