{Inside Look} Food Bank Leftover Throwaway !Photo’s ,Explanations

goodness everyone welcome to the food
pantry throw away for December so much stuff and let me tell you what there was
hardly anybody there so after everybody took what they want
there was truckloads of stuff still there this is just amazing so what I’m
going to do is what I do every single month I will show you what it looks like
then I’m going to categorize everything and then show you what it looks like
outside the box once again I’m going to give you a disclaimer for those of you
who don’t seem to understand once a month all the food pantries in our local
area they put all the food that they could not give away and it was surplus
food it was leftover food so what they do is they bring it all together and
then a truck picks it up gives it to all of us here in the local community we can
go through it and pick what we want offer this and this is what I will show
you in my videos taking all food making it all new again so give me one moment
I’m gonna unbox all of this stuff and then I’ll show you what we got this
month and I got some produce yeah they I got some produce as you know
last month there wasn’t any produce so I’m really really happy box number one
for grocery bags full of different kinds of food
box number two and box number three so what do we have to eat this month follow
everybody I have everything in categories and I’m gonna share with you
step by step what I got also going to share with you what you’re gonna see in
videos because my cooking videos always center around what I can get for free
and so while I’m not dumpster diving I initially em like dumpster diving
because this food was going to be thrown away so I’m gonna take a moment and
explain to you a little bit better why I get this food and how I get this food in
our local County we have a lot of food pantries and what happens is at the end
of each month whatever food is left in their food pantries they will donate to
one central location so this food is expired but it has about a day or two
left and what happens at the end of the month
a truck will come and pick up all of these items that the food pantry wasn’t
able to give away that food truck then comes to a local church and it’s open
for everyone in the community to take one last time what is left and after
today what is left goes to an animals of a farm or it gets thrown away canned
goods get thrown away produce gets given to the animals and so while this farmer
doesn’t need this stuff to feed his animals this is our local way of trying
to keep food from the dumpster but some food does get still thrown away and I
can’t take everything and not many people come to this those that come they
get a few things and they leave so I’m doing something different every month
I’m teaching people showing people that you can freeze things you can recan
things you can preserve things even longer a lot of people who come to this
food pantry have no idea they don’t know that you can freeze things they don’t
know that you can recant things they don’t know that you can preserve your
things and so they only take a little bit but each month I’m sharing with them
how usually be more self-sufficient and you know what self-sufficiency can come
in all forms and one of the forms are by gleaning food gleaning food oftentimes
means taking food that’s left in the garden or it’s left in the farm field
but the word gleaning means to take and it means to harvest and harvesting can
be many different areas gleaning can be taking things out of a dumpster because
you are taking it and you are using it you’re harvesting it whether it is fresh
produce or it’s canned food if you’re taking it and you’re repurposing it
you’re gleaning from it so let me show you what all we got all right we’re
gonna start with on the right hand side we have all kinds of tomatoes
raspberries and blueberries milk the milk expired yesterday that’s fine
because you can freeze milk and use it for cooking all of this broccoli which
I’m really thankful for because I’m going to show you how i blanch it and
freeze it all these salads they don’t expire until the
second so they’re really good yet and the filming of this it is December 28th
I got cupcakes I got pies I got a decent flower which I got a lot of that nobody
wanted that in the back here we got some number 10 cans I’m going to show you how
you can recant food that’s going to be something I think a lot of you really
enjoy watching we have a lot of mushrooms different kinds of bacon we
have turkey bacon we have Canadian bacon and we have
regular bacon over on this table we have some chips more bacon and more a decent
flour here we have some breads now some of these breads are expired but they
will go to my chickens oh so this is really such a blessing to
me and seeing all this food reminds me so much about how we must not be
wasteful in life and you know it’s really sobering to think about all the
children that are hungry in other countries and how much as us as
Americans and Canadians how we throw things away and my videos I want to
instill in you a worth of keeping what you have and preserving it
don’t be wasteful in this earth so many times people complain that they don’t
have any money I don’t have money for this I don’t have money for that but how
much are they throwing out their back door you know there’s a saying that a
man brings in the income in the front door while the woman throws it away in
the back door that was the same from the 1930s and what it means is you know we
can make an income and bring it in but if we waste our food we’re throwing that
income away and so I want to share with you ways to not be wasteful and I think
it’s a sad thing in this world I don’t want to get on a soapbox because I can
because there’s no home economic in these schools and they’re not teaching
women or n men how to preserve foods and how to take care of the things that they
have we’re living in a highly consumable market the consumable market is buy it
now if you don’t like it throw it away tomorrow look at our Christmas look at
