15 thoughts on “Here’s How Much Yolanda Hadid Has In Her Bank Account Today

  1. Yolanda is a Beautiful Woman inside as well as out. Renna is a born worker. Glad that UK witch is gone. What a liar, real piece of work. Doritos is broke. Cute kids though. Did they ever sell that behemoth house. Melloncamp, who cares.
    Kyle is favorite. Kim is a drunk embarressment. And broke. Ericka "Jane" love her! She keeps it on the straight and narrow.
    Denise, please. We can dump her at any time now. Boring. Taylor, pathetic. Her husband KILLED HIMSELF. Wife abuser.
    Brandy OMG. HO on the lose UGH.

  2. I just clicked, then paused so I can comment. Is it anyone's business what she has in her bank account? How uncouth can you get?

  3. I am not sure why I originally subscribed to this channel, but it looks like just another "celebrity" gossip rag. I don't know who Yolonda Hadid is, and I certainly don't care how much money she has in her bank account. Nor do I think it's any of your Goddamn business.

  4. How rude? She has worked very hard for her accomplishments.. As does every woman/housewife..Discussing money or lack thereof is none of your concern.. Be concerned with your own financial set of circumstances please and thank you

  5. There's something shady about David Foster, he seems to want to trade in his wives for younger versions every so many years. Can't stand Teddy, she calls her self a life coach but she's so immature!

  6. This 'show' is high end trailer park trash. If anyone is watching this mess on the regular, question your life and priorities, seriously.

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