KB Bank – Conversational Banking, LiivTalkTalk

Introducing conversational banking app of KB Bank Users can launch a quick menu allowing: 1) Financial service options including QuickPay 2) find contacts from friends list 3) chat list 4) alert messages User is opening a friend list User is starting a conversation with a friend “Let me send you the money I owe you for the team dinner” “Ok!” KB has provided users with easy access buttons that contain payment values User is typing in a password System is double-checking the identity of the recipient Multiple security options appear 1) “send now” 2) “send with an extra security encryption” User is inputting the password again to ensure the extra security User can send the recipient an alert using multiple options (e.g., SMS, IP-messaging, other messaging service) End user is receiving an alert In the chat window, financial institution can render the customized data field for its service Users are able to access 3rd party payment services through an API Users can generate customized emojis designed by the financial institutions

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