KateLynn Albers – Accounting/Fraud/Finance – Minot State University

My name is KateLynn Albers, I’m from Hazen,
North Dakota, and I’m a senior at Minot State University, majoring in accounting with minors
in fraud and finance. I loved going to high school in a small town where you know everybody.
I grew up on a family farm nearby where we raised cattle and horses. I was in 4-H and
showed horses when I was growing up. So coming from a small town, I knew that I wanted to
get involved in things when I arrived at Minot State. For me, it was all about putting myself
out there, joining clubs, and meeting people. I think the key has been developing relationships.
You become really close with your classmates when you’re in your program. I love that fact
that the class sizes are smaller at Minot State because it reminds me of when I went
to high school. The professors know who you are and they really care, they are really
here to help. I joined the Seversen Entrepreneurship Academy at Minot State when I was a freshman.
Our main projects since I’ve been involved has been to establish and operate Beaver Brew
Cafe, which has been this amazing learning lab for students. Not only have I had opportunities
through the Entrepreneurship Club and the Beaver Brew Cafe, but I have been interning
with a public accounting firm and the experience has been so valuable. As far as the future,
I’ll be graduating soon and studying for the CPA exam. I’m a North Dakota girl, and I definitely
want to stay in the state. There’s so much opportunity here, I can’t wait to see what
the future brings.

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