Introduction to Business Basics

Hello! Welcome to business basics a
course designed to teach basic financial principles. My name is Archit and the
course will be taught by me. I am a student who has spent some time involved
in a local Houston organization that seeks to increase financial literacy, and
I am the founder of a club at my school that focuses on teaching basic
investment principles. This course will give you the tools and resources that
will transform you from passively following the advice of others to
understanding exactly where your money is going, how to effectively keep track
of it, and improve your financial future. The course is split up into three
subsections – accounting investing and other common methods of building wealth.
The course is designed for the adult who feels lost in their finances and wants a
clearer understanding of the financial systems and practices that govern our
world. Just a quick note, I do not have a CPA license, and this course is not
giving any financial advice or endorsing any financial products or services. The
course is designed to provide a clearer picture of the many nuances of the
business world that impact us. With that being said thank you for your interest
in this course, and to sign up just hit that enroll now button and that’s it
looking forward to seeing you in class

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