HdM Adaptable Online Banking Solution 2016 – Demo

Hello and welcome to the HdM Online Banking
Simulation. HdM Online Banking is a test scenario developed
at HdM for research purposes related to usability and accessibility and
as part of the European project Cloud4all. In this video, I will demonstrate how web
content can be made accessible and how it can be personalised. The website can be adapted through the AS-panel
controls at the top of the page. This control panel can be built into any webpage
and is free to use. The AS-panel allows you to adapt the website,
so style and other features can be adapted to the needs of the user. For example, there is a slider to adapt the
font size and the line height. The values can be changed by simply clicking
and moving the slider. The effect is immediately visible on the webpage. In addition, it is also possible to change
the font face. When the user has problems with the font face
or does not like it, they can simply choose a different one. A special feature in the HdM Online Banking
Simulation is pictogram support. The pictogram support complements the site’s
textual content by adding pictograms that make
the content easier to understand. Like all other functions, pictogram support
can be activated in the AS-panel. When the mouse pointer hovers over words in
the text, assistive pictograms will pop up. In order to support hearing-impaired users,
the HdM Online Banking Simulation has another feature: sign language. This feature adds sign language videos to
the content. To demonstrate this, I will log in to the
transactions page. The input fields now have an icon on their
right side. These icons show that a sign language video
for the field is available. When the user clicks on the icon, a video
will pop up and explain the purpose of the input field in sign language. In addition to the sign language, the user
can also select the sign language interpreter. Currently, the site has both sign language
avatars and recordings of a human sign language interpreter. The language and the interpreter can be chosen
in the AS-panel. The Online Banking simulation also supports
auto adaptation by using GPII-enabled features. Just plug in a USB Stick with your authentication
and all the settings of the AS-panel are set to your preferences. Another feature is the simplified user interface
that can be loaded automatically for users with special needs. It provides a simple user interface for the
Online Banking simulation with more graphical information and helpers to make it useable.

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