I Figured Out the Meaning of Life and How to Maximize My Hourly Earnings Teaching English Abroad

BenTeachesEnglishOverseas.com I hope that you are doing fantastic I’m on my second cup of
coffee this morning it is a good morning let’s get right to it [money machine counting] where is the hole in most people’s boat
why do they not push it to the next level
is it scarcity is it a lack of opportunity is it a lack of
qualifications what is it I would say that it comes down to a quote that I
once heard a long time ago and that quote was something like I’m gonna
paraphrase it instead of directly trying to work harder and make more money you
should make the work that you do more pleasurable if you’ve been following me
for a while you may remember a video that I did in Culiacan Mexico where I
just said I realized a long time ago that when I was punching a clock doing a
job that I did not like that after 6 or 7 hours I started to feel real tired and
I hated it my first job 14 years old I worked as
Smokey’s pizza and barbecue smokey was a dick I hated working for him he would
sit on this stool he wore sweatpants every day he smelled and he was just
irritable and really really hard to work for but I found that when I started
doing things that I really liked that I had a positive association with I could
work all day and all night I started an eBay business in school I
used to go and I would buy clothes and then I would sell them this was back
when eBay with it was a lot easier to make money on I started buying watches
from Hong Kong that I would sell I started doing these things and when it
was when I was doing it on my own oh and I was having fun with it it
became like a big game to me right I remember I went to this little flea
market and I saw a Yoda lamp that was an original Star Wars collectible I bought
it for like nothing I threw it on auction on eBay and the price went
insane for you know a 16 17 year-old kid in high school I thought I was just
rolling in money and I came to realize hey wait a second I’m having fun and so
it doesn’t seem like work I’m very lucky in that I’ve had opportunities in the
space of teaching to do jobs that I really like I enjoy
what I do and it makes all the difference in the world so for a person
who doesn’t give themselves the right opportunity yeah that’s the other big
one let’s drop a card up here you know your biggest risk teaching English is
that you’re gonna put yourself in a situation where you automatically hate
it or you think you do just because you didn’t have the right opportunity
alright I’m certified secondary education that means I can teach I’m
certified to teach grades 6 through 12 English I’m gonna tell you a big secret
I don’t like teaching high school it’s the truth I don’t like teaching high
school I found this out later on um I had an opportunity for a great job last
year I ended up turning it down because they told me that I would have 125
students and the the class the the load was just insane and I pictured myself in
my brain like dude you’re gonna be great you’re gonna be marking 125 5 page
essays and there’s no way with this schedule in the prep time that you’re
gonna be able to get that done you’re gonna be taking all that shit home and
you’re gonna be working around the clock so I know myself I prefer teaching
little kids little kids don’t write 5 page essays ok
the work is more pleasurable to me when I don’t feel that kind of stress on me
and so that was what I came to realize way back when um when the work sucks I
feel tired really quickly and I don’t want to do it so I was able to realize
which facets of everything I enjoy okay I tried to do low-income
housing I hate it I don’t like chasing rent checks I have figured out know each
specific area what I like and I work hard but I enjoy it every day I get to
do something that interests me or I feel like it’s not work it’s the same with
the coaching it’s the same with the YouTube I do videos that I want to do
and enjoy that so this brings me to my final
point and just you know total honesty here I’ve seen some comments from the
last video that I did where some people said you know I’m behind or you know
I’ve got student loans or this that or the other the fact is every single
person watching this video and me of course recording it we don’t know how
much time we have on this earth we have no idea everybody is starting from a
different place everybody is finishing at a different
place but what is the finish line because I can tell you when I achieved
financial freedom 2015 August I hit my my benchmark what I had been looking to
hit for years and years no confetti rain from the sky you know nobody’s wow there
wasn’t any music or anything it was just business as usual and so I said well you
know I one of my I won’t say regrets because I don’t regret a lot but you
know one of the things that I realized over the years was there were certain
times that I hit milestones or I hit achievements and I didn’t stop and
celebrate it I was like alright keep going alright keep going alright got it
go go go and it didn’t slow down I just kept going through it and I
didn’t take those moments which are crucial to say wow you did it
alright let’s celebrate so I said alright now is the time to celebrate no
let’s go to South America let’s do this that and the other but what I realized
over time was that in a major way I was being retired just for the sake of being
retired what’s the point to me for me it led to depression I’ll be honest with
you when I didn’t have anywhere to go and I’m like waking up at 10 o’clock and
I’m like well go so make some eggs and then go to the gym
or whatever I felt like I had gone from driving a race car at 250 miles an hour
to like Driving Miss Daisy you know I’m going like 30 miles an hour and I’m like
is this it is this what it’s all about no and I came to realize that for me the
meaning of life is progression it’s doing things that you are interested in
that make you happy and maximizing that right so everything that I wanted to do
I did it and then everything that would make me feel like oh I’m making progress
hey I’ve gotta know K through 12 experience really all my stuff you know
a lot of it has been with teaching adults teaching in government programs
teaching in military programs all this stuff let’s go get the K through 12
let’s go get some experience teaching the smaller kids full-time let’s
do this let’s go see what’s up with China again let’s go do this you know
these times required me to make a new bucket list because if you said all
these goals I’m speaking from my personal experience that you know your
mileage may vary but for me when I set all these goals and then I reached them
all instead of feeling euphoria I started to feel like damn now what I
felt confused you know I’m I definitely couldn’t reach out to anybody and say oh
poor me I’m financially free and it happened faster than I thought or
whatever I just had to take a you know a moment and say all right let’s go back
to reality what what made you happy at certain periods in time and how can you
put all of that together to become more productive than ever happier than ever
more efficient than ever and then run with it it’s an ongoing process I’m not
perfect I’m not where I want to be but you know what when I’ve made my work
more enjoyable to me I’ve been able to do a lot more of it sometimes I do calls
with people and they’re like man we’re way over the time you know
I didn’t even realize it because I get going on a topic that I just love
talking about so that’s it make your work more productive set your goals
celebrate those milestones but you know just be aware there may not be that
clear-cut finish line a lot of people will try to put that in your head too
like if I log into my personal capital account are you ready to retire it’s
like this looming you know thing but everybody’s on a different plan
everybody’s starting and ending in a different place it’s all about
efficiency for me the meaning of life is progression and spending my hours in a
way that makes me happy so I can do more and more more BenTeachesEnglishOverseas.com if you like this kind of video please drop me a comment and a like
I look forward to hearing from you I will see you next time

