100 thoughts on “Former Obama officials sound off on Warren’s Medicare for all plan

  1. Warren and the others will take you on a slow march down to serfdom status then throw a parade to celebrate their new order where only the elite whom they define can rise above the lowest common denominator.. mobs in black uniforms will be their new domestic enforcers..

  2. Trump supporters have been shown by the left that the presidency dose not mean much if the president has no support in congress

  3. I keep hearing that healthcare is a "right"…
    I can't seem to find it listed as such
    in the US Constitution, try as I might.
    May be people just never got sick
    back in the 1788? 😉

  4. Go to hell with your precious Obamacare…
    I for one am sick of paying these bloated prices for lousy private insurance and also having to fund illegals and other worthless freeloaders….

  5. Warren will NEVER do anything substantial about the banks, any more than Bernie would have. Bernie famously said he would prosecute banks under Dodd-Frank….sounds great until you read Dodd-Frank, which says the banks can't be bothered unless they consent. Right. Warren will be no different.

  6. It's a plan to take over the insurance industry so that politicians can have an easy way to take money away from us. We will all be paying for it heavily because everything the rich and business will have to pay will force them to either exit the US or costs will be passed down. They are rich because they are good at holding onto their money and they will figure out how to do it here too. Health care is not a right, it is a privilege, a privilege we earn by paying into the system our fair part.


  8. Fauxcahontis is a Dizzy Lizzy, too think taxing the wealthy won't lower wages. And , it makes one wonder just how many times she cheated on the tests and final exams, for an education that she ripped off from some Native American. She has no credibility.

  9. There is no Anonymity provision within the rules of protection for even ACTUAL whistleblowers. AND, ..
    Eric Ciaramella is NOT a whistleblower, he is a Trump Hating CIA Operative who has been constantly engaged in TREASONOUS acts against Trump since he was a candidate. Eric Ciaramella, was a member of obama's gang of treasonous Scum that Spied on and created falsehoods to smear candidate Trump in their effort to RIG the 2016 Election for hillary, and start the "Russian Collusion" HOAX. Ciaramella has continued in his Treasonous activities since the Election, undermining our President at every turn, and his latest effort is his Collision with the treasonous schiff, and democratic members of congress to started this "impeachment" HOAX, in effort to influence the 2020 Election.

  10. Everything free for everyone…Is this the reason they were so hot on allowing open borders and providing for illegal aliens?

  11. Hey Bill Barr, former Investment Banker, Carol Roth just called Elizabeth Warren "Insane" so I guess you have everything you need to withdraw her 2nd Amendment Right and have her involuntarily committed for treatment. Hey Bill, you should also be reviewing the Democratic Primary Debate videos, plenty of material there to trigger those mental competence hearings.

  12. There at the end, the fellow talked about politicians "shifting" which means that they lie to impress the audience. He neglected to mention that Trump, the non-politician, is busily pursuing everything he said he would do.

  13. Look at places like Germany or Austria. Where you can have private, work related or public options. Nobody goes with care. But, unlike the USA with Medicare, folks can CHOOSE. We do NOT need to emulate Canada, or even England.

  14. How many Americans will be jobless if Medicare for all were to be put in place although the insurance companies and hospitals should be regulated on their pricing they do employ Many many ppl.

  15. Treason and terraney if allowed…Hope demorard got the money cause Americans refuse to pay for it with our taxes …middle class go find a cash paying jobs…

  16. It's not $52 trillion It's $20.5 trillion over 10 years. We lose more money than that feeding big pharma. THINK ABOUT IT

  17. too much regulation on banks and loads has the perfect example…. Clinton was the final straw for the housing crash with him forcing banks to loan to people not qualified.

