Financial Adviser Social Media: The Best Site for Financial Adviser Lead Generation

Hi, It’s Paul here from Thompson Consulting
and in this video I want to talk about why LinkedIn beats Facebook, Instagram and Google Ad Words for lead generation for financial advisers. The big thing really is Facebook and Instagram have billions and billions of users
so a lot of financial advisers feel that they need to be on there
and they need to be potentially generating leads through those platforms. Now my general answer in relation to this is yes,
There is a lot of people on there. But people go on the likes of Facebook and
Instagram for a very different reason, they go on there to chat to their friends.
They go on there to watch funny cat videos, for example.
So if you’re going on there looking to promote your financial services generally you don’t
get a very good response, or very open response from people.
What you’ll find on LinkedIn and the people that are on there are generally business owners,
they’re generally company directors. They are generally senior execs or
And they are recruiting or they are networking with clients, or networking prospects.
Or maybe reviewing articles or looking at content for their industry.
So they are much more business focused, so therefore are much more open to a discussion
in relation to financial advisery services which is why we use LinkedIn exclusively as
our outreach platform which allows you to put the right message in front of the right
person at the right time. Which is really the key to making any form
of marketing work. Thanks very much for your time.

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