100 thoughts on “Google Pay To Bank Money Transfer without any charges | Google Pay से Bank खाते में धन हस्तांतरण

  1. I tried several timz to transfer bank bt every time it came failed dn I even contacted google pay helpline so dy tld to change upi id still problem nt solved. Kindly guide

  2. but whenever I transfer money to another a/c there always xtra Rs.6 has been deducted from my account…why?

  3. Bhai, what is this for ka Jo note hai kya wo jisko money bhej te hen uska bank statement me dhikhega ?

  4. Sir can we transfer money to other account which is not linked or registered at google pay? By simply putting the other account’s details!?

  5. It says this happend and know I have minus money with a transfer to bank which I dont have a bank account and I find to it

  6. es app se agar ham 1000 transfer karte h to sand Karne ka charj kitna kata h.
    sarwes charge

  7. mene bheja paisa but galat account num tha but paise return aagyr but firse bhejta hu to ab jata nhi paisa esa kyu error aaraha h

  8. hello.. sir. agar jisko paise bhejne hai uske pass google account pay app nahi hai .. toh kya hum paise bhej sakte hai ??

  9. Waste app… Dt 12-7-19 I am sending amount to medical shop bill 668 Rupees from Google pay but transaction failed 2 times, after I am use phone pay with in seconds successful, Dt 16-7-19 i am received one msg your transaction successful 668 rupees from Google pay, I am contacted customer care services… she is telling your transaction success 16th date, I am going to medical shop almost 10 times, he is telling I am not receive money, I am telling to please check once bank statement, he is taken statement from bank 24 th. Iam going checking after I got my money, but my time waste and my petrol cost 200 rupees approx… So don't use Google pay app…

  10. Isme 1 rupye se jitna bhi amount send kare koi charge nahi lagta kya
    1 mahine kitne baar bhej sakte hain aur koi charges nahi lagta

  11. क्या bankpasbook entry करने पर जिसके एकाउंट में पैसा डाला है। उस व्यक्ति का नाम पासवुक मे दिखेगा?

  12. My a/c is in sbi if I transfer to pnb through Google pay than on pnb bank a/c than I face transaction fail please guige me and tell me how I transfer another bank a/c

  13. Mera mobile ghum gayatu account khesa delete karna ,, ,,aur dusre mobile she delete kar sakte Kay,,,,,,,, paishe Kay tu prablam hutaki please batana ji

  14. भाई वीडियो मे सो रुपये भेजनेके बाद ऊपर एक रपया बता रहा था ओ क्या था आप को लगा हुआ चार्ज या फिर आपको सो रुपय भेज ने पर एक रुपया मिला प्लीज रिप्लाई दो भाई जल्दी

  15. भाई अगर मे किसी को google pe से किसी को 20, 000 हजार रुपय भेज ता हु तो मुझे चार्ज लगेगा या नहीं? लगेगा तो कितना और क्या मुझे कोई क्याश ब्याक मिलेगा?

  16. Paisa Pay Karne ke bad paisa hamare bank se cute jata hai magar Distribution ke pass nhi pahucha tho paisa kab milega usse

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