Job Corps Supports Students | Kiley’s Story

Hi, my name is Kylie. I am 21 and training in medical office support. I’m thankful for the opportunity just to have someone to say we’re willing to help you and not
judge you for where you’ve come from or where you started at it. Just to be very
open armed and welcoming. I was in a rough spot. Me and my parents weren’t
quite getting along. I had tried college and it just didn’t work out for
me. College was originally right for me. I
was a very smart high school student. I did college credits while in high school. During my second semester of college, my mom was diagnosed with
cancer so I had to stop going to college to help her and take care of the house. I ended up being homeless and found out about Job Corps. Job Corps offered me a free education along with housing resources and health resources. It
was a better alternative for me because I didn’t have a lot of money. I
didn’t grow up ever having a lot of money, so college was just something I
knew I was gonna like come out with like a crippling amount of debt. Here at
Job Corps, I’m getting the education I needed for free to succeed and to have an actual career and to start somewhere and actually be able to build
up into like higher positions to get better pay. Just to be able to be in a more
stable situation for myself financially. I thoroughly, without a
doubt, loved the medical field. That’s why when I heard about Job Corps, I knew what trade I wanted to go to when I got here. Once I got here, after I did my CPP, I went straight into medical office support and I’ve just soared from then
on out. I just love it. Being a hands-on learner myself, it’s
very nice. I’m going to be starting my work-based learning. I’ll be taking an internship with Regions Hospital which will give me a
hands-on experience in the hospital setting or
clinic setting. It’s just going to prepare me for what I’m going to be expecting, walking into an office myself as an employee. Once I finish here, Job
Corps will help me find housing, help me find a job. A year after completion, they will also continue to check up on me and give me resources or help me find
another job or help with any housing resources as well. So they keep up with you afterwards and then during the process while I’m still here. They don’t just help you right as you end. Weeks ahead of time, they’re
helping you search for jobs, making cover letters, creating resumes, getting interview clothes together, helping practice doing mock interviews with you. Just getting you really prepared for when you finally do separate, that
you have all the necessary tools and things that you need to succeed.

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