all the things that people buy each other for Christmas how much of that is
in the yard sale six months later you know we need to really think about
especially with food there’s so much we can do with food and people don’t
realize it it and going to this food pantry really opened my eyes about how
little people know about preserving food and how little people know about taking
care of yourself and you know when things are brought to you like this this
is a blessing but you need to learn how to take care of it and you also need to
learn how to keep it for the next month all of this food is basically organic
food and that’s the reason why we get it organic food is because it’s food that
can’t last as long so at the end of the month it was
spoiled quicker this is all working it and that’s what comes to us so wow it’s
very good food it’s food that needs to be taken care of immediately because it
is organic it’s not sprayed and that’s what’s ending up back here in these
landfills because organic food is food that’s very expensive
but yet it’s food that’s not preserved and so the food doesn’t last very long
oh it’s something to think about you know the organic food is great but it’s
so expensive people can’t afford it and then the long run it gets wasted you
know there needs to be something different about the organic food that we
find in the stores because you need to make it more affordable for people that
way people can buy it and that way they can consume it and then it doesn’t end
up here you know right now what you see there probably was a hundred times this
amount that was still left over and while we are so happy that the animals
get the produce you know but what happens to this this gets thrown away
afterwards because they don’t take it back to the warehouse because they don’t
have room we amend my land of plenty and so there’s so much food being rotated
every single day and so their warehouses get full with fresher food I’m thankful
for this opportunity because I know I won’t have this forever
I know regulations will come to a time when I won’t be able to have this but
because it’s church governed it’s a little different you know so I’m just
really thankful for this and I’m thankful for all of you right now I
counted twenty people who are doing what I’m doing because of my videos and for
that I think I did making an impact on the world because people aren’t seeing
what I do and they are calling their local areas and they are finding out hey
can they do this as well and a lot of people have said it’s a success for them
so get ready for some videos because I’m going to teach you how to take old food
and make it new again hmm now there is a different concept that
you’re not gonna hear every day turning on food and making it new again I bet
you want to see that now don’t you take care of the one we’ll see you guys
tomorrow all right my friends so here’s them photos and you’ve all been waiting
for it all started with a group of men from church decided what can they do
with all the food they see that’s being wasted some of the
member farmers some of the men were truckers a lot of these men went to
produce auctions and would see all the food that nobody wanted to buy and they
decided to get together and do something to make it different and impact here in
the 200 mile radius of where I live I live in a very conservative area of
Pennsylvania and we have so much plenty with farming in all kinds of ways so
they decided to do something every single day they get food by the
truckloads from various places in Pennsylvanian all around and they have a
huge warehouse now every day they pack the boxes for people that are in need
these are for people in need so they packed hundreds and hundreds of boxes
daily and they distributed out to all kinds of different places food pantries
and this is within a 200 mile radius what you’re seeing now are boxes of
things for people in need but what happens when the food pantries are full
so what they do is they have a place in their warehouse where they put all the
food in the 28 days that is still good but yet really needs to get used up once
a month a truck comes to a place close to me and about a hundred and fifty of
us gather each month and go through the food and see if there’s anything left
salvageable that we can use now this food is not for the needy people this
was all leftover this was one last effort to try to get this food used up
so it doesn’t have to be thrown away and that’s how I’m able to get this food
it’s just a little bit amount of all of the food that they get and it gives me
great pleasure in knowing that I’m the end of a long line of people who get
food and at the very end of it I’m the last person that can actually help these
people and help use this food and so I’m very blessed by it because we live off
of it and that’s because I’m able to preserve the food and I have the
knowledge and able to do so and now my goal in life is to teach
other people who come to this who have no idea at the end of the month when the
food is a little bit moldy here and there sometimes strawberries will have
one or two more tea ones they don’t understand and I’m here to tell them and
teach them and show them that the food is still good you just have to learn
what to do with all this food so this is the central warehouse and I just get a
little bit at the end of a very long journey of this food and I’m so thankful
for it I hope this helps some people because so many just don’t seem to
understand no matter how often I explain it what people don’t understand is we live
in a world of Plenty and so much of our food is being thrown away in fact they
say over 50% of the food that is manufactured and harvested here in the
United States of America gets thrown away and here it was just some plain men
who decided to make a small difference and the way they can do this is because
their nonprofit organization and the churches help support them and I’m
thankful for them and I’m thankful that I am able to take one last look at this
food and able to fill my pantries and to teach others the wonderful way of
gleaming food and preserving it for years to come you

