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I’m starting my finals on Monday, December 30th It is currently 9 AM My exam is at 10 AM The subject today is English for Academic Purposes (EAP) we were given several essay topics three weeks prior to the exam and we have to memorize every single one because only one topic will come out on the actual exam where we have to discuss it… …with citation… …based on memories. I’m in the bathroom because I’m too shy to vlog outside just finished my first exam I’m going to study for my next exam tomorrow which is Accounting Finance I literally get stressed just thinking about it I want to study as best as I can hopefully I’ll pass this is one of the group study rooms you have to book it in order to be able to use it yeah, look at all these iMac’s ((freaking rich school)) good evening or night it’s 11:30 PM I’m going to make hot chocolate and continue studying until AM I want to show you guys an app if you don’t know, I am a nerd when it comes to organizing and stuff I just love it so much it makes me so excited and happy so, I’m gonna show you what app has been motivating me to be more productive or diligent, and study more this app is called Trello basically, you can add as many cards as you want here i have ACF exam tomorrow, and so this is what my preparation looks like i just divide my study into sections see, the best part about this app is that when you’re done (with the tasks) you can, like, tick the boxes and it is the greatest feeling ever this is also a cool thing today, i took my EAP exam it says ‘Overdue’, so check it… ‘Complete”. it also gives you reminders that it’s due soon I don’t know, it’s just the coolest app ever shoutout to my friend Michael who told me about this app hopefully, the next time i see you guys I am free from all the accounting finance prison Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen it is currently 12 PM I am walking to school I have my test at 2 o’clock and it’s going to be 3 hours long so I’m gonna finish at 5 gonna go have lunch right now see you guys after the test. wish me luck! hey guys, I just got out of the exam room it was so frickin’ hard and it’s only the second subject i have no idea how i did no idea if i did well or not i did so bad that i can’t even predict my score it’s all just gambling and surrendering to God from this point I’m feeling really anxious, sad, and just like disappointed in myself, I guess not because I didn’t study hard I feel like there’s nothing else I could’ve done I studied hard and I felt like it was enough then I flipped the question book, it all went downhill from there right now I’m feeling really demotivated to prepare for the rest of my exams I guess I’ll take some time to breathe for a bit before starting again because I know that it won’t get me anywhere if i keep on pushing myself that’s it for the update i’ll see you guys when i see you we’re eating pizza it doesn’t look appealing new year, the same old Michelle because she is good enough really grateful that I have people to celebrate with that I’m able to, like, still have fun and feel a lot of love and joy i hope you guys had a great NY celebration too i hope all your new year’s resolutions come true if there’s any goal you’re aiming for this year, I’m rooting for you you can do it! you will get there I’m rooting for you my concealer is rooting for you too okay, I’m gonna go welcome to day 3 of finals week hey guys, it’s 11 PM we’re going home from the library right now this is my friend Winnie hi Jess we’re taking the DiDi it’s an Uber/taxi because the buses have stopped running it’s really close it’s like 5 minutes car ride we’re lazy i’ll see you guys at home I’m starving, I have to eat something hey guys~ sorry i didn’t film much today I’m just so exhausted i didn’t sleep last night well, i slept a bit just an update the test went okay today I’m not expecting any astounding, amazing, magnificent grade but i think it’s enough for me to pass so hopefully, that is true it is now past midnight we are entering Sunday which means i have 36 hours left until my final exam like, literally the final, final exam it’s my final subject the subject is going to be the hardest so, I’m really scared but at the same time, I’m really excited because after this, i’m a free woman I honestly do not know how I’m going to pass this subject it is so hard i legit don’t know anything about it i’m going to use all the time i have to practice every single problem the teacher told us to do hello, I’m in the supermarket i’ve been neglecting my personal wellbeing so much, and am now out of soap and shampoo not my proudest moment i’m also looking for coffee ’cause i’m not sleeping tonight this is really good wait, I’m actually impressed this is really good hey, guys what’s up? it is almost 12 AM i just got back from the library took a shower my exam is in… 14 hours I’ve actually made a lot of progress since I sat down in the library for some reason – I think it’s because of the caffeine or maybe because I’m so anxious about tomorrow’s test that I just, literally, focused 200% I mainly just did all of the problems from the tutorial sheets the teacher told us to practice from there and, so, that’s what I did I’m feeling pretty confident I mean, this module is so damn hard I don’t know what’s the point of them putting this module on our major it has… nothing? to do with our major? because it’s, like, pure math it’s the root of math where everything came from – all the formulas that we know these days this module’s, kind of, like full of proofing I feel like it’s useless anyways, sorry I’m rambling (again) I’m feeling pretty confident, because even though it’s so frickin’ hard I feel like the exercises are pretty understandable but that’s all I’m counting on the whole tutorial sheets and past paper is all I’m counting on so if tomorrow, the test turns out even slightly different i will ~diE~ yeah, that’s the update I’m going to continue… *sips coffee* working on the problems damn, this is kinda sweet there are 13 weeks worth of tutorial sheets I am now almost done with week 9 so I have 4 weeks left… well, 4 weeks to go! so, yeah, I’m excited (did i really just say excited omf) and then after the 4 weeks is done I’m gonna focus on the essay from past paper and then I’ll revise everything from the beginning I’m so hyper right now tomorrow’s the last day, I wanna go all out I just wanna finish everything, get it done I can’t wait to be a free woman let’s start tonight’s sleep deprivation and coffee induced session I’m done! I don’t have much to say except for that it was as hard as I had expected the important things is that I’m done I can finally finally sleep like a normal human being I did it; I finished this semester it’s been one hell of a ride it’s been the lowest point, I think, so far, of my life and I’m just really happy, really grateful really glad it’s over I got myself a cake I bought it – it’s a chocolate cake and I’m going to eat it as a celebration well, and also because I’m craving chocolate cake that’s the cake

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