  18. They are right, but the only reason they are saying this, is because Hillary is stepping in. They are helping her.

  19. Transcripts Do not lie, People do! They are way more powerful than a Persons Testimony. The transcript does not Lie, People overblow everything and lie for there for 15 minutes of Sham. "STOP THE COUP"! A firing squad would be Great! Adam 'The Sleez Ball' Schiff and "Nervous Nancy Pelosi" are Lying Losers and hope uneducated people will listen! lol…


  20. The DNC is spiking Fauxcahontas. She was not supposed to get this far. Means H is coming back….. Unbelievable inept Democrat Party…. Doubling down on what lost them the election in the first place. A five year old could call this one.
    Good for Trump. He will be a shoo in

  21. Micro business owner here. Still paying off debt accrued during Obama recovery. After saving pennies to buy stock for our future, after 40 yrs, there is light. If the market tanks, we are screwed. My dog & I ate popcorn to be able to feed the family occasionally in the early years. I resent Obama for holding back growth, and if one of those Democrats actually wins, they will rob us of our retirement, & the tax payers who put her there, will get to support us in our later years. We'll be screwed. On the other hand, my kids can learn about the dangers of Socialism first hand. I can also get revenge by moving in with them. Blahahahaha….

  22. People don’t understand that even with Medicare you still have to pay deductibles and premium and buy supplemental plans, it’s not that great and it’s not free.

  23. The reason why Americans don't embrace universal healthcare is because it's diverse, diversity/racial division is dividing the American voting Class, don't be fooled, vote Warren

  24. Warren claims that the "money" would come from the nation's wealthiest, does that INCLUDE HER WEALTH! Or will she EXCLUDE herself? 🤔🤔

  25. That "lady" as you call her, is a racist, liar, and a thief who went to school on your tax dollars. Her ignorance will crush this country if she is ever given power.

  26. Please let her be the DNC candidate. Trump will have a hard time not trouncing her with impunity while she flails and spits her nonsense accusations. ha ha It would be so fun.

  27. We have tried the conservative's plan, created during the Nixon era promoted by Reagan, bush 1 and bush 2
    it was implemented in a state by a republican.

    But because a black president pushed their plan, it became an evil communist plot.

    The ACA was a conservative created free market plan, and would have worked.

    Now we have nothing, and the conservatives don't want a healthcare plan, which is why they have not had a plan since the ACA.

  28. Liz is a terrible and absentee senator in MA right now. The good news if she is elected she wouldn't bother to show up for work. She hasn't done a days work from the day she was elected.

  29. Is there anyone left in the United States who doesn't feel that Pocahontas is a bald-faced liar? If so, they must have been focused on a rabbit-warren rather than Pocahontas Warren! She should hide her head in shame.

  30. Globalist are double minded people ….. they can’t be trusted with anything not even confidential information…..they don’t have a biblical belief system in place……their policies cancels out the Alpha Male/ Head of the household through Obama rewriting the marriage laws while at the same time leaving babies 👶 on hospital tables crying and dying for REAL 😳 healthcare assistance….. what kind of healthcare is?????!!!……follow the money 💰 numbers don’t lie people do…. just saying

  31. elizabeth warren running across the front if the staging' lol boy does she look stupid' would have been better if the rode in on the horse of pocahontas.. muller could have dressed up as her horse' .. oh' ya' that's right' better if it looks like a hourse' not a donkey' or muler' ..

  32. It doesn't matter which Dim runs. Trump will win both the popular vote and the electoral college by a much larger margin than in 2016. He can not be stopped, and neither can his agenda.

  33. Does that women own any other clothes then the black pants, shirt and different colored jackets? She always look like she just came from the gym. Even to the tennis shoes. I have never seen her in anything else. I wonder what she wore when she was a Professor at Harvard. If that is what she wore then, I made the wrong choice of careers. I could have saved thousands in clothes over the years if I would have become a Prof.

  34. From the uk but would really like to see Yang win the primaries. Seems intelligent and really understands the big problems facing workers.