100 thoughts on “{Inside Look} Food Bank Leftover Throwaway !Photo’s ,Explanations

  1. years ago the church we went to had a food shelf and we helped at it. We dehydrated the salad kits and then put them in soups works amazing. I wish my town had access to this again, they closed it for my town but other areas they can still go places. Here it is by towns and cities where and if you can go. Here they have Manna market which is weekly but again my town can not go they closed it 4 yrs ago. It blesses so many. I miss being able to go it sure helped us. You can drink frozen milk, many buy milk and put it in the freezer so when weather is bad they have milk. Do your daughters go with you? I know they have canned with you before they could put up food for their families as well. I hope many are learning as you share so they can do it for their families. I know here I used to share as well and hoped others would embrace it. I have lent my equipment to others to use it needed so they can prepare and save their own food to use. That way they don't have to buy it if they can't afford it. Do you have to drive far? there was a place for food like this but the drive was 45 minutes and when the pastor left the church the ministry stopped. ugh I feel for others too its just hard out there. Awesome finds you have Tessie

  2. Experation dates are for the store. It doesnt mean they are no good anymore. People think its what ecsperation mean. It means they recomend you use the food by that certain date. Food can be good for years….. I hope you get the things you want. Not by the dates. Love ya Tessie


  4. We don't have anything like this where I live. I thought the same about home economics…..until I saw a show on Rachel Ray. She showed how home economics is being taught, just called a different name. As far as kids not being taught- too oftentimes- told its to dangerous to let kids in kitchen there fore over time it becomes a lost art and knowledge. Peace.

  5. Is there a way that you or someone could help you be able to preserve this food the other stuff you did not take and then after its dehydrated give it to needy who can not do that. Maybe talk to someone and see if a group could go together and do this. THere was a lady in another town who saw things and recreated them and brought them back to the church who gave out the food to help others who could not do it. Your right we do waste so much food, enough that no one would be hungry.

  6. There is no crime in being thrifty. Pride go before the fall. Are you willing to pay a extreme price for an item or are you willing to pay as little as possible? I have fruit trees that produce lemons, limes, oranges, permissions, kumquats and grapes. This is in addition to what I grow in my garden. When I have a bumper crop, I like to give my surplus fruits and vegetables to those that can't really afford those high prices. I take my produce to the food bank and they hand it out to their clients.

    The funny thing is that my neighbors refuse my produce because they prefer to go to the grocery store and pay $1.00 for a lemon, or for 5 limes or 2 permissions or the other items that I may have. I scratch my head and ask what is the difference between paying for these items or getting them for free? You would rather pay the grocery store for the same items that I am willing to give you from my garden? Mine taste far better than the hot house items or foreign produce they get. Mine is fresh off the vine or tree. Theirs sit on loading dock in the heat of the day for a week or longer before being shipped.