44 thoughts on “I Figured Out the Meaning of Life and How to Maximize My Hourly Earnings Teaching English Abroad

  1. Thank you for your honesty. Great topic. Next month completes my 1st year of teaching English in Thailand. Learning to take it slow yet progressive with the salary. I literally had a small vision yesterday that my older fully financial successful self told me to slow down and enjoy the progress because the finish line isn't anything special.

  2. Great video. I would call this "Developing an interest in something profitable". I figured this out only after 6.5 years of teaching in Asia and then learning how to maximise my learning upon becoming a student back in my home country. I am looking forward to returning to Asia, because I really miss teaching and being in an educational environment.

  3. Have you heard the saying: "plan as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow"? Obviously, when taken absolutely literally it doesn't work, but when a healthy mix of the two is employed, you end up with continuous progression and no regrets.

  4. Great video man! I'm exactly the same…when you're interested in it and love what you're doing it's easy to get stuff done! I'm supposed to be writing 6 books for my school's new curriculum…. really can't be arsed doing it!! Totally agree with the high school chat aswell!

  5. I am a certified secondary teacher. And I perfer high school vs elementary. And I can teach the young as well.

    On a side note sold a anime vhs tapes on ebay over 10k. Bought them on dvd for less than 2k.

  6. Interesting that this would pop up on my feed when 30 minutes ago I was having a conversation on how satisfying it would be to look back at the end of your life and honestly say you gave it your best effort with what you were given; the good and the bad, the gifts and the time. But you're totally right about learning to celebrate your milestones. I never use to do that and I found myself feeling down all the time and unsatisfied, like nothing I did was ever good enough. It's a crummy way to experience life when we know it's far better to simply try to enjoy as much of it as you can.
    But I agree, it's also about the progress. You always want to be growing and adding value.
    Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm up, 'working' at 6:30am on a Sunday… Enjoying life so much!! I'm 57, feeling like I'm 14 years of age! NEVER been better!

  8. amazing video – I really appreciate your ability and tendency to take a few steps back and realllllly evaluate the big picture. so many teachers "want to just teach this grade" or "want to travel to this country" or whatever – nothing wrong with that, but your approach really takes everything into account from the bottom up and is so holistic and comprehensive. Following your advice and ideas has helped me structure my priorities and center myself much better, allowing me to achieve my goals much more quickly and make the most of my experiences with strategic intention. this video, in my opinion, is the epitome of your mentality, and I for one really appreciate it. I'm tryna stay outta that 30mph lane with Doris and get after my goals!!

  9. Hey Ben. I'm heading over to Russia later this month in order to fulfill my own pursuit of happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚ I quite like your paradigm in this regard, as we are very like-minded. Thanks for the vid :))

  10. This is so insightful!
    I think that's why the wealthiest people are often depressed, while the poorest people are often the happiest.

  11. I think an important realisation Iโ€™ve made pretty easily about myself is that Iโ€™m perfectly happy working for someone. Working for schools at home or coming here to France and working for a University where I donโ€™t have to source my own students is just fantastic. From there I might get some clients on the side but Iโ€™m just not motivated enough to work for myself.

  12. Ben, do you want kids in the future? Hope you're doing well mate. you're in a lot better position than most of the world including the west never forget that.

  13. One of my good high school friends died recently from heart complications in his 20's. He was the smartest kid in class, went to one of the best Uni's & landed a high-stakes job in the investment world. Did everything 'right' until that point.