  35. The only way the dems have a chance of winning the White House in the next election is for them to find a dem who is also a patriot. Are there any? Yes. There are but they are all laying low for fear of being "primaried". Where is JFK when we need him? Where ever he is I guarantee he is doing a major eye roll because of what has happened to his party. Wake up dems!!! Communism, it's little brother socialism and another leftie philosophy, fascism (where the state directs all social moves), all suck!!!!

    And regarding health care. If I don't want coverage it's MY business, not the God damned government's!!! Government at any level stay the hell out of my personal life.

  36. The problem is that all the good doctors do not take ACA insurance. I’m forces to a company of doctors whom I don’t know and I am very skeptical and as an experienced RN, I know when I am just a. Client and not a patient..

  37. so "shifting their platform" is just a political way of saying LYING TO VOTERS. They all lie to get elected, never meaning one word of it once the winner has been declared. Remember that, guys. DONALD J. TRUMP is the only candidate who actually said what he meant, and has followed through – PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT. TRUMP 2020

  38. Liz Warrens idea of Medicare for all is lethal injection for all who are seriously injured. The Democrats want to win so they can eliminate all elderly and disabled, don't think so, vote the socialist Democrats in and see where your elderly and those who are unable to produce go. You will never see them again.

  39. No injun, never wrote a bill to help, native Americans, lied that she was, qualified for indian advantage! Olivoil, she can drank a beer, smoke Nasty Nancy Pot, sniff Obozo cocaine, 52,000000000000000! She is just dum! , tax every American, bussines, corp. ? If she passed a law no ellegal could get medical help in a American hospital, no food stamps, welfare, think what could happen, we could end homeless, feed our poor children, educate them,? I, want to help others-but not, No dollars should go to any country-while Americans suffer-it's just wrong! America, from the declaration of independence, the civil war, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and all the middle east? Trump is saying it's time America-put's America 1st? Every child on welfare, will remain on welfare, unless there mother, and father have a job (a family unit is the future), no govt has a right to separate them-abort there unborn with abortion, no welfare if there is a father in the home-this is worst than slavery-or just a different way of it-Blexit-remain a slave or make your vote count-you are not African American, you are a Black American?

  40. part 1 of 6 The "free market", "choice", "competition" does not work at all for a product like healthcare (or for natural monopolies). Why ? The insured / patients are by far the weakest actors in the "market". They WILL be exploited because they CAN be exploited.

    Medicine is highly complex, the billing can be made complex, the consumers cannot avoid having medical services. To make things worse it can get very expensive even when delivered in a cost-efficient system (which would mean roughly HALF the U.S. costs).

  41. part 2 of 6 For profit insurance companies are _glorified middlemem they do not DELIVER care and they add nothing to make delivery of care better. Nor could they improve the admin – there is little to improve, it is all standards and routines.

    Their most important goal is to maximize profits and they answer to the shareholders.

    Non-profit insurance agencies are middle man (paper shufflers) too – well behaved and with much, much less overhead than the insurance companies (less than 4 that's a global number, versus plus 20 % in the U.S. for private insurerers)

    Public non-profit insurers help to make healthcare happen for everyone and they respond to pressure from the electorate.

  42. part 3 of 6 A public option allows the for-profit insurers to cherrypick their pool. that is highly lucrative, 90 % of costs are caused by 10 % of patients ! All costly or riskier insured land with the public pool. Their offers (only attactive for the young and healthy) would appear reasonably priced (but are not if you consider that they purged the pool).

    But it would help them to obfuscate and to divide and conquer.

    There would still be a lot of people with for-profit insurance coverage – so the effects of a streamlined admin cannot be reaped. There is less pressure on hospitals and doctors to accept the M4A rates and patients covered by M4A. So less choice for the patients.

    The providers also would not get the full benefit of lower admin to offset the lower rates, there would be still a lot of patients under the old billing model, which needs a lot of staff, software, phone calls with the insurers..