    What I can not preserve by canning or dehydrating, I take to the food bank. Did you know that if everyone in this country took their excess food that is grown on their property and took it to a food bank, food pantry, your local church, soup kitchen or a neighbor that is having a tough time that no one in this country will go hungry? If the grocery stores send their out of date food to the food bank that everyone will have something in their pantry? Laws need to be changed!

    We as a nation, as a people, allow our pride to get in our way. We need to set this falsehood aside and step up and help ourselves and others get free food; something to eat. If you have something in your pantry that you really don't need or want, take it to a food bank. If you have excess produce, eggs or meat, take it to a food bank, food pantry, your local church, soup kitchen. You can take your surplus to a food bank, food pantry, your local church, soup kitchen or a neighbor that is having a tough time of things. Just tell them that you had excess and that you thought that they can use this. Otherwise, you will have to toss it out. You would be surprise how many people would be grateful for your kind consideration. I say; PASS IT ON! If you have excess take it in. If you need it then go pick it up. No one will judge you, only you can do that. 🙂

  7. Another excellent video..there is so much waste in this country..thanks for bringing this message out to people…I think it's terrible that home economics and shop aren't taught in schools….such important subjects…seems there is a group of children coming up without knowledge of important life skills ..who don't have chores at home anymore..which help to teach discipline and sense of accomplishment for a job well done….

  8. Even if you just helped one person learn how to re-learn how to re-pack and keep food longer then you have made your footprint important.

  9. Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) Wish you a wonderful blessed Wednesday filled with Gods joy and happiness:) God Bless you:) Love you all 🙂 Remember to pray for one another:)

  10. I agree 100% home education, and managing money should be taught in schools and home.i dont know how some of these young people are going to survive ,they know alot about computers and other electronic devices, but not being taught the Basic Fundamentals of making it on their own and thrive.

  11. Do your girls go to food pantry too? I worked in a food pantry at church for 3 yrs and we had to buy all the food from Food Bank…we never had enough to waste.. its a blesssing you have that food pantry!

  12. That was a wonderful video sis, I loved it Great job!!!❤️💕✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏

  13. Great haul ,can't go wrong w bacon , I totally agree ,so many kids in america starving , I was raised not to be wasteful, learned to sew , finding great bargains at thrift stores , your teachings are valuable in this day and age

  14. Do you ever share your bounty with others that may not be able to get to the food bank? Just curious, it looks like so much food!!

  15. Happy New Year sweet Tessie! Got a lot of catching up to do on your videos. Hope you had a great holidays and thank you again, for teaching others how to be grateful for where they have. The simple things in life are what matters. Thank you for your information that you can buy. You are just the matriarch of simple and Smart Living! Love you much.😻

  16. Hi Tessie the area you live in amazing. They don’t do this in my area. Greening went as far as in the Bible . Ruth gleaned in Boaz field to feed herself and her mother- in-law. Thanks for sharing this information. Our food banks are always looking for donations. Their more needs than resources.

  17. Hello Tessie, I make meals for my hubby and freeze them. I have "lock and Lock divided plates I bought from Q V C and I fix him broccoli, corn. carrots and I cook up lots of cornbread and add to white beans ( any kind of Dried beans) and add to them. Really anything that I can cook ahead helps me so much. He is having early to mid dementia…and it's hard having to do "everything" by myself. I have no children ..but with God's help it will be alright. The plates and other things that Lock and Lock makes is fantastic. They are water proof and leak proof ! No freezer burn. It is so wonderful to just get him a plate and heat it and he is one happy dude ..LOL. He loves his vegs. and I don't think anyone loves white beans and cornbread more than him. I cook my cornbread and slice it…take one of my big lock and lock bowls and layer my pieces between wax paper and freeze. Takes about 20 to 30 seconds to heat it in the microwave and it is so good. Plus, it saves so much when I don't have to cook everyday on the stove. I also have a lot of small 1-cup bowls that I freeze cooked broccoli or any vegs. in case he doesn't want a whole plate. I don't can, but, I love my freezer. I also cook my meats and freeze them in single serve bowls, he's not much of a meat eater like me. Sorry, if this is too long I just wanted to share with you and everyone. Tell me if I over step. I will not be so long next time ! LOL Love and blessing !

