How to Download, Login and Use MCB Mobile banking app | step by step details.

Asalam o Alakum Welcome friends today i will show you how you can download and install MCB mobile banking app and also i will show you how can we Login in it goto playstore and search for MCB Mobile …. as i did now install it after installation you will have to goto ATM machine and insert card and activate Mobile banking and register your number . I have already registered my number and my number is verified. successfully Must note that Bank charges you yearly fess for all things like ATM card and Mobile app etc. before doing that must be careful its not free. !!! now open the app as you can see here first you need to enter the registered number and submit it will say you are successfully registered , that i registeration i did at ATM machine. app will close and now reopen the app u will have to enter number again and a pin for login login pin is made at the time of registration at atm machine you can also goto your bank if u feel difficulty . now bank will send you one time password OTP this is very secure it changes at every login. now enter your otp code in box after that click on verify as im doing now i have login succesfully you can see here now you can access your account by using this app make transaction using atm pin send money easyload donations check balance and all much more now im going to check my balance with my atm pin you can see how i did ! these are other features that you can use also . i use this system and alot of people it is very good hand to hand app i dont need to goto atm for balance checking i check at any where this is for easyload you can send easy load from anywhere to any network I hope it helped you thanks for watching my video and effort to help People Please dont forget to subscribe my channel …. Thanks … !!!!!

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