    Last but not least: the costs for the Medicare agency would be considerably higher per insured person since they have all the high cost patients (they already have all the elderly). So funding would be skewed, there is no international benchmarking possible (no nation does that kind of cherrypicking, of course not. The good patients for the profiteers and all else for the public pool).

    Budget problems = medicare cannot offer the providers adequate compensations. Or they cannot offer comprehnsive coverage.

  43. part 4 of 6 A public option would be plan B for the fprofiteers that rip off U.S. citizens. No other country has a public option and with good reason. It squanders opportunities for save costs. Private insurers have costs that the non-profits do not have:

    Marketing, sales force, more administrators, profit,. With healthcare (as opposed to consumer products where the rules of the free market apply – at least to a degree) these expenditures ADD NOTHING to the quality of the service – on the contrary !

    And that is under the assumption that the for-profit players would act ethically ! In reality for-profit adds toxic incentives (especially in the U.S.) or it invites at the minimum the players with more power / information advantage to game the system.

    THAT is another cost factor. The gaming may require a lot of administrative staff – it is a lot of work to deny care and purge individuals or whole companies from the pool – ask the U.S. insurers (see a recent interview with Wendell Potter, fmr senior executive of Signa turned whistleblower). Someone has to pay for the bureaucraZy. The insurers would rather not have them, but to maintain an appearance of abiding by the law and not to advertise too openly that they are predators they need the beancounters, statisticians, … and the callcenter that deal with doctors, nurses and desperate patients on a daily basis.

    For them it is a cost of doing business and it helps preserve their profits. So the squeeze the insured and they extract as many subsidies as they possibly can.

    Missed opportunities to cut costs with a public option
    No streamlined admin, or simple billing. – along with Medicare the multitude of insureres with INDIVIDUAL contracts must be STILL administrated – and they must check / fight what is and what is not covered.

    The private insurers still have applications, healthcare questions, no chasing after the money by hospitals.

    One powerful negotiator – Medicare – can get good rates. All hospitals and most doctor practices must accept them (unless they offer something really special) or they will not have enough patients. They would benefit from simple billing, and would get the money reliably. So with all covered by M4A the hospitals and doctors save costs.
    The doctors serve nerves as well. no more phone calls with private insurance companies.

    Single payer agencies (a public non-profit) get the money from companies (payroll tax) and additionally they get government subsidies, so they do not have to chase after the premiums from individuals.
    (Insurance companies have more hassle = costs).

    Both parts of the budget go into COST-EFFICIENT systems – wealthy nations with single payeer spend roughly HALF per person on healthcare.

  44. part 5 of 6 consumer products: free market rules apply (as least to a degree). Product differentiation makes sense: consumers have different needs, tastes and budgets. And we accept that people may not be able to afford things. They are not necessary for the well being of people.

    Companies will try to sell more or create demand – even push them with skillful advertising and marketing. it is not always clear WHAT the consumers want and need and the sellers try to influence that anyway. Or invent things and services that the consumers might want.

    The consumers have choice – including the most important choice: TO ABSTAIN FROM BUYING !
    That restores a lot of power to the consumers.

    Consumers do not have that power with healthcare (or insurance which is the usual "vehicle" to access care).

    There is no entrepreneurial spirit or creativity needed to be the administrative middle man for healthcare. People MUST have it or they die – so no sales or marketing skills needed either.

    PROFIT is the reward for entrepreneurial action and for catering to the individual demands and buying power of consumers. Marketing and sales and distribution costs are needed so that products and consumers will find each other.

    Nothing of that makes sense for the adminstration (insurance !) or delivery of healthcare – even worse: there are a lot of inefficiencies and even toxic incentives that come with "for-profit".

    The admin of access (insurance) AND the delivery of care is systems, protocols, standards. It is about a service that all citizens should have in uniform ! good quality.

    That uniformity of the service is why non-profit public agencies and hospitals usually do a good job: no creativity or catering to individual consumer demands needed. And they do not need a sales force or marketing skills either. Product differentiation does not make sense.