  18. Hi Tessie and everyone. (i changed my chanel name from somewhere over the rainbow to my name 🤗) this is amazing you getting to save all this food!!! I wish we had food pantries here in my country. Thank you for your inspiration, you give me hope!! Have a lovley day 🌞❤️

  19. Hi Tessie! Thanks for this video ! I couple of weeks ago my friend was at a popular grocery store in my area n they were taking expensive prepared salad n deli items and throwing them away instead of marking them done so more people could afford to eat them! I was soo upset ! It’s sad to think about all the places that do that in this country when there’s a lot of people that need food ! God bless you n glad you are able to get the food before it’s thrown away! God bless those people doing the food for the pantries. ❤️🤗🙏🐓

  20. We had home ec in a sense but we never learned about canning. My grandma cans but I hadn’t paid much attention to it until recently. It really isn’t that much work or that hard to do all things considered and the benefits are incredible! When the weather is nicer in spring or so I’m going to ask my local grocery stores if I can dig through their dumpsters after seeing your videos. Most of the old stuff just gets thrown out and not even donated. Luckily I know friends who have worked at them as well as one bought my 4H hog in high school, so hopefully they will allow me to do it. I want to ask first because I think a lot of these stores now have cameras in the back.

  21. We have a lot of taxes which are punitive in my country, such as a sugar tax to prevent people buying sweet soda drinks and pride themselves with it to make people gealthy, but in essence it makes the cheapest items more expensive and people well less off can again afford less. Instead i agree with your point organic items there are too expensive, healthy good should be less taxed to make the affordable to buy so that there is less waste.

  22. Tessie
    Isnt gleaning I thr Bible? When the farmers would harvest the crop thry would leave 10% for the poor to Glean.
    I'm so proud of you if only we had more tessis out there.
    Tess you wont believe theres young girls out there csnt even boil water. What you sre doing is teaching those who get lucky to see your channel can learn. I think y ou r channel is on to something real big. Dint let them change you !!! Stay your sweet self. Love you teach these young girls!!! And those who never learned .
    My dream is to can I'm gonna do it this year. I'm excited

  23. Tessie another great video you go girl and channel just keeps growing cant wait for up coming videos sounds like you got some good ones thanks tessie

  24. Morning Tessie,😊
    I have been looking online and trying to find out where the warehouse is so i too can start doing the same as you but am having a hard time locating it. Would you be willing to let me know so i can come and be able to get things too to can and freeze? Thank you so much for making me aware of this. I thoroughly agree with there is so much waste. I do go threw dumpsters on occasion to see if there is anything i can still use. But its becoming harder because there are locks on everything now. Thank you again. Have a good and godly day!😄
    Ps . When do they do this what day would it be?

  25. What a glorious thing to do for people. I appreciate your detailed information and explanation of why and where this food goes. I wish more communities would do this. Where I come from there are so many homeless people that could use this help. Not only the homeless, but there are also very poor people that can only afford one meal a day even if they do have a place to live.
    Thanks again for sharing such fun, but, valuable information. You are such a lovely and kind person.
    I just adore your videos!

  26. The occidental flour makes the best pizza crust. I have to travel an hour away from my home to buy it at the local Mennonite store. A bag the size of one of those would cost approximately $14 on Amazon.

  27. They just don't get it. Even if you feed your chickens or pigs with the food you get or compost it. There's always a use for it. Proud of what you do to teach people.

  28. How lovely dear Tessie! I hate, despise food waste. I work very hard in my home and garden to not have any. What a blessing to you.

