Holidays With The Stews!

Can you see me? Oh gosh my hair. Good morning! Happy Friday. Uh yeah I need to go and take care of everything that I need to do. I am tired. Happy Friday. Okay…
hello. Again um.. yeah really.. today’s vlog is mostly just gonna be a testing of this new camera. Because this is the Osmo action camera.
That’s technically an early Christmas present from someone else. Yeah it’s a early Christmas present. I’m not exactly sure all the settings and if I look okay. I did already set
it up because there’s the front and back like viewing screen and you have to
press a button or double tap on the screens like to make it switch both ways. Before it kept cutting the video but I updated it so it shouldn’t be doing
that. Uh anyway… uh we’ll see how it goes today. Oh my goodness… I just slept for almost
three hours. That’s crazy! I must have been more exhausted than I
thought. I know I was tired but uh gosh I didn’t realize I was that tired. I put him to bed around 11:30… well the earliest. I was tired and then I
just I passed out on the couch and I slept until about 3:00. Wow! So now it’s about 3:43… excuse me. Um, so anyway, wake up Mikko and so I woke up about 3:00 and went back to sleep about 30 minutes and now I’m gonna wake him up we’re gonna get Jenna and start the weekend and I will go to work. Yeah, I
need to wash my hair. Oh my goodness yeah. Let’s get Mikko. Looks good! Yeah, I definitely needed a
hat. My hair is bad. He wants his donut. Ta da! Yeah he’s probably not even gonna eat his dinner since he wants this now… ugh okay. Good? Bad? Good? Bad? Hello? Nothing…. hello? What? Seems good so far, I think.
Jenna: Yeah I don’t understand. Uh, this new camera.
We just recently went to target and I will show you guys what we got when we get home, but I didn’t film in the store cause I was looking and looking for something and then I’ll show you something that I got for my mom and you guys will laugh real hard. Uh but now we are going to go home. I’m gonna have breakfast, cause it’s 9:00 and I haven’t really had breakfast. I have like one banana and that’s it. So I’m gonna see if it’s possible to put this camera somewhere in the car and test it out. I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m still kind of a little bit awkward with this whole one since it’s a different camera. The old one is seriously starting to become a little bit not so great. So we’ll see… hold on. Okay I am testing the camera now to see how well this goes with this new camera and the setup and maybe I can show you that later what it looks like. But I’m trying to you know… set this up. So like if we’re driving on the road. I don’t think this setup would work, but it does work. See this works pretty well so far. So if for example we both wanted to talk we could and I can even probably push it back a little bit more I think. So it seems to work but hold on… Um I was curious… I wanted to know if you guys were interested in any sort of baby product type of reviews? The reason that I’m asking this is because yesterday we had a huge issue with one of our baby cameras. The one that we have in Mikko’s room and you know we’ve had a different type in the past. Before we had an iBaby. It’s called a 360 something like that. But then we loaned that to my mother because my mom takes care of my grandma and so sometimes she has a camera in that room because if my mom were to like you know take a nap or go outside and she can’t hear if my grandma needs help, she uses it for that reason. So they have a camera for her. But regardless we got a new camera and that camera we got is the Owlet camera. If you want a baby product review, I can explain more about the reason we don’t like that camera. However recently we actually bought a new one yesterday because we had a huge problem yesterday with the camera, the Owlet, and I can explain more in the product review if you want. But… so now we just placed an order for the Lollipop camera. So we’re supposed to get it tomorrow. We’ll see cause you know it’s
Christmas Eve and I don’t know if we’ll get it or not. But I wondered if you wanted to me to do like maybe more baby product reviews? All of them would be you know like personally not sponsored type of videos because so far everything we’ve bought… either we bought with our money or you know someone gifted it to us. But you know someone paid for it. I don’t think we’ve gotten anything, like
products for free, except maybe one. Like a long time ago we got a baby bottle but I actually already have a product review on that one. So would you guys be interested in something like that? Um, I’ll leave a question on my Instagram as well and see… like a poll on there if you guys want pregnancy you know
updates… you know product reviews, stuff like that. But hopefully this is a good enough test for this camera. See if you guys like it. Yes I am making a smoothie. Look at them all in a row. Do you see this? Oh my goodness that’s hilarious! Is that OCD? Yeah okay, all right put it
