#IELTSTestPreparation2019 | IELTS KI TYARI KAISE KAREN? [Urdu/Hindi] – Episode 1

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Assalamoalaikum. Do you want to go to UK, US, Australia, Canada, or some European country and you need to give IELTS for that? or you need to score a minimum of 7 band? Then this video is for you. In fact, it is going to be a full video series in which I will guide you on the format, method of preparation, and tips and tricks for all four modules Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading of IELTS Academic as well as IELTS General. So please subscribe to my channel and also press the bell icon so that whenever I upload a new video, you can watch it on time. and if you have any questions, you can share them in the comments section with me. If you have any business enquiries, you can contact me on my email address given in the description. How am I in the position to guide you on IELTS? You need to know this first obviously. This will give you the confidence that you should learn it from me. Let me tell you that I have given IELTS five times. I have given IELTS General twice and IELTS Academic thrice. Probably you are thinking that this guy has been scoring really bad that he needed to give IELTS so many times, but that’s not the case. That’s not the case, As you know, IELTS expires after a certain period. Like if you need to apply for a study visa, they require you to have appeared for IELTS in the last two years. I had to give IELTS repeatedly because my previous IELTS would expire. Otherwise, ma sha Allah I have got excellent score every time. In my next videos, I will also share with you my test reports so that you can see for yourself how well I have scored in every module every time. After giving IELTS so many times, one gets familiarized with the test format and knows how to prepare for it and is aware of the tips and tricks that really work. And let me tell you that I scored the best in the latest IELTS that I gave. So obviously it’s my whole experience, I have given IELTS so many times that I know the things I need to focus on. I prepared for IELTS accordingly and got 8 band. Before getting into further details, let me tell you about the general purposes of IELTS General and Academic. IELTS General is meant for immigration purposes or if you need to get a work permit. But if you need a study visa, you need to go abroad for doing Masters or PhD, then you need to give IELTS Academic, as the name implies. So the general format of both kinds of IELTS is almost the same except for the Reading and Writing modules in which there are some differences. Speaking and Listening test of both modules is the same. I will tell you about the differences between IELTS General and IELTS Academic in an upcoming video. This particular video is an introduction to the whole series of videos that I will do. If you follow the tips and tricks I share with you, you will get a good score in IELTS. So before going further, please like and subscribe to my channel. I am not saying this only because of a formality. You actually need to do this because you cannot learn IELTS by watching only one video. In order to prepare for it, you need to watch this whole video series. And you will have to watch each video from start to finish. Only then you can get the content and genuine idea required to score good in IELTS. and only then can I guarantee you that if you exactly follow my content, you will score very well. You know as a teacher, whoever guides you, whether it’s me or it’s some organization, the mentor will tell you about the test format, make you do certain exercises, and share important categories and topics with you that are top choices for IELTS. You will get some words and phrases to learn. I know all this because I also joined an organization in Pakistan to prepare for IELTS the first time, and it was a good experience. So I know how such institutions prepare the students for IELTS, what exercises they ask the learners to do. If you join such a school to prepare for IELTS, they are going to charge you at least 17000 to 18000 pkr per month. Add it to the cost of IELTS that’s already 25000 pkr so it easily makes more than 40000 pkr and usually, it’s the parents of the young IELTS candidates who pay the fees because the candidates are still getting education. They are not in a position to finance their IELTS themselves. So it gets very demanding emotionally as well as financially for the candidates and for their parents also if you choose such an expensive way of preparing for the IELTS. and who knows if you will get your required score the first time or not! So if you get a complete video series that offers you the same guidance and learning that you will get by joining a course in a formal institution – what else can you ask for! You should particularly watch my videos because not only have I prepared IELTS from a school, but also I have appeared in IELTS five times and I have that knowledge, learning, and experience that is needed to give IELTS and pass the exam with flying colors. I’ll be happy if, using my instruction, somebody is able to achieve his/her desired band and get to the place where he/she wants to be. It’s a social service. It’s a very good thing to do. Ok, so, I am going to do two video series, first for IELTS Academic and the second for IELTS General. And I will discuss all four modules in depth in both video series, and I will show you how to do the exercises practically.

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