  29. What a wonderful blessing of food! I still don’t have access to anything like this but I continue to look. Thanks for all you teach us Tessie!

  30. That's great, I wish our food pantry's would do this. The county we live in has so many who would benefit from this. We get food from the pantry but they won't give away the extra due to regulations. ☺

  31. There are children and adults in this country are going hungry and its because of regulations. I know other countrys are in need and we should help but I strongly believe charity starts at home. ☺🙏

  32. Unfortunately I wish you could see how much food is wasted at our school system, it has to be thrown away because of regulations and liability. Tons of fruit especially. It cannot be taken home or given away. Regulations need to change to help the hungry in the country. 🙏

  33. Amazing, Miss Tess, that there is so much food…what a blessing these people are able to get it, and use it for those in need, and then let others come, and use what they can…people helping people…the way it should be👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻you’re very fortunate 🥰🥰🥰

  34. Amen! Preach Girl! I concur – we live in a disposable society. Corporate America wants you to consume…More, more, more, want want want! And YES to Home Ec., Industrial Arts, and VoTec. Back to basics in the schools, kids do not even know how to write out a check…sad. Too much waste & want.

  35. I wonder how many areas do this? I think it's a great idea! I'm afraid I would be among those people who don't know what to do with all that food — I don't can or dehydrate, etc — BUT, boy, I would sure learn how real fast if I had something like food giveaway! I'd learn how to use it all!!!

  36. What a great initiative in your local community. I wish more communities whould do something similar, instead of driving food to the landfill.

    Fun fact: Here in Sweden all people, regardless of living in apartments or houses, have a special trash can for our personal food waste. (Any leftovers we don’t consume, coffee grinds, any veggies that goes bad in the fridge, steak bones etc) That food waste gets picked up and converted into biogas for the trash trucks to use instead of diesel for driving.

  37. I remember when they taught home economics and sewing in school. When i told my younger friend this. She was shocked. Schools should go back to teaching the basics. Its a necesity in life. Young people need to learn because in todays world I do not see mothers teaching their daughters the basics. It is all about technology and eating out. In NYC most people go out to eat. Cooking is too time consuming. Even during the big holidays they order their turkeys etc. Nope give me back the good old days. You are doing a wonderful thing teaching people the basics. God bless you.

  38. Tessie , can you recommend a good beginning canning book and also teach use about the equipment that we need to can things. Maybe once a week you could give us lessons on canning. I think we would all be interested. Love you sister! God bless.

  39. I totally agree with you Tessie! We waste sooo much, wow you got a great haul there! it is fantastic that you got so much that you can can and freeze! You were talking about how we are so wasteful at the holidays, It reminded me of the who's in whoville dumping all the gifts they didn't like , kinda makes me frustrated! Bless you for thinking the way you do…hopefully some others will see how you use the pantry food and maybe think outside the box like you.

  40. I wish ont Canada did this. Just this week we went to independent to buy more rabbit. Gone!! We asked. We were told they were not a great seller and were thrown out. We were crushed at the waste when we see so many families struggling. Hurts my heart.

  41. While we have food pantries here, we do not have the communal expired food giveaway. However, when I shop I first go throughout the store looking for makrdown items. Often I get milk for $1 or less a gallon, meat at 70% off, breads for 80% off and more. I bring it home and freeze, produce I freeze or can. I tell other shoppers this, but unfortunately they look at me like I am crazy and then pick up full price things. The other day butter was on big markdown. I told a woman that it froze well. She actually bought some and thanked me for the advice! Hooray for small successes!

  42. Tessie, you are making an impact. I’m a 67 year old widow and was so thankful to find a food pantry like the one you go to. Last Saturday was my first time. I made vegetable soup, chicken soup, apple crisp. Froze some jalapeños and raspberries. I feel blessed. They said I could go every Saturday.

  43. I really liked this video and your message in it. I have to work on not throwing money out the back door. I try to freeze things, and can a few things but I need to do more!!

