Is Ravi a genius in this game? [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.01.05]

The third round is Vision Test. You will see a picture of a food magnified on a certain area, and you must guess what the food is. We’re farsighted due to our age. It’s unfavorable to us. (Wet) (I’m not.) (But the younger eyes are glowing.) We’ll give you the test. (You may guess too.) – What? / – What is it? I’m sorry. What? (The presbyopic elder) (and the young man with good eyes are all in a fog.) Is this a magic eye? (Is this a magic eye?) Since it’s magnified, we should step back. (They all follow his miraculous logic.) Does this make it look bigger? (Look here,) (and look there.) (Who are you?) What is that? (He’s still doing the magic eye.) I think this is laryngitis. – It’s an infection. / – People eat infections? I’ll just go ahead. – Team OB. / – Sausage and rice cake? Sure. Or sausages? In 1, 2, 3. – Sausage. / – Rice cake skewer! – What? / – What? What’s going on with you? (He can’t believe his ears.) – But… / – You should have said tteokbokki. When he said it, it was really… His diction was too clear. They’re splitting up. – They’re arguing. / – They’re arguing. Junghoon just swore at Seyoon. – They’re fighting. / – Split up! – Goodness. / – That was too harsh. Do you think I won’t swear at you guys? (Stepping backward) – He’s frightening. / – What was that? “Are you here alone?” Wasn’t his image someone very polite and a gentleman? Haven’t you seen me as a killer? – Right, he did. / – So what’s your answer? – What should we choose? / – “Soya.” Stir-fried sausages and vegetables. – And vegetables? / – No, just sausages. Sausage! Our answer is stir-fried sausages. No, just sausages. (Cut it out.) Incorrect. Shall we go? – Let’s give it a go. / – Rice cake skewer. (What?) (No way.) Incorrect. Team OB! – Sausages and rice cakes. / – No. Sausages and rice cakes? – It’s not. / – He’s got it. Sausage. (Sausage) (Sausage) Incorrect. What? – We just said that. / – Goodness. – Sausage? / – We just said that. – Sausage? / – It was stir-fried sausages. (What would we do with him?) Team YB. Sausages and rice cakes. (They steal the answer again.) (Sighing) – Sausages and rice cakes… / – This has to be right. is… (Please say it’s incorrect.) It’s correct. (Team YB wins Round 3 with a score of 2 to 1.) (Sighing) (The answer was sausages and rice cakes.) We won! (I’m so proud of myself.) (Looking around) I told you! (Getting angry) We did it! – Good job. / – We did good. We win another round, then it’s over. It’s starting to work as we think together. We’re very frightening when we go with the flow. – I know. / – Now, the game is ours. – We’ve already won it. / – We have. We have to pour everything out for this round. – It’s the final round. / – Okay. Let’s finish it here. The fourth round is Tactile Test. – All right. / – Let’s go, Ravi! Why me? – Junghoon. / – Let’s go, Ravi! – Why me? / – We’ll do our best for this round. (They must only use the sense of touch) (to guess the ingredients.) Set, go. What is this? (Frowning) What could this be? (The answer is warty sea squirt.) This is… I got it. (Is he getting it?) But I don’t know the name. Team YB! (He’s doing it again.) I don’t think Ravi is familiar with food ingredients. (I know this one.) (Wa…) I got it. But I don’t know the name. Team YB! (Water parsley.) (Me? My name also starts with “Wa.”) – Water parsley. / – Right. – Incorrect. / – It’s wrong? I thought that was it. I don’t know the name. It’s… Yes. Yes, it’s… Yes, it’s… Ravi! No, I mean, Team YB! Warty sea squirt! That’s correct. – Yes! / – Ravi! – I got it right! / – Let’s get it! (We’re) (done for.) Ravi, we have one more left. Get it together. We have one more left. Be confident with your answers. I don’t have to eat! I’ve had enough of pork belly. I’ll buy you after the shoot. Then buy me beef. Get ready. (Team YB wins if they get this one right.) (Team OB has to secure the answer.) Set, go. Set, go. (Frowning again) What is this now? It’s driving me crazy. It’s time to be funny, Ravi. – Yes. / – We’ve been trying to be funny. It’ll be funny if you win here. – Let’s go, Ravi. / – Be confident, Junghoon. (They still can’t tell what it is.) Tell us the shape or anything. It’s like porridge. Porridge? Then it’s that. – What? / – Then it’s porridge. It’s porridge! What do you mean? Why would you say, “It’s like porridge”? I got it. Porridge? Incorrect. We’ve mentioned this once today. – Say what comes to your mind. / – Just say it! – I got it. / – Team YB. Braised spicy chicken. (Are you sure it is?) (The answer is soft tofu.) They put braised spicy chicken in there? Then bring it to us. Isn’t this the sauce? (It’s not.) Team YB. Ramyeon. What? Are you… He’s just throwing answers, so I might as well do it too. Team OB, tteokbokki. Incorrect. (Is this the time when we say what we want to eat?) Hold on. (What is it, Ravi?) (He feels it with his hand in a hurry.) Team YB! Soft tofu. (Soft tofu?) (Soft tofu.) That’s correct. (No, it’s not.) (That’s correct.) (Team YB wins the Dinner Game.) Ravi! – Ravi! / – Ravi! (His eyes are shaking.) It really was soft tofu. – He has no clue. / – He hasn’t got a clue. (Our Ravi did it.) – Ravi! / – Ravi! Ravi! – Ravi! / – We did it. – We did it. / – We did it.

26 thoughts on “Is Ravi a genius in this game? [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.01.05]

  1. I love the new members so much…ppl should stop complaining and try to watch this new season…they will definetly love it

  2. I like all the new members including old member kim jongmin but I still miss kind hearted siyoon, laughing machine cha tahyun,devious kim junho and food lover defcoon…

  3. It brings back a lot of VIXX memories to me esp from A song for you with VIXX LR plus the maknae line is so adorable.

  4. I just laughed when Team YB stole Team OB's answer (About Sausage and Rice cakes). And yes, that clip is true: RAVI IS A TRUE SEXY GENIUS.

    EDIT: Dindin saying "Let's get it" and kissed Ravi's cheek.

    EDIT: 7:24 – I think I leave this one here because Ravi did a really great job.

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