La Symphonie des Liens – Présentation (english subtitles)

Hello everyone You know me for a part of you through my works on the research of existence, Osens theory, and therefore Today we will introduce you this fabulous musical project: The Symphony of Links Within us, we have 15 links through satellite universes around what we could call our source, our light, our soul. The Symphony of Links, is first the story of these 15 links. After long discussions with Olivier, I then start by isolating myself to search for the theme and the universe that would be most suitable for that to finally find the theme (s) who could match to the description of the general atmosphere of this world Subsequently, we start production with that, with the intervention instrumentalists, musicians, with a thinking on the orchestration because obviously it is a symphony so there is the notion of an orchestra which is ubiquitous and the idea is obviously to keep the most human touch as possible. This symphony is therefore 5 acts. So imagine, act 1 this is the presentation of the 5 elements, of the 5 universes, of the 5 kingdoms. On the scene, we’re going to play a few. A solo voice with a halo of light, it will be a musician who plays doudouk in the title : Sens as you see here in this wheel which gives structure of this symphony of links. And then in act 2, these choirs will be revealed around you. An essential element that we haven’t told you yet this symphony will be sound in 5.1 that is to say that this sound from this symphony will be cut out in 5 it will give you a whole movement in the sound of this orchestra as if you were in the pit orchestra. The choir, which will be very important, and well in act 2 will get closer to you it will get closer to the audience and there we are going to have different titles and you can hear for example Regeneration So, Regeneration, we will give you explanations, of course, during these events because there will be guidance, there will be guidance with Théodore Eristoff and with myself So we can listen for a few moments : Resurrection There, Resurrection, so you hear these choirs, this solo voice, it’s another part of this Symphony of Links And then act 3, there will be interactions with you audience, we’re gonna make you breathein a song. You will need to be part of this trip, you will see And then act 4, we are in the intersection from 3 worlds at a time. You have a title called Existence and another one called Coherence Existence is the hymn to life, it’s the sacred of life, it’s the fact that life is not only in the body of flesh and bones with the mind, the brain which is permanent in each other, but that this life has its source elsewhere. So it’s Existence that you hear Keep listening to Existence and I’m just talking about the 16th track, it’s the elevation, it is all of these 15 links that you will have partly listened to since we will not reveal everything no longer in these unique events each time and which will grow with, of course, the media coverage of this project and the number of people who will attend. See you very soon, thank you

7 thoughts on “La Symphonie des Liens – Présentation (english subtitles)

  1. Quel beau projet ! Magnifique, j'ai eu des frissons ! Je vous souhaite une lumineuse année et une merveilleuse réussite

  2. SUPERBE, Excelente idée ! 
    Projet magistral, en combien d'HERTZ ????? cohérence cardiaque aussi ?

  3. Bonjour Olivier, Bravo pour ce beau projet d'importance capitale. Avec mes meilleures messages à vous et Véronique. Pierre-Alexandre Chevalley Suisse (ASC)

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