4 thoughts on “FBI: ‘Bad Wig Bandit’ believed to be responsible for 3 area bank robberies

  1. That's the guy who offered to Fotis to bring it the body to the moutain. Ask him. He was outside and Fotis was near the car on the street at the back of the car when pounding what to do.
    Say that Fotis admit it lol. Or do your lies I guess. God forgive me for saying this, but FBI Do your usual bs interrogation.
    I saw it and publish it since beginning. I saw the whole scene. Told Hennifer to lay down, then went out and came back when she slept to hit her on the head. Splatter. Object. If I saw it on my right, I guess I was Dulos like what to do with body, and I guess it was women who hit her. If not Dulos hit and I saw both scenes the second has him the first as beside him. Period.
    Dont ask me which moutain but the one at the back of where he was standing to the left diagonal. I checked maps last year. Ask them.

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