Finance Bachelor’s Degree Online

(motivational music) – Before my college career,
I was in the Marine Corp, and I was young kid, and I just realizing that this wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life, for
the rest of my career. So I knew that I needed an education. – Outta high school, went to
a college like everybody else, and I had attended Southern
Connecticut State University while gaining full-time employment and decided I didn’t need college anymore. In 2015, in Newark Airport, I was going to be traveling out of town, and I saw a video very
similar (chuckles) to this and said, “Why not?” – With being an active-duty Marine, it was hard to go to college, and then I stumbled upon
Penn State World Campus when I realized that the
schedule and the curriculum really fit my goals and lifestyle. – I think a degree in finance through Penn State World Campus
offers a market distinction. We’re an AACSP-accredited school, which goes along with our program that’s offered through World Campus. It’s the gold standard of accreditation. Only 5% of business schools worldwide hold this accreditation. – It’s very well-known. A lot of people know Penn State, not just in the northeast
but all over the country. And they had the program that I wanted and the teachers that I wanted, so I really wanted to use
that as the stepping stone for the next part of my career. – The finance program includes 27 credits that are within the major
that students would be taking along with the core prerequisite
courses in business. – And I have met some of the
most outstanding professors that have really expanded my knowledge way beyond even the course
material that they offer. Some of them send weekly
emails, daily emails even, and some of them prefer Zoom. – We actually had multiple professors who offered extra credit that
went into our actual grade if we scheduled
face-to-face chat with them. It was great seeing a face there to know and that it’s not just a robot who’s grading our assignments, it’s a real person who cares about us. The Marines were very flexible. My higher-ups always
encouraged a college education, but there’s only so much
they can allow you to do while still meeting
the operational demands of the U.S. military. So that’s why I think that
Penn State World Campus offers an excellent opportunity to people especially in the military where you can get your education
at night, in the morning. You can go online, do
your tests and quizzes whenever it’s convenient for you. – A lot of times, people get hung up thinking about, “Well, I
don’t really have the time,” or, “Where am I gonna do it?” It’s doable. If it’s something that
you’ve been wanting to do, you absolutely wanna
make that leap and do it. – My future goal would be to one day study for this EFA program and
be a portfolio manager, maybe on Wall Street or in Philadelphia. – I really wanna be executive-bound. Right now, I’m just at a
higher level management, but I really wanna be executive-bound, and I think this degree will
absolutely help me do that. – Because we have such a strong emphasis and strong connection to
financial designations, which are key to their
success and their careers, we get them ready for those opportunities. We wanna make sure that they’ve
got the grounding they need to be able to be successful
in the workforce.

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