back. Well like I said, I’m trying to make smoothies again. I don’t know why, but this was before I was pregnant and I got this really weird aversion to drinking smoothies. I don’t know why. Like I can drink a little bit and then it just doesn’t taste good. So I’m trying to get back into drinking them again and try them like really, really sweet ones and then working my way towards you know putting like spinach and other veggies and stuff into them. So we’ll see. Yeah he does that almost every day. Sorry if I’m looking at the viewfinder because this has a viewfinder in the front so I’m trying to make sure that I’m in frame and everything. Oh yeah, just uh getting everything ready for Jenna’s stocking now. So it should be fun! Yeah Miko is eating ketchup and whatever food he has but it’s just in ketchup. I gave him some cheese an like french fries I guess.. like a grilled cheese and french fries but he’s literally just eating the ketchup. I mean what are you gonna do? That boy. He just ate ketchup. I don’t know. I’ll just have to give him a little bit of ketchup next time. Just eating ketchup? Guilty… yeah he is guilty. So “lunch” is done and now it’s time for a nap soon. Let’s go ahead and do Mikko camera. It’s charging… yes. He doesn’t want to. Does your child do that? Okay, uh end of the day. Tomorrow is
Christmas Eve so hopefully I will film whatever we’re doing tomorrow and it’ll be crazy and I’ll see you tomorrow, bye! Whoa who did you just see? Santa’s here, yeah. Santa’s here at the grocery store. Um he
happened to just come up and gave Mikko some candy. It was really cute! Oooo…. time to get some doughnuts! Hello, yes I know look at this. But this is our basement. I know it’s a mess but it’s not finished and there’s still a lot of things we need to do with it. However I have been trying to kind of get it cleaned up. So right now I just pushed all of this stuff to one end. Did all of that. That is our dehumidifier and then all of that is pretty much just garbage we’ve got to throw out. But there’s a little bit of mold on some of it.
So we need to make sure that Jenna throws that out.
not touching it um we just have some So stuff here that we need to put into the
garage and then sorry this is kind of dark, but all of this stuff over here is actually things were either gonna sell or put in our Buy Nothing group on Facebook. Then I’ve probably shown you this before, maybe um… that’s just more sorry that is pretty much just a bunch of stuff. I just made sure that we had a little path up here to our what’s it called the breaker box. Just to make sure we can access that and then I have a little bit more that I stuck over on this side. Just more storage things and yeah like I said it’s not perfect, but it’s way more organized and I’ll do more later. But I think this is good enough for now and then once all that table of stuff is gone there’ll be much more space and I am more satisfied. So I’m going to go upstairs sit down for a few minutes and rest, drink something and probably get a snack and then go back to work. I’m forgetful.
You have something right here. Probably from a pen… from the cats We are going to eat Christmas Eve pizza! Ah… come here. Merry Christmas. This is for you. You have a new book! Yay! Yeah, you see the doggy. Let’s read the
book. It’s about adoption, yeah. Finding A Forever Family Alright, well this is Jill’s… and it’s about 50 pounds. Yeah, meaning I I’m gonna be 50 pounds heavier later. I’m assuming it’s candy. This is like an actual foot. Maybe it is! Brown Green Blue Merry Christmas. Yes, as you’ve saw, we’ve
been opening some gifts. So now we’re gonna show you a bit more. Yeah, so that was really funny. We got Christmas ornaments from Jenna’s mom and luckily they’re plastic and it won’t
break easy. Time to do some cooking. I’m making a stuffing right now which is… all of this stuff. Then we got more things to make. We’re still waiting for the the turkey. I don’t know hopefully that’s finished…probably before everything else, but that’s okay. Oh well, pretty much the day is over. Our
friend came over a little while ago and you know we just ate and whatever. But Mikko broke their plate. Oh my gosh! Um, but yeah we had a lot of fun. Cooked dinner, chatted for a bit and then they went home. Just one friend came over. We just kind of opened it up to anyone that wanted to come, if they needed somewhere to go. If not, then we’re just gonna chill at home.
So now we’re just gonna chill for the night, watch The Grinch and that’s it. Well hopefully everyone’s had a
good Christmas or holidays or Wednesday if you don’t celebrate. Good morning… sorry. Good morning. I totally forgot to end the Christmas (Eve) vlog yesterday. So goodbye and see you in the next video and Mikko’s playing as always. See you in the next video. Bye bye!

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