    It is systems, standards, protocols, routines. You would not want them to design your clothes or cars, but they blow the private insurers out of the water.

    For ethical reasons no person should be excluded from having services that are medically needed.

    It is the same for everyone – and all that is needed and not more.

    On a practical level: what would be the luxury versus the plain version of a gall bladder surgery ? Or the luxury versus plain version of a life saving heart surgery of a newborn ?

    if an airlift can save the life or prevent more harm (time is crucial when it comes to strokes, heart attacks, severe accidents, ..). so what would be the rational to not pay for it for a low income person – if the doctor (without any profit motive involved !!) decides that it is justified.

    even a person with a gold plated plan would not want unnecessary x-rays or surgery for a clean break. On the other hand if it gets you better medical outcomes – why would lack of money exclude a person from receiving that.

    They have to run the hospitals in a certain way to ensure hygiene and medical standards and they have to treat and host the patients a certain way to make sure they recover fully and quickly. (so they all need a bed and the nurses must come to all if they have problems).

    There is no cheap version for low-income people that would make sense.

    Neither from an ethical nor a practical standpoint. That is what I mean with "one size fits all".

  45. part 6 of 6 There is no reason at all to leave natural monopolies or healthcare to the profiteers, there is nothing they can do better than a non-profit public institution. But they add costs (best case scenario) and they offer incentives for a toxic culture of extraction and cruelty (that is what happens in the U.S.).

    IF an institution is FOR-PROFIT by far the most important goal is to maximize profit. Smaller family run companies might act more ethcially and have long term goals and be satisfied with less profit.

    But large companies with a management chosen by the shareholders and a top down chain of command _invariably show predatory behavior * _ whenever they get away with it.

    Which they do in healthcare because the insured / patients are the weakest player in the fields.
    complexity favors large companies – so they will always be a few steps ahead of regulators and consumers.

    The only way not to lose the game is to not play in the first place. Almost all nations did that. where complexitiy is involved – admin, billing, medical diagnosis and treatment – the profit motive is taken out of the equation. Usually most or all hospitals are non-profits as well. At the minimum the non-profit hospitals set a benchmark regarding costs and reimbursement rates.

    * They will cheat, accept that harm is done to customers or environment, try to lobby and bribe politicians – also to get subsidies if that is possible. And they will ALWAYS use unfair practices to crush competition.

  46. Wow look at all the self important talking heads making a living by giving their opinions .. .geez if i didn't have a life i'd listen to them too…..lol


  48. Fox News is the enemy of the middle class and the poor they only care about corporate donor money to help them maintain their main dollar salaries why the middle class and the poor die because I can’t afford healthcare

  49. Opening the show with Warren running out? Is she losing weight? Like maybe too much? Anorexia??
    She is not a realist concerning her financial knowledge. OblunderamaMao screwed up acute care in this country. Reimbursements take 6-9 mos! Hospitals are going broke!! And closing! Millions will lose their jobs —again!!

  50. Warren and Pelosi need to be placed in nursing homes they're both nuts. Such bad judgement with these Democrats. Can't trust any of them to have any say so with anything. They're all destructive.

  51. So.. We can give everyone in the US 1k a month for 2 trillion a year, but healthcare is 52T somehow? That's some pretty stupid math.

  52. I really want Pocahontas to win the DNC nomination, because this way we get to hear how President Donald Trump will trash her on live television with complete and utter undivided attention.

  53. These Dem's are so stupid they will vote for a horrible President just because they are Dem's. That says a lot about why the Dem's are just so stupid.

  54. And soooo, what is Elizabeth Warren (if she were to become the USA President) and all the Democrat politicians going to do with all that tax money that take from the rich??? Ummm. . . Are they really going to give it to the poor??

  55. People….China are with they’ve investment – their party….crooked corruption Democrat organization and selfishness idiots morons Americans garbage greedy hungry money from China…..


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