Inequality | Fetterman for Senate

Abandoned. Abandoned. Abandoned. Abandoned.
Abandoned. North Braddock has over 400 vacant and abandoned
homes on its demolition list. There’s another one. There’s another one. Our sewer system is outdated, our infrastructure
is outdated. We just don’t have anything that we can count on in terms of a level playing
field here in this community. This is what happens when you don’t protect manufacturing
jobs. This is what happens when you don’t value blue collar lives the way you do finance
jobs or banking jobs. It’s overwhelmingly people of color that are living in communities
like this, and it’s just places and people that have been left behind by – I mean look
at that. People that have been left behind by the great inequality that is so pervasive
in this country.

5 thoughts on “Inequality | Fetterman for Senate

  1. this is justice spoken against the greed and corruption of multinational neoliberalism.

    #TeamFetterman #BernieSanders #AmericaTogether

  2. Race baiting. A variety of all types of people choose to live in these towns. The upside is low rent/mortgage usually. You can't go there on your own and then expect the government to fix everything.

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