  14. Another truth bomb. I love these videos.. they're so motivating and you can articulate exactly what's going on in my mind when i'm struggling to do so. Thanks again, brother.

  15. Good stuff bro. Life's too short to listen to the masses. Both parents died at 60 in 2017 and I then realized i dont care about staying round here just cause i bought a house. I don't even like this town lol. Putting in work to switch up the plan. Thanks Ben!

  16. Beautiful mate – I totally agree with this. You feel happiest when you find the right balance between challenging yourself and having fun. In first year of uni, I was under challenged which led to depression and nihilism. In third year, Iโ€™ve took on way more responsibility, the classes are harder and I love it. I hope I can enjoy China as much as you. I have just got accepted by an agency!

  17. In the words of Michael Jackson โ€œDonโ€™t stop till you get enough.โ€ And biggy smalls…โ€and anothaaa one.โ€ Always go for another one!!!! (in this case, another goal) ๐Ÿ˜€ when you feel your emotions ruling over you, depression, burn out, hopelessness, time to plant some fresh goals into the pot!

  18. I love teaching the little kids, too. There's no logical reason, it just suits my personality. When I like my students, they like me, and everybody in the classroom is smiling much of the time, it feels good.

  19. Hey Ben! The name is a coincidence but… I always think you look and remind me of Ben Bailey/host of cash-cab game show lol!

  20. Thank you, Ben! My husband would encourage me as I worked in ER, "if you're not having fun, then you're doing it all wrong! May I also share that in our giving, we receive! Daily looking to give a smile, compliment, encouragement, advice, & Good News! We do our own missions as vacation & backpacked 1 mth through Peru, going from elementary age school to school! Once 949 children in assembly were told they were each significant! They asked us for autographs & I said "I want yours, you're famous!" They would giggle & say but you're from USA, so I replied & we came all this way for you! God made each of us with destiny!

  21. I remember once I had a one hour coaching call with you and we ended up talking for almost 2 hours. Good times!

  22. yea, man. I witnessed first hand that depression retirement experience first hand when I watched my aunt take a short break from IBM. Lasted 6 months before she had to get back on the horse and do contracting work. My advice to folks is find something you love doing and plan on doing it forever. Your advice is even better…don't focus on just one thing, but instead, continue evolving in your field.

  23. hey man

    for someone who has traveled as much as you have I have an important question


    along you travels have you talked to people or have know of people who didnt get any vaccines ?

    I am very fit and healthy , clean bill of health and self educated in
    natural medicine , So i went to India for a couple months , ate the
    street food and everything and i was fine other than a bad stomach ache
    here and there

    and i brought with me , essential oils that kill bacteria and viruses ,
    oils the protect from cold and flu , also iodine , oregano oil ,
    colloidal silver , i consume turmeric daily ,and i also brought pro
    biotics for stomach

    I went to India with people who got Vaccines and i never , they were surprised that I didnt get sick or anything

    so base your answer on someone who is really healthy

  24. Good thoughts, Ben. However, I personally believe there's even more long-term meaning to be had. Video idea: what does your typical contract/year cycle looks like? How do you live life to the fullest during the summer months? Is it all realestate stuff? Do you still take time to travel for fun?

  25. Hey Ben, great video as always. I am a US citizen and looking at transferring my technical college credits to achieve the B.A foreign language arts in Spanish. I have watched you videos about credit by exam though if there's any piece of advice when applying and paying. Thanks.

  26. Teaching kids is awesome. Embrace your inner child, humor, and a sense of connection and that should help you find doing what you love. I hope that came out right…

  27. In order to get what you want you have to want what you get. It seems that you got what you wanted and – then what? A bit of an existential crisis and then reset right? Good on you for moving forward and not turning into a rich fatso. I listened to a Bob Dylan interview once upon a time where they asked why he didn't just bag it and sail off into the sunset. He replied that he never got into the business in the first place in order to retire. Food for thought. Best of luck in China.

  28. Hi Ben! What's the situation in China right now? Is it as bad as this article suggests? https://www.chinalawblog.com/2019/06/do-not-teach-english-in-china-and-why-everyone-should-read-this.html

  29. Hi Ben, your videos have really inspired me to try teaching English abroad. I feel discouraged because I have no teaching experience and I am without a degree. In your experience can I still get teaching experience abroad and actually land my first teaching contract. I am a Canadian citizen, English is my first language. I hope to hear a reply back from you. Keep making those awesome and informative videos.

  30. โค๏ธ I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but languages and cultures are a passion of mine. Iโ€™m rethinking my life and I feel that ESL/TESOL/TEFL is what Iโ€™m gearing towards. After watching your video, I felt a little more inspired. I kept avoiding it but kept finding myself coming back to it or it came to me.

    Iโ€™m still a little scared to continue to grow up. I see how we can change so much. I hope I set this goal in place and achieve it.

  31. This is the greatest YouTube channel ever. Started teaching English and my life has changed completely. Best decision ever!

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