How to make a DIY Mobile Power Bank at home

Take an Old laptop Battery Carefully Open It Open the notch using Screwdriver Separate each individual 18650 Li-ion cell Check the Voltage of each cell using multimeter Discard cells with voltage less than 2.5v Carefully check the voltage of each Cell Remove the Solder tabs from cell terminals Quickly apply some solder at the cell terminals Apply solder over the solder tabs Place the Solder tabs over the cells Connect all the four cells in parallel Our Battery pack for Powerbank is ready Mark the dimensions of battery over a cardboard Make Enclosure box for the powerbank Fix the Battery pack in the Enclosure Mark the position of Boost converter Also, mark position of charging Module Make slots in enclosure to fit components Connect a switch to positive terminal of boost converter Fix all the powerbank components in the enclosure Solder all the connections Plug in a USB device to test the powerbank Mobile charges well with about 500mA of current Completely seal the enclosure box using hot glue Our Mobile Powerbank is now ready The powerbank can be charged with any 5v adapter Now you know “How to make a Powerbank” at home Thanks For Watching…

16 thoughts on “How to make a DIY Mobile Power Bank at home

  1. A 100% genuine and usable homemade 8800 mAh powerbank from an old laptop battery. A Great project to reuse old laptop batteries. The powerbank has undercharge & overcharge protection for batteries because of TP4056 module.

  2. i wonder if it could be cranked up high enough to charge a nintendo switch? while the switch uses usb -c, it is out side the power spec.

  3. In the instructables page u have said that the POWERBANK CANT BE CHARGED WITH NORMAL 5.0V MOBILE CHARGER . WHY SO SIR? PLS REPLY!!!!! IM WORKING ON THIS NOW…..

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