  44. Nobody wanted flour!?! Hold up I go through 25 to 50 pounds a month in scratch cooking. I see berries that can be frozen and made into pies or muffins. You was blessed with a very good haul. Our friends local church after their pantry is done at the end of each month they give us the leftovers. Last month we was blessed with 20lbs of rice and nearly 50lbs in bagged rice. I told him beans stretch a meal and rice for rice pudding for breakfast. Or I will divide it and put some up for i.c.e. you was given a huge blessing

  45. Thankfully our kids school has home-economics (and P.E.). It teaches kids the basics of cooking. And the teachers actually teach them how to knit, crochet, and sew! For an assignment our youngest son (13 years old) had to crochet a beanie.
    But I will say that true home-economics starts at home.

  46. Our church brings a bunch of produce at the end of the month as well. It’s literally almost ready for the garbage. But you can squeeze a couple more days out of it if you take care of it instantly. I love this, it surprises me how many people look it over and are like naaa, I wait until everyone has picked and I go to town! It’s awesome!

  47. Good morning Tessie! Very well said and thank you so much for showing us how to do the gleaming thing! I just started collecting canning jars 😂 I think I’m getting up the courage to start! Thanks to you for teaching us!… Ra

  48. This information is mind blowing…..I had no idea food banks would throw food away like can goods. I've got can goods that are several years old and they're still good. I've been doing this most of my life and I'm in my 60s. Tessie, you're spot on with your videos…..so much great information , you know……you might not have college to back you up but little lady…..you're a teacher and a darn good one too. Thank you so much , even an old broad like myself is still learning. GOD BLESS! Hugs.

  49. Thank you for the words of wisdom on simple, sustainable living Tessie, I love your channel. Great blessings in that food haul!

  50. I don't feel like anyone teaches economics or frugality because that's still seen as something "poor people" do. Also, who is going to teach it? Schools don't have time or interest in helping students become "frugal" if you attend a traditional school. Home schooling parents CAN teach frugality and show their kids how (day by day lessons as you shop) how to save money and food (canning lessons, baking). Only the parents can instill these values in the child. Don't wait for the schools to do it. On another note, it's too bad we have so many food deserts in this country. There is food but if you don't have a car, you can't get to it. (mass transit in a lot of places is also terrible).

  51. Good evening Tessie!!!
    What a BOUNTIFUL food bank visit!!! I love broccoli too!! I am SO HAPPY for you to get some!!! I love to hear you use the word GLEAN! I always think of Ruth! Her life is such a treasure to read! Looks like more wonderful videos to come!!! Thank you Tessie!!!💕💕💕


  53. Tessie, I work at a food pantry close to Indianapolis. And I know it's true. This food is headed for the landfill if it isn't distributed in some sort of way. Just the way it used to be. And people think you're taking fresh handouts. When it's just not true. Pam

  54. It is sad how much food this country waste! I worked for years for a retail store and it was so sad how much food went down the garbage compactor!😢

  55. Ok please excuse my ignorance. Our food pantry gives out food to those who meet specific low income qualifications. I am new to watching so I may have missed something. You were in debt, you sold things, got out of debt, now don't work except for monies received from you tube? And in your area you get free food because of your low income? Again, please excuse the ignorance. I am sincerely intrigued.

  56. I got tomatoes, salad mixes. kale and tomatoes and potatoes today from the dumpster today at our local Aldi I'm dehydrating and freezing it.

  57. I'm so glad I payed attention when I was younger and I learned to can from my Grannie and my parents. I love your teachings and learned about dehydrating from you . I am going to have to buy a larger dehydrator lol

  58. Tessie do you ever oven can? I'm trying to watch all of your videos to see. I have heard about it and I want to try it.

  59. You are so right about the fact that most of the wasted food is organic! I am very blessed and thankful for it because I glean what I can from the bountiful harvest of organic expensive foods that I normally cannot afford. I also feel good about using the food instead of letting it go to waste. I can tell that God is pleased when I make good use of it.

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