Five Tips for Applying to Pepperdine

Hi everyone! I’m Joy. And I’m Alex – And as admission counselors,
we want to share with you five important components to the Pepperdine application process. First, let’s talk about the different parts
of the application. We are a member of the Common Application
and in addition to the Common App, a first-year applicant needs to submit official
high school transcripts, test scores, and one academic letter of recommendation. A transfer applicant who has completed more
than 30 college units will need to submit official college transcripts, a final high
school transcript, and one academic letter of recommendation in addition to the Common
App. We review applications holistically, using
a 70/30 review, meaning that 70% of our admission decision is based on academics while
30% is based on your extracurricular activities, your essays, and letter of recommendation. For more information about how we review applications,
including the academic profile, check out the Admission Fast Facts page, linked below. Now let’s dive a little deeper into the
essay component of the application. We have five tips to keep in mind for
brainstorming what to write for your Common Application essay. The first tip is to Fill in the Blanks. Remember, we see your extracurricular activities
in the Common Application, so there’s no need to re-list them here. Tell us something we wouldn’t know from
anywhere else in the application. The second tip is to Be Creative with the
Everyday. Sometimes, it’s the little things in your
life that are the most interesting. Find aspects of your daily routine that may
be unique to you. That could make a great essay topic! The third tip is to Be Focused. Don’t try to cram every part of your life
into this one essay–it won’t fit! Instead, try diving deep into one aspect of your
experience or personality, rather than trying to tell us everything. The fourth tip is to make sure your essay
answers the question, So What? The “so what” is your essay’s thesis. Go beyond describing an experience–and tell us why it matters. Our final tip is to Proofread. Have a trusted friend or relative look it
over, use spellcheck, and read your essay aloud to ask yourself, “does this sound
like me?” And we promise, no matter what, your life is interesting
enough to write a great college essay about and we can’t wait to read them. Now that you know what to submit for your application,
let’s talk about next steps and our third component – dates and deadlines. Our Early Action deadline is November
1st and our Regular Decision and Transfer applicant deadline is January 15. Early Action is non-binding meaning that whether you apply for Early Action or Regular Decision, you still have until May 1st to make your enrollment decision, should you be admitted to Pepperdine. The fourth component we want to talk about
is Financial Aid. We know financing your college education can
seem burdensome, so at Pepperdine we have need and merit-based forms of aid. To be considered for any need-based forms of aid, including federal grants, loans, work-study and Pepperdine grants, you
can apply using the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which you can fill
out at I would encourage all students to fill out the FAFSA,
if you’d like to be considered for federal, state, and Pepperdine aid. We also offer scholarships based on merit. You are automatically considered for academic scholarships with your application to Pepperdine. Our most competitive awards are the Regents
and Seaver Scholarships, which are $30,000 or $36,000 a year, respectively. For more scholarship information, click on
the link below. The fifth and final component we want to leave
you with, are some tools & resources for learning more. If you’re not able to join us here in Malibu quite yet, we’ve brought our campus to you through our virtual tour
which can you find at the link below. And for an even more in-depth look at the
student experience, check out Rising Tide, a docuseries that follows 5 real Pepperdine students
from New Student Orientation to Graduation. And finally, be sure to connect with your
admission counselor if you have any questions throughout the application process. Thanks so much for watching and Go Waves!

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