100 thoughts on “I’m Building A $100,000 Stock Portfolio From SCRATCH (In 2020)

  1. Thanks for watching and I hope you are as excited as I am for this series!
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  2. Is your number $100,000 because that's what you making a year (after taxes) in YouTube adsense? I'm guessing at 862,000 views per month at $12 per 1,000 views is right at about $120,000 /yr.

  3. How much are you adding each week?

    Think you could have one where you add $50/week to see where you end up after a year?

    I think most people would fall into this category.

  4. I use winnings from options trading into my roth ira. For example, one day I made 3k and withdrew 500. Rinse and repeat. Dividend investing should go along with options trading as well.

  5. Loved the video, I finally used your link to sign up. Can’t wait to continue watching your cc tent and watching my portfolio grow.

  6. Ryan give me your thoughts on my picks. Costco(Cost), Ross(Rost), Aflac(AFL), Discover(DFS), Realty Income(O), Ally(ALLY)

  7. You'll have to pay income taxes on any dividends and capital gains earned through M1. That's why I use my Roth IRA for dividend investing.

  8. I really wanna hear you piece on crypto currency and your method on investing overall I think I understand the stock market alot better good vid

  9. I would love to see how your crypto profile looks. I am price to mark on alt coins to buy into BTC ETH XRP with profits for the great amount of patience to follow. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this series.

  10. Hey Ryan
    Thanks for the video
    Ive been following along since I first saw your video on Vanguard index funds, and enjoy your channel. Im just curious why the change of heart on Bitcoin? I have been bullish myself for some time , just curious on why now for you. Thanks
    Brett K

  11. Personally, I see absolutely NO reason to put money toward an ETF….all ETFs are required to divulge their holdings, so you already know the stocks that make up their specific "pie" and therefore you can make your own in M1 without paying the % "upkeep fee" that comes with holding an ETF. "Time is money" sure, but once you've created the pie, then you're done, over time, the amount you save will overcast any time spent creating the pie (and if you're good with spreadsheets, then it's just fun to do anyway).

    I would split your $500 up to $100 per weekday if you want better cost base averaging…..with an average of 9 market holidays at 52 weeks of 5 days, you get 251 days a year, and if your focus is $26,000 per year, then that comes to $103.59 per day, if you want to be anal about it.

    Bitcoin is still not a wise investment vehicle at this time, so you have to treat it like a non-swap forex currency event….which means you get no "dividend" or hold interest on wednesdays. This means the ONLY way you make money is if you sell higher than you bought, bottom line. I am still playing bitcoin like a market-maker (set up equal amounts of purchases at equal distance increments below the mark, and sells for the coins above the mark, and swap across the aisle when triggered), and I made 30% returns the previous 2 years doing it this way…..so there are ways of making profit, but you can't just buy and hold. I think I did somewhere around 1200 trades per year. If you do find a reputable bitcoin lender, then let us know, but after the whole bitconnect fiasco, people are very hesitant about lending their coins third party.

  12. Huh. I just spooled up the same thing. Went with M1 due to the ease of reinvestment and the ability to self weight the amounts into each stock. My focus will be hybrid dividend growth stocks, or high tier stable large payout dividend stocks. Not using ETFs or funds in this account. I'm (atm) 46% up on a year span on my pick and choose growth stock account on Robinhood, so wondering how I'd do shuffling my own dividend picks.

  13. Do you know if M1 Finance exept investment from people outside the U.S? I'm from Kuwait and I'm a fan of your YouTube channel and you really affected the way I use my money. Right now I I've invested in ETFs through interactive brockers which is a U.S. brokerage and they're open for people from outside the U.S.

  14. Do not buy ETFs. The invester does not have control on investing in value/growth stocks when investing in ETFs. Usually ETFs like to collate already grown stocks and investors wonder y their portfolio isnt growing or why the divs are low. Invest in individual stocks.

  15. Starting this at your young age is really going to be beneficial! Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Ryan I have a challenge for you, you can build my 100 k stock profolio too. See double the challenge half the reward.

  17. Love the video! Excited to watch the journey, I’m doing something similar on my channel of growing my portfolio!

  18. 5.03 i am completely debt free…….my only major expense is my mortgage…….this is an oxymoron….MORTGAGE is DEBT As for your investment strategy, its a bit all over the place, confused and scattergun. Yes diversity is good, but the s & p gives you diversity ! Bitcoin, property shares…the only thing missing is Gold… my strategy is simple….i buy the s & p 500, through Vanguard Then i repeat & repeat & repeat and have done so for 25 years whether in a good , bad or indifferent year….this is a simple strategy that works…why try all these other strategies when a proven strategy is on offer ?

  19. Would appreciate it if you would document the additional investments that you will be making as well. Thank you for giving us novice newcomers a viable blueprint to follow for building a 100k investment portfolio. Thanks!!!

  20. Excited to watch you build the portfolio. IBM and MMM are some of my main focuses right now. You are $500 a week, I am $500 a month. Buying a duplex this year and house hacking. Looking to ramp it up 💪💪💪. Good luck!

  21. You re not factoring in maintenance, insurance, property tax, repairs when you re looking at your rental property.. the $750-$850 a month equaling $10k a year is likely incorrect.. usually overhead of 30-40%..

  22. Definitely going to be taking some tips from this for my own stock investing. Mostly real estate focused right now, but I'm saving for my next deal.

  23. Definitely seen how this video model is working for his YouTube rivals… lets just hope he can back it up like they have.

  24. Nice solid picks in the portfolio, I am going hard and deposit as much as I can for 2020, need them dividends

  25. i wish i could add to my current portfolio breakdown. IE: add a energy stock to the stock i already own. it seems you can only add to the portfolio itself which mean you have to reallocate %'s

  26. Seems like an interesting series. Unfortunately I don't have a spare 1000 per week (500 for the port, 500 for the bitcoin) or the 2K per month for Fundrise. What would be a good target for someone who has say 1/10 of that cash flow?

  27. Hi Ryan 👋, thanks you for the great contents! Why are you still invested in GE and is not concern with the Whilster Blower, Harry Markopolos, report about GE cooking the books (fraud in their accounting methods)?


  29. Yes mate! A video on crypto would be much appreciated. Loving your content and I’m feeling a lot more confident to start investing.

  30. Looking forward to the series Ryan! As someone living outside of US, I am looking more into US dividend stocks at the moment for my portfolio so this will be informative 🙂

  31. If you werent wasting your time investing in GE you could have put way more money into the m1 last year for FAT gains

  32. Glad to see your posting a video specifically about stocks! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy your other content. But, it has been a bit since you posted a stock video.

  33. I just subscribed in the first 30s of the video. this series better be good o.o I'm actually trying to do the same thing

  34. Are you going to keep us updated on your progress of this new portfolio? And how many times? Love your videos!

  35. I've decided to start investing this year as well. I started in late November and I'm already up over 6%! It's a very exciting journey. =D

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